Four go mad in Hertfordshire

I have coached Ben before and he returned for more mountain bike skills coaching, this time with three riding buddy’s Darren, Lee and James. They were all in different places in their riding experience and levels. The skills check made them realise the errors in their skill sets and I set about piecing it all together.

We began with riding over obstacles and the techniques I demonstrated really made sense to them and soon they all rode over the largest easily.

Drops and jumps were next, followed by cornering and pumping. The session grew and grew and by the end of the session they’d been jumping tabletops, linking jumps and rode gaps of 6ft to 16ft and all in between Phew , what a session.


Mark’s one to one mountain bike skills coaching session

Mark came to me via recommendation from and he wanted to learn to jump and turn like he can on skis.

Mark had jumped tabletops before but lacked consistency and confidence for gap jumps, that was about to change.




James and Dave’s session

James and Dave came to me for mountain bike skills coaching via recommendation. I put them both through my skills check that identified the areas that needed work and what set up changes were required. From there it all gradually took shape and by the end of their five hour session they were absolutely flying with style and control.


Jo and Nia wanted to fly

Jo and Nia came to me for another mountain bike skills coaching session and this time they wanted to get airtime.

During the session I adjusted their set ups and corrected a small error in their cornering too. By the end of the session they had ridden over large obstacles, drops, berms, tabletops and a gap jump. We also worked on riding multiple jumps too. Brilliant improvement and a great session.


Rob’s birthday session with his mate Jack

Both sets of parents bought them mountain bike skills coaching vouchers from myself for today. Both were nervous when we met but that soon dissipated as I corrected their missing skills and gradually built the session up. They wanted to learn to jump and never in their wildest dreams did they imagine what they’d be riding by the end of the session.

Drops to 5ft, tabletops to 14ft, corners and pumping were also covered but the 6ft, 7ft, 9ft, 10ft and 16ft gap jumps they rode blew them away.

Brilliant session, High5!

Jason’s jumps and drops one to one

Jason wanted to learn to jump and drop. I was able to use his experiences from other sports to bring his skills set up to being able to clear his first ever tabletop and gaps too. Mix that with his new Corning technique and steep terrain technique it was an awesome session.