The session started as always with the skills checks where we discovered that he mainly had to work on looking in everyone’s skills set. After explaining what was needed, and making the necessary set up changes, we moved onto the drop technique. Here, we gave everyone a mental skills set, and explained the importance it can have on their riding. Before long, everyone was riding off the largest drop, and landing perfectly. Some even began to add style when in the air. We then done a bit of work on cornering, and then linked drops into corners, which everyone rode with more speed and control than ever before. After a quick break, we moved onto another section of the trail to work on jumping, and then put it to practise on the tabletop. Here, we managed everyone’s speed individually to find the speed that matched their jumping technique, to allow them to land perfectly on the other side. Some used their mental skills set in order to jump the 6ft gap jump as well. Our session ended on the pump and jump trail, where everyone now had to manage their own speed to jump a given distance. Soon, they were riding the trail top to bottom, choosing which sections to pump or jump.
Great session guys!
Tony and Nath