Charles, Borak and Rich get some skills coaching

What an end to a week of coaching. These guys got to grips with their new skill sets quickly and then it just left applying them to various sections and trails. brilliant riding guys.



Sam and Nathan return after 5yrs

It’s been 5yrs since I coached these guys ans they wanted to regain any lost skills and maybe push their riding on further. I discovered the errors that had crept in and that showed them why crashes had began to happen .

I built them up gradually and by the end of the session they were jumping gaps, tabletops, drops and railing turns. Not to mention the style points too.

Great session guys.



Jason’s jumps and drops one to one

Jason wanted to learn to jump and drop. I was able to use his experiences from other sports to bring his skills set up to being able to clear his first ever tabletop and gaps too. Mix that with his new Corning technique and steep terrain technique it was an awesome session.

James learns to fly

James took up a short notice date of mine and wanted to develop his jumping that was in his words, hit and miss. I corrected his missing skills from his skill set and then we built up from 1ft drops to 5ft drops, corners were railed and tabletops to 14ft jumped as well as gap jumps to 10ft. Amazing progress brought to an abrupt end by bike failure. brilliant session dude!

Jeremy returns with Tom for a private session

Jeremy was coached by myself last year and when he heard Tom had booked in with me he wanted to return to push his riding on but also for Tom to get his jumping off the ground . It was a day of radness as they rode drops, over obstacles, gaps, tabletops and berms. We worked on style too. Their skills set enabled them to feel more comfortable as the perception of their limits moved on. I think the pictures and videos tell the story of their five hour session.




Today was pivotal

It was Julian’s session today and he arrived with a bike he loves, his pivot mach4. We immediately got on after that  🙂

Joking aside, it was  pleasure to coach Julian today. He wanted to learn to get air beneath his wheels and feel like he does on his skis.