Lowey, Dom and Dave’s session

The guys arrived as arranged from various parts of the uk and I began by correcting their set up and their physical errors in the skills sets. Lowey said he was a air in the tyres not air under the tyres kind of rider but that was soon to change with  them all. Drops, steeps, berms, pumping , jumping and gap jumps too were all ridden and they knew why it worked .

Amazing progress in the heat of a very hot day.



Matt, Paul and James’s skills session

I have coached Matt a couple of years ago and he wanted to return with his mates to have another session and push his riding on a bit too.

I had to work on the small physical changes that make such a big difference in control beofre working on the head game also.

A brilliant session it turned into.

Awesome riding guys.


Mark’s one to one

Mark had a bad stack last year and wanted to find a way to overcome his fears. I started with finding what he was doing wrong physically and then broke his technique down completely before building it back up. He got his wheels into the air, rode steep drop offs, rode over large obstacles and cornered with far more control than before and in his own words it was a “game changer! ”

awesome progression dude, high5!

Steve flying with style

Today was Steve’s third session with myself and we built upon the previous sessions to gain confidence linking gap jumps and drops together and carrying the required speed through sections of trail. What an amazing session unfolded. I think the pictures speak for themselves


Phil learns to fly

Phil has had coaching sessions elsewhere before but wanted to come to ukbikeskills so I could perhaps teach him to jump and polish any areas that I found wanting. Well, I adjusted his set up and corrected his positioning and the whole world of mtb opened up. Drops, cornering, pumping and jumping…… sorted

I’ll let the pics tell the story.


Tim’s one to one

Tim contacted myself after verbal recommendations from lots of other riders. He wanted to get more flow through corners and also jump and anything else we could work on. Well, The skills check showed the areas that needed work physically beofre I could work on the mental skills. By the end of the session, we’d covered pumping, drops, jumping tabletops and gaps to 9ft, manuals through doubles, steeps , drop offs and wall rides. Phew, what a session.

High5 Tim!!


Father and son session

Mark got his son Zac a session for xmas and today was the day. I corrected their missing skills and then worked hard on the mental skills. I then demonstrated everything before they choose whether to ride sections using the mental skills. A fantastic session unfolded.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story.