Four go mad from Hertford

Ray, Paul, Darren and Matt ride together and wanted a private mountain bike skills coaching session to find out why they struggled in corners and when getting over obstacles. I made some small adjustments and repaired their physical skills sets before showing them why to do certain actions in various scenarios.

Drops, jumps, cornering and riding steep drop offs were all covered and linked together with pumping too. A brilliant session unfolded.



Steve finds the middle ground


Steve has been riding since the 90’s and wanted to come to me for mountain bike skills coaching to understand how to ride off drops and why his wheel used to always nosedive when he tried.

The skills check and set up changes set the foundation and it wasn’t long before everything changed in his riding. Night and day were the words he used to describe the changes that happened in his riding . I made small adjustments to his physical skill set from his feet upwards and it all changed positively.


Rebuilding Kevin’s riding

Kevin not only rides bikes but also windsurfs and skis. A skiing accident where he snapped his quadriceps really set him back and he wanted to regain his riding skills. I gradually built the session up working on moving his feet, looking and body to enable him to feel more comfortable and secure on his bike. The techniques I teach then suddenly became simple and his confidence and other mental skills grew as a consequence.


Matt’s one to one

Matt came to me for mountain bike skills coaching via recommendation online. I broke his skill set down and rebuilt his looking and positioning when applying the skills to the techniques we worked on. Jumps, corners, drops, pumping and drop offs were all ridden with a control and a developed speed he’d previously not felt.


From a public session last year to a private session today.


I coached Rob last year on a public jumps and drops session and he wanted to return for a private mountain bike skills coaching session to develop his cornering and trail fluidity, as well as bring his jumping on more too.

I was able to use his muscle memory from other sports to really improve his grip control in turns but also in riding drops, tabletops, wall rides, gap jumps and drops offs. Linking them all together was the order of the day before we ended the session with over coming the head game of wall rides.