All the riders turned up as arranged and I began with a simple skills check before moving onto applying the skills to the drop technique. I worked on the mental skills set too and soon they were all air bourne and i was even able to show why the skills sets applied to styling it too.
I know it jumps and drops but I wanted to work on a bit of cornering too and we worked on linking 2 berms and also a drop into a corner and they we all riding so much more controlled due to it.
We had a coffee break and resumed on a fly out jump to get them used to applying the skills to steeper take offs before moving to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. All riders cleared the 6ft tabletop and some used their mental skills to ride the gap jump too.
Before long we worked on pumping and jumping on another trail and they gained speed through using the trails energy to jump a 9ft tabletop that sits mid trail and linked the earlier 2 berms into the line too and some even rode the ladder gap jump.
 The session ended on another trail by riding a trail with a fade away jump mid trail and they applied there skills there too. 
Loved that session.