Pete and Scott get their wings

Pete and Scott had wanted to see myself for mountain bike coaching for the last couple of years and finally got round to it this year. The session was about correcting the things they thought they should do and leave them with a simple applicable skills set.

Drops, jumping tabletops, gaps, drop offs, steeps, corners and pumping were all worked on and the guys were riding another level altogether by the end.

great session.



Rich joins the air corps

Rich has been on a journey to be able to jump his mountain bike, eventually his journey led to myself today.

I worked on the missing skills of body positioning and looking and then applied a mental skill set to the techniques required on trails. The change was almost instant and the session grew and grew. Drops, tabletop jumps, corners, pumping, linking jumps as well as various ways to ride steep drops and all ending in linking a line with gap jumps to 9ft. What a session dude.




Mark’s one to one mountain bike skills session

Mark wanted to become more fluid in his riding and get his wheels into the air if at all possible. I first discovered what physical skills were missing and then applied the corrected skills to techniques. It wasn’t long before he was flying and also riding through corners smoother and faster than before.

Jon gets up skilled

Jon wanted some mountain bike coaching and eventually came to myself to see if I could make him more fluid on a bike and maybe get him jumping. Well, the skills check and set up adjustments told me what needed correcting and then we applied the skills to various trails and obstacles.

Cornering was something I really worked hard with him on as well as drops, jumps, tabletops, wallrides, steep drops and gap jumps. Another awesome friday!

Great riding dude and let me know how it all goes.




Pauls one to one

Paul came to me for his birthday present wanting to work on his erratic jump technique and I also discovered him to be very one sided in corners too.