The 7 riders turned up as arranged and we began with set up changes and my skills correction. We began with the drop technique and  soon they were getting air under their wheels and feeling controlled and smooth with it. I went through some basic cornering technique and we linked drops into corners too and they were loving it.
 I did some line choice and braking control exercises and their riding once again all improved. 
 A short break and we resumed with jumping. I used a small fly out jump for this first and then we moved to a 6ft tabletop and gap jump and the riders all used their mental skills to control what they rode and why.
 The wind picked up and I showed then how to ride drop off and the required body positioning and they were amazed at how easy it was. Onto another trail, and they began riding a fade away jump and linked it to the other sections on the trail.
 Over 4 hours after starting we were then at out final task. A 9ft gap jump. Mark and the 2 Dave’s used their mental skills to decide to ride it and they did with smiles on their faces.
 They were all mentally tired by the session and our session ended and we went to the local pub to celebrate an awesome session.
Great riding people. High5!