Ally’s limits move on

Ally contacted myself for mountain bike skills coaching after recommendation from his friends whom I have already coached. He explained that he wanted to gain more flow and also find out why his confidence was low after crashing and breaking himself last year. I discovered that reason easily as the physical skills showed the errors and once I had corrected this, his mental skills bloomed.

by the end of the session he was riding with ease through linked turns, jumps, gap jumps to 9ft and also drops to 5/6ft too! It was only cramp in his legs that ended what was an awesome session. Check out the videos and pics below.



Andy’s valentines session

I had short notice availability on the 14th feb and Andy wanted a date 🙂

Andy’s main sport is snowboarding and has only ridden a mountain bike the past year or so. He wanted to gain confidence to jump and get more fluid cornering too. The physical skills set made all the difference as his new way of riding made sense to him immediately. Drops, jumps, steeps, corners and gap jumps to 9ft were all ridden and linked togther with simplicity and ease.

Brilliant session, high5!

Anthony’s one to one session

I previously coached Anthony  many years ago at Woburn and after children came along and moving house he’d stopped riding mountain bikes but has got back into it recently. He wanted to come back for a session to correct any errors before they grew into fears.

Drops and jumps as well as steeps and cornering were all ridden and a huge improvement was made in all areas. Great riding dude, high5!


Brett’s school holiday session

Brett is a teacher and took up last minute session to get some mountain bike skills coaching and finally find out what to do and why when riding. He wanted to maybe learn to get air under his wheels as he’d never cleared a jump before. The skills check showed the ears that needed work and I focused hard on positioning and applying the mental skills too. By the end of the session Brett was riding smoother and so much faster than when he arrived. Drops, tabletops, steeps, corners and gaps were all ridden and a happy but tired Brett left with a completely new skills set.


Two guys from Eastbourne

Brad and Neil ride Friston forest mostly and wanted to get to grips with cornering and also getting air correctly and deliberately. The set up and skills check showed the areas that required correcting and then we applied the skills, both mentally and physically to drops, jumps, drop offs and corners. A cracking way to end a great weeks coaching.


Sorting the gaps in their riding

Trevor and Dean came to myself via recommendation after two of their riding buddy’s came to me last year. I broke down their riding into the smallest parts before building them back up using the skills sets I teach.

They wanted to work on the mental blocks for gaps and their hit and miss outcome………. Sorted!

Kevin’s mountain bike skills session

I had coached Kevin previously with his Cambridge cc team mates on their cyclo cross bikes but now Kevin wants to start mountain biking and the flat lands of Cambridgeshire meant that the session would be physical and psychological too.

I really focused on positioning during this session and then challenged the mental side of riding mountain bikes.

Drops, corners, rock gardens, pumping, steep terrain and linking drops into turns too were all covered.