Mike, Pete, Craig and Anne arrived as planned, three couldn’t make it, so as always, I started with the skills check, where is discovered that collectively I needed to work on footwork, looking and body position. I also made a few set up changes before moving onto the drop technique. Here I gave them a Mental skill set, and they could no choose for themselves, using the technique I had given them, whether to ride what was in front of them, and soon, they were all riding off of a drop of their choice, and landing perfectly. We then moved onto working on the skills trail, but first I gave them a quick cornering exercise where they could fell for themselves how to get grip in a corner. We then moves onto the trail, and we worked on it section by section, and soon they were all riding the trail top to bottom, linking both bermed and flat corners, rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drop offs, and they were all riding with more control than they ever had before. We finished our session working on carrying speed through a berm, using there new skills sets.
Amazing session guys!
High 5!