Gemma’s pre alpine session

I have coached Gemma’s partner before and Gemma wanted to come to me for mountain bike skills coaching to gain confidence and clear her muddled mind from riding advice.

I showed her the missing skills in her skill set and we worked hard on correcting them beofre aplying it all to various sections out on trails from jumps, drops, berms and steeps and even endo turns.

The return of Dom

I coached Dom 9yrs ago and last year a huge crash really affected his riding and he felt a return to me was the only recourse.

I had to find the missing physical skill that lead to the crash and make him aware of it before moving on through lots of different sections during the session. What a session it was and it was a pleasure to coach Dom again and to see the old smile back on his face.

Luke gets his wings

Luke came to me for mountain bike skills coaching as he wanted to get faster in corners but also learn to jump as he feels a dead sailor when jumping.

I broke his skills right down and rebuilt them with only what he needed to do rather than what he thought he should do. The results were awesome!

Trev and Chris return

I have coached these boys twice before and they wanted to iron out some errors they could feel in their skills set but had no idea how to correct them. This session was all about the mental game after I had corrected their physical errors. Another fantastic friday unfolded as did Chris’s carbon handle bar , that snapped under his gear shifter when landing a 10ft gap jump. thank god he wasn’t hurt.

Boom! Trevor and Chris really improved today.

Six from Gatwick pt 2

I coached these guys back in February and they returned to move their riding further but also to cement the skills I taught them on their first session.

Today was all about the mental skills that I teach as we moved through berms, drops, tabletops, wallrides and gap jumps.

What a session it was.



Darell Ebike skills

I had to break Darrell’s riding down and build it back up by stopping the things he thought he should do and leave with the simple skills that they buried. Footwork, positioning and looking were all worked on to gain more control of trails as he wants to progress from canal paths and bridleways to trail centre riding.

Pumping, cornering and getting his front wheel into the air were all easy by the end.