Three friends have a skills session

Three friends, all called Chris booked a private session to work on controlling the off road environment they are putting themselves in. I made small adjustments to foot placement, positioning, looking and braking areas and then applied their new skills to various sections commonly found on singletrack and trail centres.



Starting off on the right foot

James has started mountain biking quite recently and after a trip to a trail centre he thought it best to get some skills coaching and I came to him via recommendation.

I broke his skills set down and saw that footwork and positioning were paramount in needing correcting and I set to work.

Josh’s singletrack skills session

Josh was bought today’s mountain bike skills coaching session as a gift and he wanted to get more fluidity in his singletrack xc riding at places like Thetford and the Surrey hills. I worked on positioning, looking, footwork and braking in his skills set and applied these to the techniques required.

starting mountain biking on the correct foot

Des is going to Africa in 3 weeks to ride and wanted to come to me for mountain bike skills coaching to start off the right way by learning how to control his bike in turns more and deal with possible air time and steep terrain too.

I broke his riding down by showing him why it wasn’t working and showed him why to change certain physical habits in his riding

A couple find the edge in their riding

Nikki and Carl are wife and husband and wanted to develop their riding as they ride the mountains together in winter and summer. They came to me for mountain bike skills coaching via recommendation. Both are keen snowboarders and I was able to use this to bring their skills sets on.

Edd’s one to one

Edd has been riding for 3 or so years and wanted to find  the why in his riding. He wanted to understand what is happening when it’s right or wrong on his mountain bike and I first had to discover his missing skills. Armed with this I worked on his positioning and footwork and then applied these to various sections of trail and trails.

Brian’s riding turns a corner

Brian is 64yrs old and has been riding mountain bikes for some time but wanted to learn to get his wheels off the ground as drops scare the life out of him as his front wheel always drops to the floor. I could see he needed footwork and body positioning altered in corners as other techniques too.