Ben, Simon, Matt, Mark, Rob and Paul turned up as arranged and a couple of skills checks and  some set up changes later we moved on to work collectively on looking. body position and footwork. We began with the drop technique as I could see that they would love to get airtime and I worked on the mental skills set here too.
Onto the singletrack and we worked on pumping, flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns, rock gardens, absorbing, steps and drop offs. By working segment by segment, it allowed them all to get to grips with each technique and soon they were riding the whole trail end to end. Nathan, my able assistant coach helped by  also giving on going feedback on their riding. We took  a short break and continued onto riding the whole trail end to end. Each run was faster and smoother than ever and they knew when it was right or wrong in any section and why.
 I worked on line choice and braking areas when linking drops into corners too and they we all buzzing on their riding but tiring fast!
 I didn’t want to end the session yet as they had a bit more left, so off we went to work on riding steep terrain. They were stunned at the level of control they now had as they applied both skills sets and some even rode a near vert drop off too!
 Our session ended and I know they will all enjoy riding their singletrack more now 🙂