Holiday preparation for Rob’s Spanish trip

Rob is going to Spain in a few weeks and wanted to gain control of his skill set and understand what he does and needs to do when riding.

I worked on his footwork, positioning and looking and we applied a simple skill set to various sections out on the trail and applicable techniques. Rob had never got any airtime of note but was riding  drops,  tabletops and  gap jumps, riding over obstacles and cornering smoother and so much faster than before he arrived. After cancelling last weeks sessions due to snow it was awesome to come back to a session like this!!


Dan’s session

Dan was coached by myself a couple of years ago and inactivity saw him wanting to return to go over everything again and maybe move his riding on again. A small error with his feet on right turns and a disjointed jump technique needed correcting and then we applied the skills sets to drops, jumping tabletops and gaps, switchbacks and wallrides. An awesome session unfolded in the winter sunshine and a very happy but tired Dan ended the session with a smile.



Alpine preperation

Ashley, Royston, V, Jason and Adam came to me to prepare for their up coming holiday. I had coached Ash and Royston previously so had to move them on as well as bring the other guys along too. Body positioning was critical followed by looking and footwork. That left the mental skills while we applied the techniques I teach to sections out on trails and the woodwork. Berms were railed, natural drops as well as ladder drops, tabletops and gaps to 14ft were all linked too. An amazing session guys.


Frankie’s second session

Frankie came to me for coaching last year and wanted to return for a one to one to build his confidence further. I worked hard on looking and his positioning and that brought the mental skills into play.

He couldn’t get the rear wheel of the ground he said but in a couple of minutes he was riding over large obstacles . We worked on his right hand turn weakness too. Drops, jumps, gaps, wallrides, steeps, switchbacks and berms were all ridden smoother and faster than before.

Brilliant riding dude



Mike’s one to one

Mike wanted to work on his cornering predominantly and prepare himself for his up coming alpine trip. I worked hard on his positioning in his riding as well as line choice and footwork.

by the end of his session he was riding steeps, switchbacks, berms, flat corners and drops with more control and speed. Awesome session Mike.


Moroccan prep for Matt and Dave

Matt wanted a session to prepare for his up coming trip to the Atlas mountains and his mate Dave joined him on the session.

I worked on cornering and flowing through singletrack as well as riding over large obstacles and riding steeps. Pumping and keeping low and loose on the trails as well as alpine style switchbacks. A cracking session in brilliant weather.




Getting ready for the Alps

I coached Mike last year before his holiday and today him and 6 of his riding buddies came to develop their riding further. I worked on correcting the small things in their riding that have a huge effect overall. Drops, jumps, gaps, stepps, pumping cornering and linking larger jumps were all covered during the awesome session. A cracking way to end a fantastic weeks coaching