Mark and Simon’s second session

Well today was supposed to be 5 of them but it turned into a two to one overnight. I have coached Mark and Si two years ago and I wanted to develop their riding further but also solidify what we did last time.

I needed to work on their weaker right hand turns and also their looking when getting air. The session gradually unfolded and By the end of the session we’d covered linking berms and large tabletops to 14ft, gaps to 13ft, wallrides, drops among other stuff. What an awesome end of another week of coaching


Bmx Nick’s one to one

Nick wanted to sort out his jumping technique as it was always hit and miss and for this he choose his mountain bike so he could get used to jumping tabletops and stop himself twisting on take off.

Looking and body positioning were worked on and he said himself that it was a revelation. Jumping a 7ft tabletop was never easier and far slower than he thought he’d need to go.


Andy’s birthday present from Helen

Helen contacted me a few months ago to book a two to one session for her partner Andy’d birthday. Today was the day and I checked their bikes out and then ran them through my physical skills check. I found the areas that needed work and built the session around that. Andy wanted to jump and Helen had never ridden a gap before but all that was about to change.

Drops, berms, pumping, wallrides and gap jumps were all ridden and then linked together through the session. An amazing progression curve !

Great riding from a great couple.


A father and son skills session

I have coached Jon a few times and he wanted to return for his son Louie to have a session too. The session was all about berms , jumping and wallrides. Even a spill by dad didn’t dampen the enthusiasm and Louie was blown away at how well he could ride by the sessions end.


Alpine preperation

Ashley, Royston, V, Jason and Adam came to me to prepare for their up coming holiday. I had coached Ash and Royston previously so had to move them on as well as bring the other guys along too. Body positioning was critical followed by looking and footwork. That left the mental skills while we applied the techniques I teach to sections out on trails and the woodwork. Berms were railed, natural drops as well as ladder drops, tabletops and gaps to 14ft were all linked too. An amazing session guys.