Rebuilding Kevin’s riding

Kevin not only rides bikes but also windsurfs and skis. A skiing accident where he snapped his quadriceps really set him back and he wanted to regain his riding skills. I gradually built the session up working on moving his feet, looking and body to enable him to feel more comfortable and secure on his bike. The techniques I teach then suddenly became simple and his confidence and other mental skills grew as a consequence.


From a public session last year to a private session today.


I coached Rob last year on a public jumps and drops session and he wanted to return for a private mountain bike skills coaching session to develop his cornering and trail fluidity, as well as bring his jumping on more too.

I was able to use his muscle memory from other sports to really improve his grip control in turns but also in riding drops, tabletops, wall rides, gap jumps and drops offs. Linking them all together was the order of the day before we ended the session with over coming the head game of wall rides.



Three brothers find the truth in their riding


I coached Pete back in December and he wanted to return with his brothers Joseph and Tom for another session. I was able to use their skiing experience to develop a new understanding of their skill sets. They said it was like being shown how to make fire for the first time.

Rob turns the clock back

Rob has been riding mountain bikes for twenty years and wanted to iron out the errors in his riding and get more comfortable with speed and flow on trails. The skills check showed positioning and looking needed correcting and I set to work. Drops, drop offs, corners, pumping and linking it all together were the order of the day.

It was awesome seeing Robert improve and see the smile on his face.



Cyclo-cross skills for Steve

I have coached Steve on his mountain bike but he really struggled on his cross bike to relate the skills set to it. He said grassy off camber turns were his nemesis, especially right turns. Steve was amazed that I showed him why that was and by working on his hips and feet I changed his cornering on his cross bike dramatically.  Drops, drop offs and linking turns all seemed easier suddenly 🙂

Great session, really enjoyed the change

Starting off on the right foot

James has started mountain biking quite recently and after a trip to a trail centre he thought it best to get some skills coaching and I came to him via recommendation.

I broke his skills set down and saw that footwork and positioning were paramount in needing correcting and I set to work.

Rebuilding Tony’s head game

I have coached Tony a few times over the years but a crash last year on his local trails really set him back and he wanted to return to me for mountain bike skills coaching to undo his riding and piece it all back together and more importantly, show him why it went wrong .

I began with the stick of truth and began rebuilding his confidence in his physical skills so that gradually I could work on the all important mental skills set.

I love spending time with Tony , it feels like hanging out with a long time mate but I knew what I had to do for him to see that phat smile on his face again. I’ll let the pictures and videos tell the rest.