Si finds the missing link

Si wanted to develop his jumping from hit and miss to a constant method. I had to adjust his set up and correct his physical skill set before this could happen. We then applied the techniques I teach to various sections on the trail. Pumping, manuals, jumps, drops, corners, gaps and even beginning to style it on a bike too. What a session dude!

Mark and Simon’s second session

Well today was supposed to be 5 of them but it turned into a two to one overnight. I have coached Mark and Si two years ago and I wanted to develop their riding further but also solidify what we did last time.

I needed to work on their weaker right hand turns and also their looking when getting air. The session gradually unfolded and By the end of the session we’d covered linking berms and large tabletops to 14ft, gaps to 13ft, wallrides, drops among other stuff. What an awesome end of another week of coaching


Correcting Dom and Mark’s skill sets

Dom and Mark googled mountain bike coaching and found my website and decided to book a private session. When they arrived, they said they wanted to learn to jump and judge speed through turns and when riding into jumps. Well, the session unfolded gradually but by the end of the session they were riding drops, berms, wallrides, tabletops and 6,7,9 and 13ft gap jumps too!

Amazing riding guys and a brilliant way to end my weeks coaching.



Chris and Nik’s session

Chris injured himself the day before our session but arrived wanting to see if he can ride and Nik brought a bike with ruined pivots, so not the best start. However, I first discovered why Chris had crashed as I asked was it a left hand berm and I was correct. I could see he had a body position error and that they both needed the mental side of their riding worked on. Drops, tabletops, gaps, and wallride were all covered and ridden by the end of the session. Work on the hips Chris and work on the endo Nik.


Steve unearths the rider within

Steve wanted to jump and get over his fear of gaps possibly Ashwell he said. The skills check showed the physical errors in his ridings I then worked on those as well as the mental skills. Amazing progression as Steve was cornering faster and jumping further than ever before. A brilliant session dude. High5!