Rich has a one to one skills session

Rich came to me via recommendation from his work mates at Maclaren and wanted to develop his cornering as he loses speed in every turn and also get his hear around airtime and drop offs.

Job done 🙂



the return of Mike and Nicholas

Today was mike and Nicholas’s 2nd session, almost a year to the day since their first mountain bike skills coaching session. I isolated their skills sets and worked on small physical changes and that let me work on their mental skills to move them further in their riding. I think the pictures speak for themselves.



Nicole fills a big gap in her riding skills

I coached Nicole over a year ago and she took advantage of a last minute availability slot I had to get another session before heading to the Alps.

Nicole could jump, I taught her that before on her last session but this time she wanted to get over the absolute fear of gap jumps. I worked hard on her mental skill set and we took small steps that built up slowly from drops, tabletops, riding over obstacles and getting air from technical drop offs too. then, before our session could end with a warm down wall riding she sailed over her first gap and proceeded to nail it time and again.

Matt from Sunderland

Matt has wanted to come to me for a mountain bike skills coaching session for a couple of years and finally his diary allowed him to. The skills check showed footwork and positioning needed working on as well as the all important mental skills.

The change in Matt was pretty much immediate. Steep drops, corners, riding over obstacles, jumps and drops all became simpler and easier than before. We even managed to have a good few runs at a wall ride too!

Four friends have a private mtb skills session

James, Dan, Barry and Julian arrived as arranged ad the skills check showed they needed work on footwork, looking and positioning in all techniques. I made small adjustments and pieced their riding together so that by the end of the session they were riding obstacles easier, jumping tabletops and gaps to 9ft, drops, wall rides and berms faster and smoother than before and with the mental skills to keep them safe.

From Iceland for a skills session

Robert and Agnes made the trip over from Reykjavik for a mountain bike skills coaching session with me after reading my reviews and recommendations. The skills check I do revealed looking and positioning errors and I made small adjustments that led to huge changes in their riding. Steeps, drops, corners, drop offs and jumps all seemed simpler and easier as I worked on the all important mental skills by the end of a wonderful session.