Jumps and drops with the ninja

We tooka couple of warm up runs and then worked on applying the skillset to drops. Steve took to this very well indeed.

I then demonstrated how the puming technique relates to jumps.

In a short while Steve was airbourne!

We then applied the skills to techniques on a new trail and the skills flowed.

Steve had previously attended an intermediate/advanced course with myself and wanted to expand his skillset further. Steve went home very happy indeed.

A race performance skills day with Darren.

We began by assessing the skills already present in Darren’s riding and added the missing ones.

I then worked on his cornering technique ,focussing on footwork and looking.

I then showed how in an under rotated riding position the skills apply in the drop technique.

Also the drop off roll down technique.

Finally, we stiched the skills together into techniques and applied them on the different trails and showed that drops are not just done by downhillers and freeriders, it’s not about the bike!
It’s about the skills we apply. thank you Darren for a great day.


11am til 4pm

woburn sands,bucks
£60 per person

i will do a skills check and put right any missing skills.
we’ll then go on to using the skills et on the trails and applying them to techniques such as corners drop offs etc..
flow and control will be the order of the day 🙂

A day with Jenny.

The planned group session went down to one due to illness, so i coached Jenny through a one to one. We identified the missing skills and then went on to work on her cornering technique.

She picked that up fast!

We then worked on drop off’s, where you roll down front wheel first. Ee worked on the body positioning required for this technique.

We then went on to learning the skills required for the drop technique and then we stitched the whole trail together.

Jenny, thanks for your time and what a great feeling it was for me watching how controlled you were on the trails using my teachings.

Ade’s one to one session

I started off the day with the skills check and started installing the missing software in Ade’s head. moved his brakes to help his body rotation problem and assist his footwork.

He quickly adopted the footwork and we worked on his looking down the trail not down AT the trail.

even on tight trails he was using his new skills set!

Ade was riding sections with flow and a new control and confidence. He said that he never felt so in control and recognised the old style of riding would lead to crashes. no longer dude, nice one!

Derby Al’s day

The day started with the skills “healthcheck” I quickly identified the missing skills and moved on to correcting them. brake levers were raised to aid body positioning.

we worked on vision and footwork in the corners

once Al got the hang of it he was railing tight twisting singletrack

We then moved onto jumps and drops as requested by Al previous to him attending the one to one course.

It was awesome to see him using his energy managment to flow the trails so well.

Thanks for another awesome day Al!