Mark’s one to one

Mark wanted to get some mountain bike skills coaching and was recommended to come to me. I ran him through a simple skills check and showed him why things were not working and some were. I then went on to show the application of a simple skills set to everything we could on trails. Drops, jumps, pumping, drop offs and berm riding were all ridden and linked together too.

Nige and Karl’s Mountain Bike Skills Coaching Session

Nige and Karl wanted to get some mountain bike skills coaching and came to me via recommendation. They wanted to get better at riding the blue grade trails at trail centres and maybe be able to ride higher grades too.

I started by breaking their riding skills down and rebuilding them back up to more confident and controlled riders who could jump, drop and corner with a new flow and fluidity.




Sue Finds The Answers

Sue is on a journey to become fluid and confident when riding and to understand what sometimes goes wrong in her riding. She came to me for mountain bike skills coaching via recommendation and  I asked what area she wanted to develop and she said jumps and drops and I suggested corners too.

I broke down Sue’s riding skills and rebuilt them using her experiences from a lot of other sport she’d done before.

I think the pictures and videos tell a good story themselves.

Two Tftuned Ladies

Dee and Amy work for Tftuned.com suspension tuning company and arrived as arranged for 10am. We chatted about their needs and expectations for the mountain bike skills coaching session. Cornering and possibly getting air under their wheels was on that list. The skills check showed the areas in their physical skill sets that needed work and a small set up change assisted the skills change further.

It wasn’t long before they could easily get their front wheel into the air and then off of drops to 3ft too. I worked on cornering next and also pumping and maintaining connection to the ground when riding multiple mounds on a trail. Soon they were choosing to jump them instead and flow through three berms. Steeps drops were a bit of a mental barrier, but by application of their new mental and physical skills it all clicked into place and became easy.





A two to one mountain bike skills session

Pete and Andrew wanted a two to one private session so they could find answers in their riding experiences for when it was right or why they crashed. The skills check revealed the missing skills I needed to fix and then I worked on the mental game.

Drops, drop offs, cornering, pumping, tabletops and gap jumps were all ridden and they were self diagnosing any errors too!

I worked on foot and body positioning and applying techniques in the correct timing and style.

I have availability for private bookings so contact info@ukbikeskills.co.uk

Oneup Dropper Post Early Impressions Review

My old Rock Shox reverb dropper post died and I wanted to try another. I ride a small frame  https://www.pivotcycles.com/ mach6 and it has a very short seat tube so the insertion part of the seat post needs to be short as possible. I tried a crank brothers post but it sat too high in the frame but heard the 150mm https://www.oneupcomponents.com/products/dropper-post inserted into the frame more, giving me better descent height as well as pedalling height.

Delivery was quick and I took the post to http://contourcycles.co.uk/ for fitting. I was excited about trying it, so off to my skills area I went to see how it rode. The post has no “waggle” and the lever feels solid and gives a positive action and ease of operation. Whilst in the bike shop I got them to tidy up the cables on my bike with shrink fit tubing, along with the https://www.themudhugger.co.uk/  front guard  it looks the nuts!


I like my seat as low as possible when jumping or descending so I can easily move the bike around in the air without fear of hooking up on my http://www.dakine.com/clothing.

 We have spent a lot of time armouring the trails for the winter and beyond this year and they are riding so well. I decided to film a little riding edit of the seat post in action too

I put together a little edit of a ride I did with my mate Tom filming it on his iphone. Not bad for an hours riding.



I have loved riding this bike for the past 18 months. I want to try 29″ next!



Ben’s one to one mountain bike skills coaching session

Ben was given some skills coaching gift vouchers last Xmas and today was the day to change his riding. I was able to use his experiences from other sports to really move his riding on. He could never get the back wheel off the ground and certainly never ride over the fallen tress that are common on local trails but by the end of a tiring session, Ben was cornering, pumping , riding steep stuff and linking trail sections fluidly. Great riding.