Phil finds out why

Phil is an advanced rider in his experiences but a few injuries from unexplained errors left him wanting to come to me for some mountain bike skills coaching. It was all about small adjustments that made big results and he quickly understood why it was right or wrong in any section.

What a session it was to end the weeks coaching for me. Drops, jumps , gaps to 20+ft and linking gap jumps too. His cornering really improved too as a error in right hand turns was isolated and corrected.

Vic and Piotr’s session

Vic has been coached by me before and wanted to return on his e-bike and his Piotr joined him for a private booking.

I began with the skills check and made some small adjustments to them and their bikes before piecing it all together.

Jumps, drops, steeps, berms, pumping, getting over obstacle and even wallrides were on the menu today.

Lee finds his skills set

Lee came to me via recommendations online and wanted to find out why he lands front heavy and out of control on jumps. His face was a picture when I said there’s no manual involved but in a few minutes he completely changed .

What a session it turned out to be. Boiling heat and perfect ground conditions meant we covred lots of ground quickly. Jumps, drops, steeps, corners and gaps were all on the menu and ridden with control.

Great riding dude. HIgh5!




A private skills coaching session for four

David, Simon, Stephen and Justin arrived as arranged and the skills check laid the foundation for everything that was about to change in their riding.

The rain eased and the wind died off leaving us to focus on applying the physical skills to drops, jumping tabletops and gaps, cornering, drop offs .

A third session for Ralph and Ian

I last coached the guys back in February and this time they wanted to learn to style it in the air  bit and also push their riding on to gaps and woodwork.

The skills check showed that I had to work on the mental skills and the session unfolded slowly but surely.

Drops, jumping tabletops, gaps, pumping, cornering, linking jumps together, wallrides and woodwork were all ridden through this session and always demonstrated by myself first, of course.

Great session and a brilliant end to another week of coaching mountain bike skils.






64yrs young

Bob took up a short notice availability session I had and when he arrived he said that he wanted to learn to jump. I asked him what other sports he’d done and I used that experience to develop his riding.

Drops were first followed by jumping a tabletop, that done we moved to gap jumping and much to his surprise he sailed over it. Thta was his first ever gap jump and at the young age of 64!

Cornering was where he really found his skiing pay off as I showed him why it worked in mountain biking too.

By the end of the session he was flying down a trail and jumping, pumping and railing turns.