Cheltenham posse

When the riders arrived I explained the outline for the day and that as always it is a re-active day and that the direction of the day depends on the individuals.
After the skills health check , we went onto the pumping technique and then onto the drop technique. John was a natural.
One of Simon’s skills we needed to work on in cornering was “looking next”
Dan was really starting to flow down the trail, stitching the setions together.
Stu was really showing amazing progress, especially as he has only been riding 3 months!

Mark was flying down the trails. His footwork and looking next was really prevalent!
Barnaby was a previous attendant on agroup course and came back to cement his cornering and was really getting to grips with it all. We ended the day in the pub talking about the days events over chips and a pint.
Overall, everyone progressed loads in their “own” riding and left with a new skill set and ethos to riding.

Today went with a stir!

Steve booked a one to one session with me a few weeks back, We met and went through the skills check and onto pumping, a corner stone technique. I demonstrated unwieghting the front and rear of the bike.
Steve took to the technique quickly and soon was bunny hopping logs!
I then showed how it relates to the drop technique.
Oh , and jumping!
We worked on cornering and his footwork in particular needed work.
Bigger sections were no problem now so instead of building on the euphoria of airtime, I took him to a tight trail were his skill set will have to be in place and Steve took to it fast.

His looking into the next section was getting really good and natural.
Every section was flowed through as he used the trails energy more than his own.
Tight flat corners were worked on and after a while we had them sorted too!

We ended the day by riding to the rollercoaster section of trail and Steve showed how much his mental skills had developed by rolling down this rooty chute!
A fantastic day of solid progress !

Eddie, Louis and Gary’s day

Our day began with the skills health check. Then onto pumping and unweighting the bike. This led us into the drop technique that Louis got dialled.
Eddie showed confidence on the jump.
We moved onto a trail and here is Gary showing his new skill set in the drop section at the end of the trail.
Louis was getting his footwork and looking into the next sorted!
We ended the day riding trails freely and the boys were using their new skill set everywhere .
Another great day in mtbing .

A session with trickydisco!

The day with Gavin began with a new version of my skills health check. We then went onto pumping and unweighting the bike. Gavin really got the hang of things fast!
He said he cannot bunny hop at all and is scared of fallen trees laying across the trails so I seized the oppotunity to demonstrate the technique and Gavin was stunned how easy it is to do.
He got the hang of unweighting the front of the bike so well that he took to the drop technique 1st go!
We then worked on his footwork, speed management and looking into the next with all section including cornering.
Gavin ended the day flowing fast down the trails and even climbed using his new skill set. He rounded the day off perfectly by riding a section he would previously have found impossible but now it’s well within his “comfort zone” .
Simply an awesome day.

Intermediate session round up

Today I ran a public intermediate session which 4 riders pre- booked onto. After going through the skills check and onto the pumping technique, we moved onto un-weighting the bike.
We then moved onto the main trail and worked on the skills present in the technique for cornering. Kev really got into it.
Jeff started to really flow through sections and his footwork was becoming automatic.
Clares’ looking along the trail was worked on and she started looking into what’s next rather than now!
Mike really got the hang of the drop technique as did ALL the other riders. We ended the session flowing top to bottom on the trails andall the riders demonstrated trail energy managment.
A great day all round ended with coffee,beer and chips!

A day with John and Jim

After the skills health check, Jim and John began working on the identified missing skills. We worked on pumping, unweighting front and rear of the bike .
I then demonstrated the drop technique as a follow on and John took to the air!

The lads wanted to develop their cornering technique and Jim sorted out his footwork and looking into the “next”.
John followed suit and both were really showing good improvements in a very short time.
After I demo’d the drop technique for the end “section” of the trail Jim rode it confidently.
And flowed straight down to the following “section”.

We ended the day with smiles all round and both of them have a new skill set to develop their riding with .
Cheers guys!

Building Keiths’ skills

Keith contacted me for coaching and said he is having confidence issues. after the skills health check I could see what skills were missing and set about correcting this.
Keith took to pumping the trail easily and we moved onto un weighting the front wheel.
This led into the drop technique and soon Keiths confidence and commitment was soaring.
We worked on footwork and looking at what’s next on the trail and applied it to cornering.
We even sorted out his big fear “air time on jumps”.
We ended our session by knitting it all together on a very tight natural trail and keith was using his energy management sweetly.
An awesome day on every count!
Thank you Keith.