Edd’s one to one

Edd has been riding for 3 or so years and wanted to find  the why in his riding. He wanted to understand what is happening when it’s right or wrong on his mountain bike and I first had to discover his missing skills. Armed with this I worked on his positioning and footwork and then applied these to various sections of trail and trails.

John returns 6 months later

I coached John in December and he wanted to return for another mountain bike skills coaching session to cement the skill set and move his riding on to gap jumps and linking sections together. What a session it was. Drops, jumps, linking gap jumps together, moving the bike in the air, working on his right handed turns among the things I worked on.

Mark’s one to one

Mark wanted to work on his basic skills to get back to the days when he rode loads more. We worked on riding over obstacles, jumps, drops, steeps and corners through this session of mountain bike skills coaching


Michael learns to jump and stuff


Michael has ridden the Alps a few times and wanted to learn the secret to jumping







Chris and Steve join the air corps

Chris and Steve have been riding for years and never got to grips with comfortably jumping. Drops they say were not too bad but cornering too could do with some improvements. They were not wrong! I deconstructed their physical skill set and rebuilt them back up so that everything seemed simple and easier.


Rich has a one to one skills session

Rich came to me via recommendation from his work mates at Maclaren and wanted to develop his cornering as he loses speed in every turn and also get his hear around airtime and drop offs.

Job done 🙂