Begining their off road riding

Chris and Scott wanted to learn the correct ways to ride with control when riding off road and the session was based on pumping, controlling undulating terrain and cornering. Footwork, looking and body position were all applied and the lads gained more control when it was correct and could self diagnose when wrong. A cracking session guys.


Sarah’s session

Sarah only started mountain biking in November last year and wanted to build the correct foundation in her riding. Today was all about correcting her physical skills  set and then working on applying the mental skills set. Sarah wanted to maybe be able to get air from drops so I started from there and built upon it.

Cornering was a huge change as she found speed through control and the mental challenge of riding a very steep drop off was overcome and ridden with ease too.

A brilliant session unfolded and the heat of the day really wore her down too but not before linking drops into corners.

Let me know how the riding goes Sarah.




Five friends share a private session

Andy, Jules, Gill, Marcus and Scott arrived as arranged and The skills check showed me the areas that needed work. I worked hard on body positioning and footwork before adding looking so they had enhanced control in the techniques we teach.

Overcoming obstacles on the trail like logs etc was first and they were surprised at the simplicity of it. from there we worked on cornering, riding rocks, berms, drops and jumps. Andy and Scott even rode the 6ft gap jump too.

even though they were in different places mentally and physically in the riding, I was able to progress each of them by simplle adjustments to their skills.

A brilliant session with a great bunch.

Ps, sorry I lost some of the pics somehow 🙁


The Isle of wight ladies

Jo, Nancy and Nia made the trip over the water to myself . They had hit a boundary in their riding and wanted to learn new stuff, so they thought.

I asked their backgrounds and we used that to develop their skills sets physically before working on the mental skills. Drops, drop offs, cornering, pumping, steps and linking sections were all ridden with control and their mental skills blossomed beautifully.

A fantastic session girls.



Xc singletrack skills with Jonathan

Jonathan races xc and always lost time in corners and when riding down singletrack and over obstacles. I based the session upon correcting his physical skills, especially body positioning before working on “stuff”

The session gradually gained pace as Jonathan grew more aware of anything he was doing physically on the bike right or wrong.

What a session it was.