Fleet mtb boys

Dan, Damo, Pat, Sean and Ian came to me for mountain bike skills coaching as a private session. They wanted to learn how and why to jump and corner so, I ran them through my skills check and made some seemingly small adjustments to their set ups and also to their physical skills that made all the difference.

I think the photos and videos show how the session panned out 🙂

great riding guys!

Lloyd’s session

What a hot day it was, not only was his sram guide brakes playing up in the heat but half of the pictures i took have gone missing too!

I was able to use his experience in other sports to really make a difference in his mountain biking. Lloyd left as a far more confident rider , armed with a new skill set that made jumps, drops, steeps, gaps and corners feel almost too easy.

Chris dives into a new world of skills

Chris has a background in snowboarding and scuba diving and he friend Jason recommended that he came to me for some mountain bike skills coaching. When I said I would use his experience from other sports it resonated with him and the changes I made to his set up laid the foundation for changing his riding forever.

Drops, corners, riding obstacles, jumping tabletops, wall rides and gap jumps were all demonstrated by me first before Chris rode everything and used his mental skills to decide when and what to ride.

Brilliant start to the week of coaching.