Graham, Simon, Dave, Bill, Gavin and Adam arrived on time and myself and Nathan began with running them through the skills check and set up changes. I wanted to embed the mental skills so we moved to the drop technique and all applied their physical and mental skills to ride all 3 drops!

We moved onto the skills trail to work on absorbing techniques among others and control areas that allow speed management to be applied. Pumping, rock gardens, drops, up slopes, steps and drop offs were linked to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. A midway break was called for so we had lunch and on continuing, we began riding the whole trail end to end. Every run was getting faster and smoother than the previous and they knew when it was right or wrong and more importantly, why.
4 hours in and I knew they were tiring but they enough left to move onto riding steeps.
 Myself and Nath worked hard on their mental skills to demonstrate why body positioning is critical in riding steeps and how their set ups allowed full control.
 Our session ended with us all celebrating the session over a cold beer in the local pub.
Great session guys!