The Bayliss brothers

I have coached Mark before and this time his Brother Andy came along for another mountain bike skills coachingĀ  session. I was able to use Andy’s motorbike experience to really cement his new skills set and I was able to push Mark on further too.

Drops, jumps, drop offs, wall rides, berms and linking drops and gaps together were all covered. An amazing session unfolded.The pics will tell the story.

Three brothers find the truth in their riding


I coached Pete back in December and he wanted to return with his brothers Joseph and Tom for another session. I was able to use their skiing experience to develop a new understanding of their skill sets. They said it was like being shown how to make fire for the first time.

Polishing Richard’s skills

I coached Richard two years ago and he wanted to find out why he corners to the left more comfortably than right and also why he struggles to jump distance. I made small adjustment to his positioning and foot pressure and built it all up from there. I think the pictures show the session better than words šŸ™‚


Rupert’s session

Rupert has done many sports in his lifetime and wanted to get some mountain bike skills coaching from myself to get to grips with how and why to jump in particular. I needed to work on his footwork to correct his one sided cornering and his body positioning when getting his wheels off the ground. I then pieced it all back together in a fun and enjoyable session.

drops, jumps, drop offs, corners, pumping, linking jumps and gaps were all covered. I worked on judging speed and distance too.

Great riding dude. High5!



Trail centre skills for four

Stuart, Steve, Scott and Stu ride together and wanted to get comfortable in riding trail centres. I ran them through my skills check and explained the areas that needed work. This, along with some set up changes enhanced their riding massively.

Drops, jumps, steeps, pumping, gap jumps and cornering were all covered and the guys were loving it.

We even celebrated the session over a beer in the local pub to.

Great guys, great session.


A one to one gift voucher

Rob was given a gift voucher from his wife for his birthday and today was the day for our session together. He explained that he wanted to gain flow in his riding and work out why he almost comes to a halt in berms. Armed with this information I began working on his missing skills and that had a huge affect on his mental skills.

Drops, jumps, gaps, berms, pumping, woodwork riding and drops and linking gaps on a trail were all covered and ridden with control. An amazing session Rob.


Dan discovers the rider inside

Dan wanted to learn to get smoother with his riding and perhaps learn to jump. he’d never jumped a gap before today and his technique was very much hit and miss. The skills check showed us why and I set to work correcting it.

Before long Dan was riding steeps, drops, tabletops, pumping, jumping gaps and linking sections of the trail together. An amazing session unfolded and he was amazed at how simple it all felt, once I showed him that his skiing experience was so valuable.