A session with a southern Yeti


Matt contacted me from the singletrackworld.com forum asking for help with jumps and drops.
On meeting in the car park I could see why he had rotation issues when doing said jumps and drops . I put him through the skills check and found that he had missing looking skills whilst cornering too. First we began with pumping and the bunny hop before moving onto the drop technique. Matt already had the confidence to ride bigger drops but landing was an issue so I began working through the skills set with him and developing his mental skill set too! We developed his set up move in the air so it corrected his body position in flight and also worked on style!
jumping followed and I brought him to a small table top first to isolate each skill and take away any anomalies in the technique .
soon it was time to move to another trail where we worked on cornering. Matt was surprised to find that he had cornering issues but gradually we worked them out and he began flying through the corners. We started to move down the trail , linking all sections together and using the identified braking areas.
finally, we moved onto a more technical trail with steeper, more loose corners and larger drop and gap jump sections. Very quickly Matt really began to nail the whole trail smoothly and the flow was there to see, including styling the gap jump.
keep working on the points I gave you Matt and I look forward to hearing of your riding in the future

Neil’s Scottish session

We met as arranged and as always began with the skills health check where it allows me to see which skills the riders already posses and which are missing and need work on.
Neil’s footwork and looking skills were not there at all so I began working on this. On the climb up from the hub we worked on looking around each corner on the way up and this is a really good way of getting used to looking way farther along the trail but with the speed managed by the climb so the rider is comfortable.
I worked on the drop technique first with Neil as he had a habit of pulling the bike up with his feet whilst performing the technique.
gradually we began working this out of his technique and soon had Neil landing controlled. We then moved onto riding down rocky sections and with footwork adjustments, Neil could feel more planted and in control of the bike and trail.
I found a log and showed the dis connected bunny hop and it’s two pushes to Neil and only the timing prevented him from performing it but the elements were there and I know Neil will have that technique nailed very very soon.
We worked on linking sections in the trails together including corners, drops and adverse camber sections.
With his new looking and footwork, Neil really began to fly through sections linking them up sweetly.
We ended our session with a complete run top to bottom and really flowed down the trail to the fantastic food and coffee at the hub.
great session.

Return of Metalheart Neill

I first worked with Neill in February and I was excited to see what changes had been made to his riding since.
The first thing I did was put Neill through the skills check and I could see that he really took on board the last session.
We worked on the drop technique, ironing out any irregularities in the skills then onto riding down rocky steps. We really worked on Neill’s footwork and pushing through with his heals.
Then we moved onto a trail and began working on linking corner sections together. Also we worked on line choice in corners, disconnected bunny hop and adverse cambers. It took Neill a while to not comfort brake but soon was flowing through the sections.
We then worked on linking a drop to 2 corner sections together and even though tiredness was beginning to show Neil confidently rode the sections before finally doing a complete run to the hub for coffee and food.
Keep the improvements going Neill!


Inspiring confidence in Andy.


On meeting Andy it was clear he could ride but lacked confidence in his ability.
after identifying missing skills during the health check I went to work on his front wheel un weighting and then onto pumping the trail. In a very short time Andy was smoothly pumping the trail, things were looking up!
I then demonstrated the dis connected bunny hop technique and both pushes that comprise this were evident straight away just the timing was out. In a couple of tries Andy had it.
The drop technique was next and as Andy’s pump technique was so good it was a given that he physically could do this but did he have the mental skills? Very soon Andy was rolling off the drop and landing smoothly and after a few runs at different speeds I moved us onto a table top for the jump technique.
I control the speed during this which enables us to focus on the 3 remaining skills before finally adding speed to mesh the technique together and airtime occurs!
Now the mental skills were really blossoming and we moved onto a trail to work on corners and linking sections on the trail smoothly and fast.
One by one we isolated each segment of the trail and focused on the sections within and where the possible braking zones were. Andy really flew through the sections linking them smoothly and very fast indeed. all sections, including the end drop section were negotiated easily. The Adrenalin of the final drop section really wore Andy down and we called an end to the session as mental fatigue began to show.
Great session!

A morning with Rob.

Rob contacted me wanting to flow down trails more and maybe even get a little air under his wheels. On running him through the skills check I found that he pulled his bars after pushing them to get the front wheel to rise so we spent a while removing the pull from the technique and soon Rob was pushing away smoothly and unweighting the front wheel.
We then worked on pumping the trail and after some body position tweaks Rob was beginning to get the technique right only sometimes mistiming it. now I could see the pump happening we moved to drop technique and gradually worked on Rob’s mental skill set too. As we added speed to the push, Rob was landing smoothly two wheels down and the confidence began to shine through so we began doing the technique at varying speeds to build his experience.
After the drop technique we moved onto a trail and worked in detail on each section on the trail and gradually worked our way down the trail. Braking zones were identified and soon the riding became smooth and fast.
Rob had great footwork in corners and therefore we worked on his looking into the next section and his body positioning.
We ended our session after a few complete runs of the trail and a solid session came to an end.
Good session Rob

Unearthing Jon’s Skills

On running Jon through the skills health check it became clear that he had some solid skills and missed only his looking but needed to develop his mental skills , particularly his confidence.
Much to his surprise, Jon pushed his bike to un weight the front not doing the dreaded lift or pull.
This for me was exciting as it opens up the sessions possibilities.
I started with pumping, then onto the dis connected bunny hop technique which Jon was only missing the 2nd push in the technique.
From there we moved onto drops and jumps and Jon really started to gain confidence and his mental skills started to develop in front of our eyes.
in a short space of time Jon was dropping and landing both wheels together and riding away smooth. Same for the jump technique, Jon really began to shine.
From jumping we moved onto a trail and we worked down it in three segments , isolating each section in it before linking them ALL together effortlessly.
It was clear that I needed to turn the heat up slightly, so we moved onto a tighter,steeper trail with larger sections in it, including a 7ft gap double.
We worked methodically down the trail and each section was ridden controlled and we really worked on Jon’s braking here.
finally, the whole trail was ridden and that included the gap jump!
I noticed mental tiredness appearing in Jon so I called an end to the session.
Awesome riding Jon!

A morning with Mark.

The day started off quite chilly but warmed up quickly as we moved straight to the skills health check. Mark had good footwork but needed work on his speed management and looking so I began working straight away.
We worked on unweighting the front wheel and then onto the pumping technique. It did not take long for Mark to get to grips with the technique and rhythm and soon was effortlessly pumping the trail.
I then showed Mark the disconnected bunny hop and in a short while he was performing the technique and unweighting both front and rear with 2 pushes. Things we moving along nicely!
I then moved onto the drop technique and after two demonstrations, mark was landing both wheels together and riding away in a controlled manner, awesome!
Now, Marks riding doesn’t have jumping opportunities so i worked on using the skills set in climbing and mark could feel the difference it makes and could see it too as he got further than before.
We then moved onto a trail and began working on cornering and linking sections on the trail together and feeling the flow of a trail. Slowly and very methodically I broke each corner down and worked on the body positioning and looking before adding speed management into the mix and the results started to show.
We worked our way down the trail before linking all the sections together and each complete run was faster and more controlled than the last, drops just became another section and the menatl skills were flourishing.
great session mark!