Matt discovers the rider within

I coached Matt 5yrs ago and he returned wanting to maybe push his riding on but also to discover why he keeps getting things wrong lately. I found positioning and looking needed work and then the session went wild!

Drops, tabletops to 14ft, wallrides, cornering, pumping, gaps to 13ft were all part of this session. Amazing progression in a short space of time. Matt called an end to the session as he was too tired and happy to continue 🙂




Father and son session

Mark got his son Zac a session for xmas and today was the day. I corrected their missing skills and then worked hard on the mental skills. I then demonstrated everything before they choose whether to ride sections using the mental skills. A fantastic session unfolded.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story.



Tom and Jason’s two to one session

I coached Tom in August last year and he returned for another session and brought his mate Jason with him. I worked on the physical skills and then the mental skill set to enable them to ride gaps, tabletops, corners, steeps and drops. Awesome session guys.


Chris’s skills set gets polished

Chris came to me for his second mountain bike skills coaching session in over 3yrs. His skills set was still in good shape and needed a couple of tweaks to move him on.

Well, I think the videos and pictures show how the session went.

High5 Chris!


Jacqui’s one to one session

I coached Jacqui nearly five years ago and she wanted to return to work on her fear of steep drop offs and drop with mandatory air time. The skills check showed me the areas that needed work and then the session grew and grew. We even covered endos and endo  turns, riding over obstacles o the trail. Linking jumps, pumping and cornering. a brilliant end to a fantastic week of coaching.


James and Tom’s two to one session

James and Tom came to me for coaching wanting to iron out any habits they had picked up in the years and years they had ridden.  discovered what needed correcting physically and then set to work on the mental skills. They wanted to possibly jump and boy oh boy did they jump!



Lee and Tony’s private session

Lee heard about my coaching on www.singletrackworld.comforum and his riding buddy Tony came along for a two to one session of mountain bike coaching. The session built up gradually at first, but then really gathered pace as the physical and mental skills set in. Jumps to 14ft, gap jumps to 9ft as well as many other sections and trails. A brilliant session.