Mark’s one to one mountain bike skills session

Mark wanted to become more fluid in his riding and get his wheels into the air if at all possible. I first discovered what physical skills were missing and then applied the corrected skills to techniques. It wasn’t long before he was flying and also riding through corners smoother and faster than before.

John, Charlie and Kev’s session

The lads arrived on time and raring to go. They wanted to work on jumping and drops and their mental skills. I worked on correcting the small errors in their riding first before moving on. Well, it wasn’t long before they were riding tabletops, drops, gap jumping, wallrides, woodwork and drops from ladders too. Mix that with cornering and it was a huge change in them all.



Mark and Alex’s two to one skills session

Mark and Alex wanted to work on jumping predominantly and anything else I could do during our time together. I corrected their set ups and worked on footwork, looking and body position, before applying them to the techniques I teach. The effect on the mental skills was awesome as they were suddenly riding more confidently and smoothly as a result. Drops, tabletops, gaps, wallride, berms, manuals and linking jumps. Marks face when he sailed over the 9ft gap jump at the end was a picture.

Great riding guys, High5!

Ben’s one to one skills session

See Ben wanted to learn to jump and as an experienced snowboarder,  I was able to use muscle memory from that to develop his skills set to jumping tabletops and gaps. His cornering was however the biggest change

James’s one to one

James has ridden for years and wanted to find out why he struggled to jump and drop on trails and to perhaps get faster cornering.