The first public jumps and drops session of the year

Here are all the pictures from today’s mountain bike coaching session conducted by Jedi




Max learns to fly

Max was bought the session as a xmas present and wanted to learn to jump and clear tabletops as he’d never cleared one before. Once I had adjusted his set up and corrected the physical errors in his skills set, I then worked on applying the mental skills to the techniques I teach.

What a session unfolded, Jumps, drops, gaps, wallrides and linking jumps too. A great way to end an awesome weeks coaching


Craig and Michelle’s session

Craig and Michelle came to myself wanting to work on the basics they said. The skills check showed the areas that needing correcting, and I set to work.

They both said if possible they’d like to learn to jump as well as corner more fluidly. Well, what a session as I covered, drops, jumps, berms, steep drop offs and pumping. Cracking session once has came to the rescue with a spare bike for them.

great day, high5!


Karen and Richard’s session

After over a 5hr delay getting to me we started and began working on body positioning and footwork in their riding then applying those to the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

HIgh5 guys !

Craig and Samuel’s session

Craig is Sam’s dad and they wanted to share a session and hopefully get their wheels off the ground.

Well, The pictures speak for themselves. Drops, jumps to 14ft and gap jumps to 9ft as well as cornering faster than ever too.

Woop woop! Brilliant session.


Adam’s one to one session

Adam wanted to develop his riding further and once I had corrected his missing physical skills we moved through sections found on the trails and applied them along with the mental skills too. Drops, cornering, pumping, tabletops, gaps and linking jumps were all covered and Adam’s riding got better and better until mental fatigue crept in and he called an end to the session.

Rad session, high5!