Edd’s one to one

Edd has been riding for 3 or so years and wanted to find  the why in his riding. He wanted to understand what is happening when it’s right or wrong on his mountain bike and I first had to discover his missing skills. Armed with this I worked on his positioning and footwork and then applied these to various sections of trail and trails.

Michael learns to jump and stuff


Michael has ridden the Alps a few times and wanted to learn the secret to jumping







Chris and Steve join the air corps

Chris and Steve have been riding for years and never got to grips with comfortably jumping. Drops they say were not too bad but cornering too could do with some improvements. They were not wrong! I deconstructed their physical skill set and rebuilt them back up so that everything seemed simple and easier.


Craig and Neil fly


I coached Craig last year and he returned to push his riding on further and his mate Neil came along too.  I showed them the missing skills and demonstrated applying the skills to the techniques required to jump, drop, corner etc. The mental skills were worked on too and by the end of the session two tired but very happy riders left knowing what to do and why when riding.


Robin finds the answers

Robin had been seeking more control in his riding and his path led to myself and a voucher for mountain bike coaching as a birthday present from his partner sealed it. I broke his riding down to it’s smallest parts and then re built him, Steve austin stylee.

What a session it was. Robin wanted to gain more confidence at speed and also to jump more consistently.




John and Fred fly

I have coached Fred before and he wanted to return to iron out any bad habits that maybe had crept in and push his riding on further and share the mountain bike skills coaching session with his riding buddy John who had been riding for years and wanted to get more comfortable riding gaps in particular.

I began with my skills check and changed their set up slightly to enhance the positional changes I made in them. The session grew and grew in technical difficulty and the boys used their mental skills . By the end of the session they were riding smoother, faster and jumping further than ever too.

Drops to 5ft, tabletops to 14ft and gaps to 16ft! mad session guys.




Marc’s one to one session

Marc is 58yrs old and began mountain biking at the age of 50yrs. Marc wanted to develop his jumping and find out why it’s correct or not within his technique but it was cornering that really made the difference.

Positioning and footwork were worked on and then it was all pieced back together.