Lowey, Dom and Dave’s session

The guys arrived as arranged from various parts of the uk and I began by correcting their set up and their physical errors in the skills sets. Lowey said he was a air in the tyres not air under the tyres kind of rider but that was soon to change with  them all. Drops, steeps, berms, pumping , jumping and gap jumps too were all ridden and they knew why it worked .

Amazing progress in the heat of a very hot day.



Four guys get their wings

Tony, Greg, Tom and Martin booked a private mountain bike coaching session with myself wanting to work on getting air and any other areas I could see that needed work. I corrected their physical errors before working on the mental skills set. We covered so much during the session. Steeps, drops, cornering, pumping, bunnyhops and gap jumping to 13ft!

An awesome session was had by all, including myself 🙂


Fred, Jamie and Dave’s uncover their skills

Fred, Jamie and Dave came to myself to work on cornering and drop offs, little did they know how far their riding would progress.

Once I had corrected the errors in their skills, we applied them to various sections found on the trails, flat, off camber and bermed corners, pumping, jumping, drops, drop offs and gap jumps too.

A brilliant session with awesome guys.


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Tom, Sue, Val and Colin Saturday Session




Great session guys, Tom, keep your pelvis forward and remember your feet. Sue, keep your head up. Val, remember your feet and keep your pelvis forward, and Colin, practise being more explosive!

Nath (@ukbikenath)