Alpine preperation

Ashley, Royston, V, Jason and Adam came to me to prepare for their up coming holiday. I had coached Ash and Royston previously so had to move them on as well as bring the other guys along too. Body positioning was critical followed by looking and footwork. That left the mental skills while we applied the techniques I teach to sections out on trails and the woodwork. Berms were railed, natural drops as well as ladder drops, tabletops and gaps to 14ft were all linked too. An amazing session guys.


Laurence’s one to one


Laurence wanted to develop the basic skills set and apply it to his riding.  I worked hard on his looking and body position and then applying them to the techniques I teach. During the session he cleared his first ever tabletop and went on to clear multiple jumps and gaps as well as corner faster than ever before.  Rad session with a great guy

High 5!

Paul and Jim’s two to one session

Jim and Paul arrived as arranged and I ran them through the skills check. I discovered footwork, body position needed work as well as looking before I could work on the mental skills. Once corrected,  I was able to bring them along to applying the skills to the techniques I teach and it all became simpler and easier. What a cool session guys. High5!

Ian and Rex’s private skills session

Ian and Rex came to myself via recommendation. On arrival I ran them through my skills check and set up check and worked on what I saw was missing in their tool bag so to speak. Ian said he was a strictly wheels on the ground rider, that was about to change.

By the end of the session the lads were riding drops, tabletops, gap jumps, steeps , drop offs, pumping, getting over large obstacles on a trail, wall riding  as well as cornering smoother than ever. Brilliant riding guys


Lowey, Dom and Dave’s session

The guys arrived as arranged from various parts of the uk and I began by correcting their set up and their physical errors in the skills sets. Lowey said he was a air in the tyres not air under the tyres kind of rider but that was soon to change with  them all. Drops, steeps, berms, pumping , jumping and gap jumps too were all ridden and they knew why it worked .

Amazing progress in the heat of a very hot day.



Four guys get their wings

Tony, Greg, Tom and Martin booked a private mountain bike coaching session with myself wanting to work on getting air and any other areas I could see that needed work. I corrected their physical errors before working on the mental skills set. We covered so much during the session. Steeps, drops, cornering, pumping, bunnyhops and gap jumping to 13ft!

An awesome session was had by all, including myself 🙂