Lyndsey learns to fly

Lydsey wanted to come to me for mountain bike skills coaching to learn how to do drops. I asked her if she could get her front wheel into the air and she said no. That was about to change. I corrected her physical skills set and was able to use her horse riding experience to really cement it all. We then applied the mental skills to riding drops, jumps, pumping, berms, drop offs and it all seemed easy somehow to her. Another great session to end the week of coaching for me.


Richard is going to bike park wales tomorrow

Richard is going on a few trips this year and wanted to gain some mountain bike skills coaching from myself before he went.

He wanted to gain more control of jumps and drops but his corners needed work too. What a session it was as in the heat of the day he rode drops, tabletops, drop offs, berms, pumping and his first ever gap jumps .

Chris dives into a new world of skills

Chris has a background in snowboarding and scuba diving and he friend Jason recommended that he came to me for some mountain bike skills coaching. When I said I would use his experience from other sports it resonated with him and the changes I made to his set up laid the foundation for changing his riding forever.

Drops, corners, riding obstacles, jumping tabletops, wall rides and gap jumps were all demonstrated by me first before Chris rode everything and used his mental skills to decide when and what to ride.

Brilliant start to the week of coaching.



A weekend away in Wales with my friends

I spent four days in north wales and stayed at@oldskoolmtb

What an amazing time it was and an awesome place to stay. we rode with our host Lewis lots and also hung out together too. From natural rides to trail centres rides at coed y brenin. Snowdon was a blast as was riding from the b+b @oldskoolmtb to get to and from the awesome trails of coed y brenin.

It’s not about who is fast it’s about the smiles in my group.



Gemma’s pre alpine session

I have coached Gemma’s partner before and Gemma wanted to come to me for mountain bike skills coaching to gain confidence and clear her muddled mind from riding advice.

I showed her the missing skills in her skill set and we worked hard on correcting them beofre aplying it all to various sections out on trails from jumps, drops, berms and steeps and even endo turns.

The return of Dom

I coached Dom 9yrs ago and last year a huge crash really affected his riding and he felt a return to me was the only recourse.

I had to find the missing physical skill that lead to the crash and make him aware of it before moving on through lots of different sections during the session. What a session it was and it was a pleasure to coach Dom again and to see the old smile back on his face.