Jump and Cornering Coaching

 Greg was bought a voucher for my mountain bike skills coaching and wanted to have a private two to one session with his mate Simon. They made the trip up from Bristol and a cold but dry day greeted us. They w anted to learn to jump and to understand why they lost control of the front when cornering too.

 The skills check revealed the areas that needed work and we applied the corrected skills sets to drops, jumps, steeps, pumping, berms and a gap jump too.

Nic and Doug’s private skills session

I coached Nic on a public jumps and drops session 3 yrs ago and he wanted to return to push his riding on but also to share the session with his riding buddy Doug, who was struggling with getting his wheels off the ground consistently. I worked on the physical skills and that changed everything. Nic wanted to work on gaps and style in the air and Doug wanted to be more fluid and understand how to get consistently into the air.

Kelvin’s Session

Kelvin contacted me a couple of weeks ago looking for a mountain bike skills coaching winter session . He wanted to understand what to do and why when he rides. The skills check and set up changes made sense to him as I identified footwork and positioning needed some work and I made various small adjustments that made a colossal difference.

Jumping tabletops, gap jumps, drops, drop offs , corners and pumping were all worked on, demonstrated by me before Kelvin repeated.

Brilliant session and fantastic progression

Steve’s One to One session

Steve rides road bikes mostly but began riding mtb last year and wanted to come to see me for mountain bike skills coaching after recommendations from fellow riders. I was able to use he experiences from other sports to get the most out of his session. He wanted to know why he struggled in berms and drops and why steep sections always felt sketchy. I worked on his positioning in all areas and his footwork in turn and the change was immediate.

It’s Not About The Bike

Alex and Tom ride an e-bike and standard bike respectively and wanted to share a private mountain bike skills coaching session with myself. I explained that their is no skills difference between either bike and that it is themselves that have the greatest effect.

They wanted to learn to get air and perhaps clear a tabletop but the session gave so much more.

Tweaking Nick’s Riding

Nick came to me for mountain bike skills coaching to understand why his jumping was hit and miss and lacked height too. The skills check showed him why and also that he was weak in his cornering too. I worked hard on his positioning and footwork in all areas and in particular jumps and right hand turns.

Stuart’s mountain bike skills coaching session

Stuart booked in with me a few weeks ago and took advantage of the all year round ride able conditions of the skills area. I broke his skills set down and worked on his looking and positioning and then the mental skill set also.