Charles, Borak and Rich get some skills coaching

What an end to a week of coaching. These guys got to grips with their new skill sets quickly and then it just left applying them to various sections and trails. brilliant riding guys.



Greg turns a corner in his skills set



Greg took a short notice availability session with me and wanted to learn to ride the swinley berms better as he found them very daunting. I corrected his missing physical skills and then worked on the head game. By the end of the session Greg was railing through turns with a grin on his face, jumping, pumping and riding steeps too. Great improvements dude.


Holiday preparation for Rob’s Spanish trip

Rob is going to Spain in a few weeks and wanted to gain control of his skill set and understand what he does and needs to do when riding.

I worked on his footwork, positioning and looking and we applied a simple skill set to various sections out on the trail and applicable techniques. Rob had never got any airtime of note but was riding  drops,  tabletops and  gap jumps, riding over obstacles and cornering smoother and so much faster than before he arrived. After cancelling last weeks sessions due to snow it was awesome to come back to a session like this!!


Today was pivotal

It was Julian’s session today and he arrived with a bike he loves, his pivot mach4. We immediately got on after that  🙂

Joking aside, it was  pleasure to coach Julian today. He wanted to learn to get air beneath his wheels and feel like he does on his skis.


Two guys from Eastbourne

Brad and Neil ride Friston forest mostly and wanted to get to grips with cornering and also getting air correctly and deliberately. The set up and skills check showed the areas that required correcting and then we applied the skills, both mentally and physically to drops, jumps, drop offs and corners. A cracking way to end a great weeks coaching.


Kai, Paul and Neil’s private session

Kai, Paul and Neil wanted a private session with the three of them and they arrived as arranged. The skills check showed the areas in their riding skills that needed attention and I then corrected them. Jumps, drops, corners, steeps, pumping and gap jumps were all on the menu and ridden using the mental skills that I teach.



Mike and Sara’s session

Sara and Mike arrived for their session wanting to work on their off road control and within that, cornering, getting over obstacles and also perhaps air time. The skills check showed they needed footwork, positioning and looking corrected and then we applied the techniques I teach to various sections of trail.