Edd’s one to one

Edd has been riding for 3 or so years and wanted to find  the why in his riding. He wanted to understand what is happening when it’s right or wrong on his mountain bike and I first had to discover his missing skills. Armed with this I worked on his positioning and footwork and then applied these to various sections of trail and trails.

Brian’s riding turns a corner

Brian is 64yrs old and has been riding mountain bikes for some time but wanted to learn to get his wheels off the ground as drops scare the life out of him as his front wheel always drops to the floor. I could see he needed footwork and body positioning altered in corners as other techniques too.

Darell Ebike skills

I had to break Darrell’s riding down and build it back up by stopping the things he thought he should do and leave with the simple skills that they buried. Footwork, positioning and looking were all worked on to gain more control of trails as he wants to progress from canal paths and bridleways to trail centre riding.

Pumping, cornering and getting his front wheel into the air were all easy by the end.


Shaun’s begins his journey of mountain biking



Shaun came to me via recommendation and as he is just starting mountain biking after years of sailing and road cycling he wanted to get off on the right foot. The skills check made him aware of the errors in his riding and then I changed how he thought about riding a bike and why. I changed his cornering dramatically as well as showed him how simple getting over obstacles is. Drops and linking berms too.

It was an awesome session with huge progress.




Julie’s one to one mountain bike skills coaching session

Julie came up from Brighton after hearing recommendations from other riders in the area. Julie wanted to regain confidence after a few crashes and I set about installing a new skill set in her riding.

Drops, riding over obstacles, cornering, rocks, steep drop offs and jumps were all part of a great session and by the end Julie was tired but happy 🙂


Pete, Jeff and Al feel the force

Peter, Al and Jeff came to me via recommendation and I began by showing them why the felt a lack of control when riding off road. I adjusted their set ups and corrected their positioning first then added looking and footwork into the mix. The boys got more and more confident as their control felt so more enhanced now.

Today was pivotal

It was Julian’s session today and he arrived with a bike he loves, his pivot mach4. We immediately got on after that  🙂

Joking aside, it was  pleasure to coach Julian today. He wanted to learn to get air beneath his wheels and feel like he does on his skis.