Over the past couple of years I have spoken to Nathan about the old Herts night rides and he always wanted to try it. Last night, Llew, Nath, Sam and myself arranged a ride up there.
I gave my old hope lights to Nathan and I used my new ones from www.troutie.com and off I went. Nath and Llew were apprehensive to say the least so I started by riding the hip drop to 9ft gap then wacko (in the pic) to the hip dirt jump. It felt so good to be there again at night and I rode with the others on the pump/jump trail, alpine switchbacks and skills trail as well as the lower woodwork. Going through the same lines at night as in the day relighted my night ride fire!

After maybe an hour an a half we stopped and chilled out around the fire with a cold beer to celebrate the start of the night rides there.
Thanks to Troutie lights, Mavic and surf sales.