David polishes his skills

David came to myself via recommendation and wanted to learn to jump and also gain control of his bike. I worked hard on his looking and body position and made an adjustment to his bike. The session built from there and we Covered cornering, jumping tabletops, drops,steeps,  rock gardens,  pumping and riding over large obstacles. By the end of the session David was a completely different rider and knew it.

A wife and husband’s two to one session

Lynda and David attended the session together and their concerns that they are at different levels of experience soon disappeared. I worked on their missing physical skills and then worked hard on their mental skills. I then showed them why the skills sets apply to techniques that I teach and why it all simply works.

Drops, cornering, pumping, drop offs and linking sections together on a trail and finally riding over obstacles . Amazing improvements in such a short time.




64yrs young

Bob took up a short notice availability session I had and when he arrived he said that he wanted to learn to jump. I asked him what other sports he’d done and I used that experience to develop his riding.

Drops were first followed by jumping a tabletop, that done we moved to gap jumping and much to his surprise he sailed over it. Thta was his first ever gap jump and at the young age of 64!

Cornering was where he really found his skiing pay off as I showed him why it worked in mountain biking too.

By the end of the session he was flying down a trail and jumping, pumping and railing turns.




Howard gets the answer he seeks

Howard wanted to find out why his riding, jumping in particular was hit and miss. The skills check showed the errors in his physical skills set and I set about correcting those. Positioning was critical as well as his looking but slowly it all pieced back together to an amazing session of mountain bike coaching.

Drops, jumping tabletops, linking jumps, gap jumps, cornering, pumping, bunnyhops, endo turns and linking gap jumps too.

Phew, what a session.

Not a berk on a bike

Paul rides with berks on bikes and wanted to find the answer to his crashes and near misses on his bike and googled mountain bike skills coaching and found myself. He said he’d like to not fear drops and gain confidence in his riding.  Through the session I worked on his positioning and looking. small adjustments were made and huge gains were made. Drops, tabletop jumps, steep drops, riding over obstacles, pumping and linking sections on the trail. Paul was now flying!


Ross gets some mountain bike skills coaching

Ross rode when he was younger but a good few years had passed and he took up mountain biking in April. After trying to follow advice on the web etc he eventually took his friends advice to come to myself for skills coaching.

He thought he would never ride the stuff he rode today but once I had corrected his physical skill set, all I had to do was work on the application of the mental skills. Everything changed very quickly. Drops, tabletop jumps, rock gardens, steep drop offs and cornering were all worked on oh and not to forget riding over obstacles like tree stumps etc.

Brilliant progression from Ross.



Mental skills coaching

I have coached Richard and Mark five years ago and they returned with the lord Mike for a session to remove any physical errors in their riding and to work on the head game.

Well, what can I say about today? Berms, pumping, drops, jumping tabletops and linking them. Gap jumps to 13ft too! It didn’t stop there. Woodwork drops and jumps as well as step up/step downs.

Brilliant session and fantastic progression from all three