Four go mad from Weston Super Mare

Rich came to me last year for mountain bike skills coaching and wanted to bring his riding on further and also see his three mates Mick, Paul and Steve progress too.

Well, what a session it turned out to be as I prepared them for their up coming alpine holiday. Drops to 5ft, tabletops to 14ft, riding over obstacles, wall rides, berms and gaps to 16ft too!

Phew, what a session.



Two jon’s session

The two Jon’s arrived for their mountain bike skills coaching session after their friend Edd had been unable to attend due to injuring himself last week.

I ran them through the skills check and adjusted their sets as always.They wanted to gain more confidence jumping but it was also cornering that made a huge difference to them.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story I think.

John and Fred fly

I have coached Fred before and he wanted to return to iron out any bad habits that maybe had crept in and push his riding on further and share the mountain bike skills coaching session with his riding buddy John who had been riding for years and wanted to get more comfortable riding gaps in particular.

I began with my skills check and changed their set up slightly to enhance the positional changes I made in them. The session grew and grew in technical difficulty and the boys used their mental skills . By the end of the session they were riding smoother, faster and jumping further than ever too.

Drops to 5ft, tabletops to 14ft and gaps to 16ft! mad session guys.




Vince and Julian’s session

When asked what they both wanted from today’s session they said confidence and maybe jumping. I explained that confidence comes from control and then began the skills check to show them why things needed correcting.

I worked on their set ups, their physical skills and then the mental skills where I challenged their perceptions of ho to do things.

Brilliant progress guys!

Vic and Piotr’s session

Vic has been coached by me before and wanted to return on his e-bike and his Piotr joined him for a private booking.

I began with the skills check and made some small adjustments to them and their bikes before piecing it all together.

Jumps, drops, steeps, berms, pumping, getting over obstacle and even wallrides were on the menu today.