Charles, Borak and Rich get some skills coaching

What an end to a week of coaching. These guys got to grips with their new skill sets quickly and then it just left applying them to various sections and trails. brilliant riding guys.



Lee finds his skills set

Lee came to me via recommendations online and wanted to find out why he lands front heavy and out of control on jumps. His face was a picture when I said there’s no manual involved but in a few minutes he completely changed .

What a session it turned out to be. Boiling heat and perfect ground conditions meant we covred lots of ground quickly. Jumps, drops, steeps, corners and gaps were all on the menu and ridden with control.

Great riding dude. HIgh5!




Nik’s 7 year itch

I coached Nik back in 2011 and he returned after life and a couple of bad crashes had set him back mentally on his bike. I discovered that body positioning was in need of work and that set the tone for the mountain bike skills coaching session.

Bit by bit I pieced his skills set together through corners, drops, steeps, jumps, drop offs and gap jumps.

Great session dude, high5!



Pete, Jeff and Al feel the force

Peter, Al and Jeff came to me via recommendation and I began by showing them why the felt a lack of control when riding off road. I adjusted their set ups and corrected their positioning first then added looking and footwork into the mix. The boys got more and more confident as their control felt so more enhanced now.

Dad and son fly!

Jason wanted to get some mountain bike skills coaching for hi and his son Peanut from myself after hearing recommendations. The day arrived and I explained my methodology and put them through my skills check to identify the areas that needed work. Body positing and looking were paramount and also Dad’s footwork in corners. From there, the session built up and up.

Drops to 5ft, gaps to 9ft, berms, pumping, drop offs and steeps were all ridden with a control and ease they had never know previously. It was a brilliant session to end a great week of coaching for me.



Paul and Simon’s riding changed

Paul and Simon wanted to polish their riding and find the errors they could feel but not identify in their riding skills sets. I isolated body positioning and looking as the areas to work on and then their riding blossomed in ways they never thought possible. Riding over large logs, pumping, cornering, steep terrain, drops and jumping tabletops and gaps to 9ft were all ridden comfortably by the end of their session and they left with smiles beaming across their faces. Great session with a great couple of riders.



Greg turns a corner in his skills set



Greg took a short notice availability session with me and wanted to learn to ride the swinley berms better as he found them very daunting. I corrected his missing physical skills and then worked on the head game. By the end of the session Greg was railing through turns with a grin on his face, jumping, pumping and riding steeps too. Great improvements dude.