Three riders from Brighton

Simon, Nick and Ioannis came to myself via recommendation and I began with my skills check and set up check. The guys wanted to get to grips with jumping kickers but it was the cornering that really took them by surprise.

Drops, jumping tabletops, berms, and jumping gaps to 9ft were all demonstrated by myself and they used their mental skills to decide what and when to ride them.

An amazing session unfolded and I am looking forward to their riding updates.


Alan’s session of discovery


Alan wanted to attend a mountain bike skills coaching session with myself to iron out any errors in his riding and also give him conscious recognition of what he is doing right or wrong on his bike. The skills check and set up adjustments set the scene and during the session not only was Alan cornering faster and smoother than ever before. He was also riding drops and jumps with control and method. Wall rides? not a problem now for him either and to cap it all off , he rode his first ever gap jump of 6ft then added 7ft and 9ft too! Cracking session dude,



A private skills coaching session for four

David, Simon, Stephen and Justin arrived as arranged and the skills check laid the foundation for everything that was about to change in their riding.

The rain eased and the wind died off leaving us to focus on applying the physical skills to drops, jumping tabletops and gaps, cornering, drop offs .

The first skills coaching session of 2018

It was good to get back to coaching and today was Stephen’s one to one session. During the session I broke his physical skills down and then rebuilt his riding so that by the end he was cornering smoother and faster but also jumping further and with less speed than he’d needed before today.

He was buzzing when riding his first ever gaps jumps too and the largest is 9ft!


John’s one to one

Today was my only session of the week as I had to rebook the rest due to adverse weather (snow). I was really looking forward to getting my coaching buzz and John arrived eager and ready to learn. He wanted to leave the structure of the coaching open and in my hands and boy what a change it was.

By the end of the session John was riding drops, jumping further, linking jumps, riding over obstacles, endo turns and steeps.  I broke his riding down and rebuilt it using his experience of snowboarding and other sports.

Great session, high5!

Molly’s riding changes

I met Molly over a decade ago and today she turned up, as arranged for coaching that her partner Richard had bought for her.  Molly races enduros and wanted to see if she could gain more confidence in her riding, well that was going to flood in!

The skills check showed myself and Molly why things were stuck in her riding and once I had corrected her physical skill set , her riding went from strength to strength.

Bunny hops, endos and getting over obstacles were first, drops, steeps and pumping was followed by cornering. Even wallrides were all ticked off and ridden with simple control.

Brilliant session and it was awesome to see her partner Richard again too.


A third session for Ralph and Ian

I last coached the guys back in February and this time they wanted to learn to style it in the air  bit and also push their riding on to gaps and woodwork.

The skills check showed that I had to work on the mental skills and the session unfolded slowly but surely.

Drops, jumping tabletops, gaps, pumping, cornering, linking jumps together, wallrides and woodwork were all ridden through this session and always demonstrated by myself first, of course.

Great session and a brilliant end to another week of coaching mountain bike skils.