Niki’s Intermediate one to one at Woburn.

Niki had previously attended a group session with me so she knew the skillset requirements.
I began by demonstrating and then teaching the foundation of bike skills, pumping.
Niki said she has a fear of steep decents and that she feels out of control, so i worked with her on braking and control which built up her commitment and confidence .
Niki picked up cornering really well and once three of the skils were in place ,we started adding speed. her confidence grew and grew.
Now a BIG fear of niki’s are drops/steps so we worked on that for a while and quickly over came it.
Over all a really progressive day that gently moved along technically whilst remaining well within a comfort zone.
thanks Nik for another great day.

Joost, a day of progression

Joost attended a group session a while ago , so todays session was about expanding the skill set and applying it in a jump/drop session. i began with weight shift pumping.
Then Joost applied that to the jumping technique and was comfortable with it in a very short time.
I demonstrated it’s application in drops and Joost took to the air!
Eventually jumping the 10-12ft across this into the bomb hole!
We worked on his cornering further and he started really getting over his bike and weighting the front wheel. We stitched all the techniques together on the trails and flowed with the trails .
Another great day at Woburn!

Saturday 27th Feb. Public Beginner/Intermediate Group Session.

Woburn Sands, bucks.
£75 per rider

New date added due to demand.
Get ready for your biking holiday or maybe get the confidence for trail center routes.

I will put the skills in place that are the foundation for every technique in mtb.
Iwill then show how and why they apply to techniques and then work on trail energy management.
Feel the confidence build while remaining well within your own comfort zone.

Book now to reserve your place


Saturday 13th Feb Intermediate public group course

11am start.
Woburn sands, bucks
£75 per rider.

Want to ride trail centers or get ready for your biking holiday? This course will be an ideal foundation for your riding to progress and become more fluid and fun.

The focus will be on using and controlling the energy in a trail and putting the skills in place to deal with the techniques needed on the trails.

Book now to reserve your place (6 spaces).


Intermediate – Advanced public group session round up.

We began the day as always by installing the skillset and then going through the technique of pumping using the skills.
I then coached on how the pumping technique relates to jumping.
Oh, and drops!
Here’s Sam appling the skills to cornering.
Jason took to ttrails with his new skill set and applied it to all the techniques on the trails
We ended the day riding various trails and applying what they had learned .
By the end of the day everyone demonstrated the understanding of trail energy management and how to identify where to use the skills set and apply it to all techniques present.
Another fantastic day!

Thanks to Sam, Paul and Jason.

The return of Dave Penny

As Dave had previously attended a group course I checked the skill set was still working for him and then we moved on to jumping and drop techniques. I demonstrated the reversal of another technique and showed how it became the jump technique.

We then moved into the drop techniques and Dave took to it very quickly.

We then applied cornering, jumps and drops into a trail and used the trails energy.

The comfort displayed by Dave in his riding grew and grew as his comittment and confidence grew.

His cornering technique built upon from our last session together was really controlled and fast.

Overall, the day was incredible in term sof the change in the riders mental state as well as his application of the skill set into the techniques coached.
thank you Dave for an outstanding day.

A private group session with Murray and the boys.

We started by identifying missing skills and then went on into the pumping technique.
All went really well and we progressed quickly onto the trails where we worked on applying the skills on a trail that would be graded red at a trail centre.
The lads really got the hang of cornering.
Dan started working on his body positioning and was flying round corners.
Dan showed that it doesn’t matter what bike you ride. Here he is riding a fully rigid bike.

We then worked on the jumping technique and the simplicity of the move blew the boys away.
A miriad of trails were ridden. Here’s Murray enjoying his new found skill set
Jason wasn’t slow in joining in and flowed down the trails really well.
And got some airtime!
Thanks guys for such an enjoyable coaching session and don’t forget to keep me updated on how your riding progresses over the coming weeks and months.