Tim get wings

Tim wanted to attend a coaching session with myself to discover what he was doing right or wrong on his mountain bike. I worked on his footwork, looking and positioning and began to install the skill set I teach.

Tim had never rode a gap jump previous to today but that all changed too.



Jeremy returns with Tom for a private session

Jeremy was coached by myself last year and when he heard Tom had booked in with me he wanted to return to push his riding on but also for Tom to get his jumping off the ground . It was a day of radness as they rode drops, over obstacles, gaps, tabletops and berms. We worked on style too. Their skills set enabled them to feel more comfortable as the perception of their limits moved on. I think the pictures and videos tell the story of their five hour session.




Adrian gets air

Adrian is 53yrs old and wanted to get some mountain bike coaching from myself to find the errors in his riding and why he couldn’t get air under his wheels. I worked hard on his mental skills as well as footwork and positioning before it all clicked. Drops, jumps, gaps,steep drops and berms were all ridden and linked together too. Great progress dude.



Focus on gap jumps

Simon came to myself wanting to understand his fear of gaps and to push his riding on further. The session built up gradually as I unpicked his riding and pieced it together, so he had the skill set to decide when and what to ride. By the end of the session he was not only riding various gaps to 16ft, but linking them together too!


Xc race skills session for Andrew

Andrew is fit as a butchers dog but felt he was lacking some what in his technical handling. He had never got air and always took the b lines in races where air was mandatory. Things were about to change. By the end of the session Andrew was riding over large obstacles, jumping, pumping, dropping and cornering fast and fluid.

Dave and Jo’s session

Dave and Jo came to myself via recommendation and wanted to iron out any errors I found in their riding and maybe even get airtime. I found errors in footwork and positioning in corners and a positional error overall. I adjusted their set ups and showed them why before instilling the skill set I teach.

The change was immediate, as they both grasped the simplicity and familiar things I showed them. By the end they were riding steep drop offs, cornering smoother and knew when it was right or wrong and why! Drops to 3ft as well. Great session with an awesome couple.