A one to one gift voucher

Rob was given a gift voucher from his wife for his birthday and today was the day for our session together. He explained that he wanted to gain flow in his riding and work out why he almost comes to a halt in berms. Armed with this information I began working on his missing skills and that had a huge affect on his mental skills.

Drops, jumps, gaps, berms, pumping, woodwork riding and drops and linking gaps on a trail were all covered and ridden with control. An amazing session Rob.


Jumps and drops public coaching session 16/10/17

Here are the pictures and videos from today’s mountain bike skills coaching public session. Email info@ukbikeskills.co.uk for more info


Fab friday’s continue

My friday sessions have been standout all year and today was no different. Paul, Ollie and Kev booked a private session for the three of them and wanted to gain airtime and anything else I thought they could learn. I worked on their missing skills and adjusted their set ups before showing them why a simple skill set applied to everything they wanted to do. The results speak for themselves as they were riding drops, jumping tabletops and gaps, pumping and cornering faster , smoother and with more control than they ever belived possible.

Brilliant riding guys


Gez, Steve and Nick’s private skills session

I coached Gez two months ago and he returned with his two riding buddies to enjoy another session and watch them improve and maybe push his skills on too.

Well, what a session that was. Drops, steeps, linking drops to jumps, gaps, tabletops, woodwork and cornering they applied the physical skills I teach and also the mental skills and the session was off the hook.

Great riding guys, high5!


Rich joins the air corps

Rich has been on a journey to be able to jump his mountain bike, eventually his journey led to myself today.

I worked on the missing skills of body positioning and looking and then applied a mental skill set to the techniques required on trails. The change was almost instant and the session grew and grew. Drops, tabletop jumps, corners, pumping, linking jumps as well as various ways to ride steep drops and all ending in linking a line with gap jumps to 9ft. What a session dude.




Mark’s one to one mountain bike skills session

Mark wanted to become more fluid in his riding and get his wheels into the air if at all possible. I first discovered what physical skills were missing and then applied the corrected skills to techniques. It wasn’t long before he was flying and also riding through corners smoother and faster than before.