Marcia’s one to one

Marcia wanted to develop her skills set and came to myself for mountain bike coaching to work on jumping etc. What a session it turned out to be as once I had corrected her physical skills the mental skills blossomed and the session went from strength to strength. Amazing progression Marcia


Richard and Dan’s two to one

Richard and Dan wanted to get to grips with drops and jumps as they felt it was a hit and hope rather than a technique they were using. The skills check showed them why this was the case and after a set up change or two I was able to correct their missing skills and work on the head game of airtime amongst other things too. Drops, berms, jumps, gap jump, steeps, pumping and drop offs were all demonstrated by myself and then the guys followed suit. A brilliant session unfolded and two tired but happy riders were grinning by the end.


Jumps and drops public session 8/5/17

A cracking mountain bike  public coaching  session today with these six riders.

Tim’s one to one

Tim contacted myself after verbal recommendations from lots of other riders. He wanted to get more flow through corners and also jump and anything else we could work on. Well, The skills check showed the areas that needed work physically beofre I could work on the mental skills. By the end of the session, we’d covered pumping, drops, jumping tabletops and gaps to 9ft, manuals through doubles, steeps , drop offs and wall rides. Phew, what a session.

High5 Tim!!


Ric returns and brings Tori and Ross along

I coached Ric a few years back and he wanted to return with his girlfriend Tori and Mate Ross. Ric was happy to only cover the same layout as before but I had other ideas. Once I had corrected their missing physical skills, it came down to the head game and I worked on that. Jumps, drops, corners, riding over logs and gaps were all demonstrated and ridden afterwards by them. A cracking session guys.