James’s one to one

James decided that he’d do what he’d done in every other sport he had done before and get some coaching. On arrival I outlined the physical skills that needed work on and armed with that information I set about showing James why his footwork and positioning were so important.

Cornering, drops, jumps, steep drop offs and pumping were all worked on a linked together too.

From a public session last year to a private session today.


I coached Rob last year on a public jumps and drops session and he wanted to return for a private mountain bike skills coaching session to develop his cornering and trail fluidity, as well as bring his jumping on more too.

I was able to use his muscle memory from other sports to really improve his grip control in turns but also in riding drops, tabletops, wall rides, gap jumps and drops offs. Linking them all together was the order of the day before we ended the session with over coming the head game of wall rides.



Wayne gets his wings

Wayne has just come back from the Alps and wanted to actually learn to jump correctly and corner better as he felt a lack of control. The skills check showed us both what and why skills were missing and why it was right or wrong so I set to work on teaching Wayne to jump, drop and turn.

What a session it was and I know i’ll be seeing him again for a ride soon

Whistler preparation for Ken

Ken wanted to overcome his fear of gap jumps and today’s mountain bike skills coaching session  was about ironing out the small physical errors in his skills and then using the mental skills.

I think the pics and videos speak for themselves.