Jonny and Tom’s session

I coached Tom 3yrs ago and he returned today with his mate Jonny to iron out any errors he’d picked up and push their riding further. I corrected the missing skills and then we applied the mental skills to various sections and trails. what a session.

Paul’s one to one

Paul has been riding ten years and had got stuck in a rut with his riding and came to me for some mountain bike skills coaching. He never could jump or get his bike into the air over anything, that was about to change.

I adjusted his set up and showed him his missing skills before repairing his skill set for him and showing him why to do certain things . Body positioning and footwork were worked on predominantly and soon it all came together. Steeps, jumps, pumping, drop offs, cornering and drops were all worked on as well as riding over obstacles.

Nick and Paul’s two to one


Nick fist came to me in March this year on a public session and today was his 3rd session. He wanted to build on his previous two sessions and share it with his old school mate Paul. They are both going to The white room in the tarrantese area of the alps for their summer mtb trip and wanted to both get some skills to help them enjoy it more. On Nick’s last session, a combo of tiredness and old knackered bike meant the 16ft gap was a no go but by the end of the session today he was sailing it. Paul was using his mental skills to decide what to ride and when too as he was riding gaps to 7ft also.


Mari and Duncan get their wings

I coached Mari last year on a public session and she took advantage of a short notice availability date for a private mountain biking skills coaching session. I ran them through the skills check and showed them the missing physical skills and then rebuilt their riding up to cornering faster and smoother, riding over obstacles, wall rides and jumping tabletops and gaps. We even worked on linking drops to 5ft to gaps to 16ft. What an end to a brilliant week of coaching .


Two Yorkshire lads

Steve and Jarrod drove down from Yorkshire for their mountain bike skills coaching session after recommendation from various friends of theirs. They both wanted to regain confidence in their riding and to jump and in Jarrod’s case regain his jumping. Well, the high winds were borderline for coaching but we went ahead and I broke their riding down to the smallest skills and rebuilt them. What a session it was as their new skill set made everything simpler and easier than before.

cornering, drops, jumping tabletops, gap jumps, wall rides to name a few. I thin k i’ll let the pictures and videos tell the tale.

It was a pleasure to meet these guys


Robin finds the answers

Robin had been seeking more control in his riding and his path led to myself and a voucher for mountain bike coaching as a birthday present from his partner sealed it. I broke his riding down to it’s smallest parts and then re built him, Steve austin stylee.

What a session it was. Robin wanted to gain more confidence at speed and also to jump more consistently.




Phil finds out why

Phil is an advanced rider in his experiences but a few injuries from unexplained errors left him wanting to come to me for some mountain bike skills coaching. It was all about small adjustments that made big results and he quickly understood why it was right or wrong in any section.

What a session it was to end the weeks coaching for me. Drops, jumps , gaps to 20+ft and linking gap jumps too. His cornering really improved too as a error in right hand turns was isolated and corrected.