Bigfoot mountain bike clubs session

Pete, Andy, Richie, Darryl and chris arrived as arranged and I put them through my skills check and set up change before working on the physical skills ets and applying that out on trails. We worked on bunnyhops, pumping, corners, drops , jumps and gaps and all riders gradually got better as their new techniques evolved.

A brilliant end to a fantastic week of coaching guys.


Working on Steve’s distance of jumping

I have coached Steve before and he returned after a 2yr break for more coaching as he was feeling slower in turns and something was up with his jumping. I broke his skillset down before rebuilding it and applying it to berm riding and jumping in multiples and also judging speed for gaps to 13ft.

Awesome progress on a soggy day, high5!


Sophie and Mel get wings

I coached Sophie a couple of years ago and she wanted to return to work on jumping and brought along Melanie to join in the session too.

I put them through my skills check to see any physical errors in their riding and needed to correct that before we could move onto techniques. Drops and style in the air were on the menu and we moved from there to jumping a 6ft tabletop and they used their mental skills to ride the 6ft gap jump too!

After a break I demonstrated linking berms together and jumping and the girls followed suit. They were soon linking multiple jumps together to work on flying further. More gap jumps next, and they rode two berms and a 7ft gap jump and also a 9ft gap jump. By the end of the session they were flowing through turns and flying higher and further than ever before.

I am buzzing. High5!


Katy and Joel’s skills session

Katy was coached by myself in December last year and wanted to return with her friend Joel to push her riding further and to do the same with Joel.

We focused on jumping and linking jumps and flying greater distance. As well as riding steeper drop offs and style in the air too.

Brilliant riding guys. High5!

John’s one to one

John was my final session before xmas and what a session it was. John wanted to learn to get air and jump, something he’d never done was jump and clear a tabletop. Well, all that changed pretty quickly and the session saw him riding drops to 3ft, clearing 6ft tabletops and linking jumps on a trail along with cornering too. Cracking session and great improvements.

Happy xmas and high5!


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Eddie flys

Eddie wanted to gain confidence in his jumping as he’d never cleared a tabletop before and has crashed a few times trying. the skills check showed the areas that needed work in his physical skills and then I worked on his mental skill set.

Drops, jumping tabletops and gaps of 6ft and 7ft all flew beneath his wheels as well as cornering through berms way faster than he’d ever done too.

A fantastic session with a really nice bloke.


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Stag do warm up

Justin,Ben, Simon and Sid came to another coaching session today before heading into london for Simon’s stag do.

Body positioning was the word of the day and NOT moving back on the bike, eh Justin 😉

we worked on drops, jumping a 6ft tabletop and gap jump as well as linking berms together. Below are the videos and pics from a fun session with the lads


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