Ric returns and brings Tori and Ross along

I coached Ric a few years back and he wanted to return with his girlfriend Tori and Mate Ross. Ric was happy to only cover the same layout as before but I had other ideas. Once I had corrected their missing physical skills, it came down to the head game and I worked on that. Jumps, drops, corners, riding over logs and gaps were all demonstrated and ridden afterwards by them. A cracking session guys.


John can jump

John  contacted us to learn to jump as in over 25yrs of riding he was never comfortable with trying jumps. The skills check showed the physical skills that needed work on and then the mental skills could be worked on. John was amazed he could suddenly bunnyhop and the session grew from there. Drops, jumping tabletops and even a gap jump , cornering was a huge improvement and we even worked on different ways of riding steep drop offs.

Cracking session John, High5!




Dan returns after a 4yr gap

I coached Dan 4/5yrs ago and he wanted to return to move his riding on and to get more relaxed whilst airborne. I discovered a weakness in his right hand turns as well as a body position error in jumping. I then built the session up and we ended up on the woodwork.

Brilliant improvements and it was most of all, fun.



Private mixed group of four

I have coached Matt a couple of years back and he returned with Mark, Jenn and Nic. Matt wanted to gain some lost confidence and the rest wanted to maybe get air under their wheels, Simples!

The session unfolded into applying their new skills sets to drops, jumping tabletops, gaps to 9ft, steeps and drop offs, as well as cornering and pumping. Phew, what a session.


The return of Gary and George

I coached Gary and George back in 2014 and they wanted to return to build up their skills again and regain some lost confidence through inactivity.

What a session it turned in to. Drops, jumps, gaps, wallrides, berms and linking jumps together. The warmest day of the year it was too and the smiles on all our faces just grew and grew. George cracked his linkage on his yeti frame and continued with my bike. They tried on my new http://www.kaliprotectives.com interceptor helmet too and loved the feel and look. Gary, if you like my @dakine shorts so much contact http://www.contourcycles.com and they will supply  🙂

Great day, high5!