Peter gains control

Peter has had coaching elsewhere over the years and wanted to gain confidence after a road crash left him with shoulder surgery. I needed to correct what was wrong physically in his riding before I could work on the mental skills.

Peter left a vastly different rider to the one who left. Drops, jumps, corners, steeps and even riding over large obstacles all seemed easy now.

Brilliant end to a cracking week of coaching.



Mike and Sara’s session

Sara and Mike arrived for their session wanting to work on their off road control and within that, cornering, getting over obstacles and also perhaps air time. The skills check showed they needed footwork, positioning and looking corrected and then we applied the techniques I teach to various sections of trail.



A beginners session

Peter and Kelly began mountain biking this year and Peter promptly broke his collar bone in the local woods. They searched for coaching and choose myself.

The skills check showed them why it all felt on the edge whenever they rode and I gradually pieced their riding together to give them both control of the new environment they are putting themselves in. Fantastic session with a lovely couple.


Caroline takes the first steps in mountain biking

Caroline rides cyclo cross and time trails but wanted to gain more confidence and control when riding her mountain bike. I adjusted her set up and then worked on her body positioning and footwork. I went through the mental skills questions with her also before we set about applying them to the techniques I teach that are required on trails.

Great session


Faraz finds the rider within



Faraz has been riding for under two years and wanted mountain bike coaching to find the correct way to do stuff.  I corrected his skill set and showed him why too. Before long he was riding drops higher than before and clearing his first jumps, both tabletops and gap too. Cornering was transformed too.

An amazing session with huge improvements.




Duncan gains control

Duncan is a beginner when it comes to mountain biking as a change in lifestyle was needed in his life he felt and wanted to gain some idea of what and why to do anything whilst mountain biking. He found myself via recommendation from a facebook group and today was the day. He explained he’d never been able to get his front wheel into the air and found nothing online worked. I ran him through my skills check and adjusted his set up too. I had to work gradually on each physical skill and pieced his riding together slowly but very surely.

his face when he flew into the air and landed perfectly was a picture. I worked hard on his mental skills and through the session he applied these to decide what to ride. Drops, pumping and absorbing the trail to gain speed, drop offs and steep terrain were all ridden and boy oh boy could he now corner better than the stuttering turns he used to do.

Brilliant progress from a gentleman.


Vicky and Steve’s session

Today’s session focussed on positioning and looking. I worked on the mental skills , especially when getting into the air from drops, tabletops and gaps. I worked hard on cornering too and even when washing out in a berm Vicky knew what she had done in correctly. Great session.