Jim and Matt from Shrewsbury

Jim and Matt made the trip down to me for their mountain bike skills coaching session and the skills check showed the areas that needed correcting.

I identified footwork and positioning errors as well as set up.

The from Fleet mtb club

I have coached a few of the Fleet mountain bike club and today was Matt,Paul and Liz’s turn to have their perception of what they should do on a bike changed. I used their horse riding, snowboarding and skiing experiences to enhance my mountain bike skills coaching and they really got to grips with it. I worked on footwork, looking, speed and positioning as well as the mental skill set.


Dom and Steve fly

I have coached Dom twice before today and he returned along with first timer Steve to iron out any errors that have crept in and to move his riding on further and Steve wanted to understand why it goes wrong or right in his riding. I built the days mountain bike skills coachimng session around their physical skill set and later was able to work on the head game too.

Josh’s singletrack skills session

Josh was bought today’s mountain bike skills coaching session as a gift and he wanted to get more fluidity in his singletrack xc riding at places like Thetford and the Surrey hills. I worked on positioning, looking, footwork and braking in his skills set and applied these to the techniques required.

The fourth phase of Nick’s mountain bike skills coaching

I first coached Nick back in March on a public session when he’d not previously got any airtime before. I developed his riding in that session and he booked 3 more private sessions to really embed the skills and keep check on any lapse.

Today was about reaffirming the mental and physical skills and gradually moving on. He wanted to get more comfortable judging effort and speed for distance and that was done, even linking gaps to 18ft. Woodwork drops and gaps, corners and slight physical tweeks to enable him to easily flow through the trails.

Brilliant session, celebrated by beers Nick brought with him for the end of the session.