Kai, Paul and Neil’s private session

Kai, Paul and Neil wanted a private session with the three of them and they arrived as arranged. The skills check showed the areas in their riding skills that needed attention and I then corrected them. Jumps, drops, corners, steeps, pumping and gap jumps were all on the menu and ridden using the mental skills that I teach.



Mike and Sara’s session

Sara and Mike arrived for their session wanting to work on their off road control and within that, cornering, getting over obstacles and also perhaps air time. The skills check showed they needed footwork, positioning and looking corrected and then we applied the techniques I teach to various sections of trail.



Will and Paul’s two to one session

Will and PAul are best mates and wanted to attend a mountain bike skills coaching session with myself. I had coached PAul once before about five years ago. I started as always with the skills check and that gave me the outline of a plan for the session and beyond for their riding. Drops, jumps, pumping and cornering were all worked on so that the boys could be a lot more fluid in their riding and make it more effortless.



Cambridge cc cyclo-cross session

I had coached David previously a couple of years ago and the cyclo cross riders at his club wanted some coaching and he recommended myself to them. The skills and techniques I teach were applied to various sections of trail and also on complete trails too.

Riding over large obstacles that cannot be rolled over, drops, steeps into corners, cornering, pumping and the beginnings of jumping too. An absolutely awesome session unfolded and it was a pleasure to watch each of them grow faster and smoother.

I cannot sign off without a mention of their packed lunch they brought……Homemade bread, soup and various cakes and my @hasbean coffee to compliment it. Best cake ever…..polenta lemon cake, high5 to that Luke

Brilliant riding guys.


Vicky and Steve’s session

Today’s session focussed on positioning and looking. I worked on the mental skills , especially when getting into the air from drops, tabletops and gaps. I worked hard on cornering too and even when washing out in a berm Vicky knew what she had done in correctly. Great session.

Mark and Alex’s two to one skills session

Mark and Alex wanted to work on jumping predominantly and anything else I could do during our time together. I corrected their set ups and worked on footwork, looking and body position, before applying them to the techniques I teach. The effect on the mental skills was awesome as they were suddenly riding more confidently and smoothly as a result. Drops, tabletops, gaps, wallride, berms, manuals and linking jumps. Marks face when he sailed over the 9ft gap jump at the end was a picture.

Great riding guys, High5!