Lowey, Dom and Dave’s session

The guys arrived as arranged from various parts of the uk and I began by correcting their set up and their physical errors in the skills sets. Lowey said he was a air in the tyres not air under the tyres kind of rider but that was soon to change with  them all. Drops, steeps, berms, pumping , jumping and gap jumps too were all ridden and they knew why it worked .

Amazing progress in the heat of a very hot day.



Jumps and drops public session pics 22/5/2017

Belwo are the pics and a couple of videos of the eight riders who¬†booked their spot on today’s public session. A great session.


Father and son learn to fly

Peter and his son Alex wanted to learn to corner better and get more flow but also to handle drops, maybe jumps and steep drops. I made some set up corrections and worked on getting them to apply a physical skill set to sections found out on the trails, using the mental skills to decide what and if to ride something.

Below are the videos and pictures from the session. Great riding guys and I look forward to your ride updates


Paul’s birthday bash

I have taught Paul on his birthday for the past four years and John, Dean and Paul joined him for the session. Paul wanted to push his riding on but also watch his friends improve also, especially Griff who’d not seen me previously.

What a session! Drops, jumps, berms, woodwork, wallrides, gaps and large drops from the woodwork were all demonstrated by myself and then they used their mental skills to ride them.

Amazing, High5!


Tim’s one to one

Tim contacted myself after verbal recommendations from lots of other riders. He wanted to get more flow through corners and also jump and anything else we could work on. Well, The skills check showed the areas that needed work physically beofre I could work on the mental skills. By the end of the session, we’d covered pumping, drops, jumping tabletops and gaps to 9ft, manuals through doubles, steeps , drop offs and wall rides. Phew, what a session.

High5 Tim!!