Kate’s session

I met Kate as arranged at Woburn Sands and after outlining what we will be doing I ran her through the skills check. I found that Kate had good footwork in corners but missed other skills that I then set about installing. I also found that Kate pushed her bike naturally to un weight the front end so I knew the mental skills were in need of developing.
The 1st technique we covered was pumping and Kate really got to grips with it in a short time.
From there we moved onto the drop technique. I started off on a small mound where I can isolate the push needed before we moved onto 1ft drop where we worked on landing both wheels together. It was here that I 1st discovered that when speed gets added, Kate tucks her head in and pulls her brakes in a protective manner. I then moved onto the jump technique and very quickly Kate was getting across the jump and once again when speed was added Kate went protective.
We now moved onto a trail where we worked on linking 6 sections together beginning with corners. We worked on looking and speed management here quite heavily and soon Kate was riding fast and smooth and once again when a certain speed was attained Kate went protective but now we could isolate it and recreate it and therefore overcome it.
We worked on why it happened and formulated a plan to push into the corner more at the point just before she went protective which gave Kate something to focus on rather than the fear of speed. Now Kate was really able to go faster and with more control. We worked our way through the sections identifying braking zones and using them where needed.
We ended our session as mental tiredness began to show.
great session Kate and work on the things I said.

Unlocking Jacks’ potential


On meeting jack and putting him through the skills check I could see inside was a good rider. How good he was became clear later.
His footwork and looking needed working on but the beginnings were present and although he never realized, he pushed his bike not pulled it naturally.
We began with pumping and moved onto bi lateral pumping and the bunny hop technique.
Jack built his rhythm and flow on the trail using the trails dips and troughs and it was clear he would move into my overall top 20 riders when leaving the trail and seeing how far we can get without pedaling. Great start!
We then moved onto the drop and jump techniques and it was clear that Jacks mental skill set was beginning to flourish. confidence grew as he committed to the speed of the trail. We worked on his concentration too. Air time followed as Jack flew into the air in a safe controlled manner. Our session was really gathering momentum but i naturally slowed it down so He didn’t surf a wave of adrenalin.
From there we moved onto a trail with 9 sections on it and we gradually worked our way down the trail isolating each section and the braking zones down and soon Jack was absolutely flying.
Footwork, body position and looking into the next really began to become an unconscious action and he motored down the trail. it was clear that the pumping the trail we did earlier was really beginning to flourish as he became the fasted rider down the whole trail of all my clients, beating dan160.
I moved him onto a tighter trail with a larger drop section and Jack linked the trails corners together but was beginning to show tiredness and he lost his pedal a couple of times. Clearly he was concerned about the larger drop section so I made a suggestion to him (mind trick) and next run down the drop section floated by just like it should as his mental skills blossomed.
I ended the session on that high as Jack became tired by the rush of more adrenalin.
Fantastic session!

Richard and Charlene’s session


Both Richard and Charlene have been riding for years but contacted me as they reached a plateau.
After identifying the missing skills I went about installing them and also made some bike set up changes.
we moved onto the pumping technique and after some tweaks they were flying down the trail and on leaving the trail a re-shuffle of the top ten happened with Charlene going 4th furest overall without pedaling. A great start!
From there we went onto the drop and jump techniques and with a simple adjustment to both of their push timings they went airborne!
Our time spent earlier on the fire road really started to pay dividends and the mental skills began to grow.
I then moved us onto a trail to work on cornering and also trail energy management, linking all the sections on a trail together smoothly. First we worked on footwork, then looking into the next section before adding body positioning. Both really began to fly down the trail and all sections were linked effortlessly and braking zones were identified and used correctly.
We ended our session as menatl tiredness showed itself and We rode back to the cars with smiles all round and I can’t wait to hear news of how the skills develop.

Simon and Tony’s day of confidence



Simon and Tony contacted me for a skills session before their holiday once again in Morzine next month. After the skills check I identified what skills were missing but as important, the skills they had already developed but didn’t recognize during their riding lives.
After removing the pull from the front wheel un weighting we moved onto pumping the trail and the bunny hop technique. These techniques were lapped up by them and on leaving the pumping trail they both moved into the top 10 of all my clients and Simon moved into 2nd place only 1 bike length from Stumo’s record!
I then moved them onto the drop and jump techniques and after working on their looking skills, both of them were flying and landing comfortably and the confidence began to build along with the 3 other mental skills.
We then worked on cornering and once again with a few tweaks the guys were flying.
it was time to move onto a trail with less groomed corners, larger drop and jump sections. I cut the trail into 2 segments and we isolated the corners to the drop to begin with and both Tony and Simon really began to shine through with their looking and footwork correct. The drop section just flew by as just another section. We worked on the last segment of trail with it’s 3 sections of corner, drop and gap jump and once again after a development of their mental skills they flew down it. They were beginning to tire and after a couple of complete runs we ended our session with smiles all round and I know they will have a great time in the alps now.
Awesome day.

A father and son 2 to 1

Clive contacted me for a 2 to 1 for him and his son. i had previously coached both Andrew and Robert (Clives‘ other son) before, so I knew they were progressive in their collective approach to coaching.
I began by seeing what skills were already natural during the skills check and identified both from footwork and looking into the next as missing skills.
We began by working on pumping and the disconnected bunny hop before moving onto the drop technique. Andrew was comfortable with the technique but I needed to work with Clive closely to build his mental, skills including confidence before he was flying and landing perfectly.
From there, we moved onto a trail where we worked on cornering and linking the sections on the trail together. We moved methodically down the trail, linking the 9 sections present together with more control and flow.
Clive became tired but Andrew was able to carry on for 30Min’s more as we rode the entire trail a few times working on the trails energy and how to use it.
great session guys!

Keith’s one to one session

Keith contacted me after reading about my coaching on the muddymoles website.
As usual, I put him through the skills health check where I identify what’s missing skills wise but also as importantly what is already present. I found that Keith needed work on looking into the next and his footwork but that he also pushed the bike naturally.
We then moved onto pumping and the disconnected bunny hop, both techniques Keith got to grips with pretty quickly. In fact, on leaving the pumping trail Keith moved into 2nd place overall for the rider who went furthest.
Then we worked on the drop technique and began working on Keith’s mental skill set.
Gradually Keith became accustomed to the technique and could recognize any error skills wise.
Airtime was the next natural step.
I then moved onto a trail which has 9 sections in total and broke it down into 3 segments, working on the top one first and it’s corners.
In a short while and using a few little tweaks I got Keith’s footwork and looking really working well and his speed grew but also his control of it.
We worked our way down the trail and it’s sections within in a controlled manner and worked on each.
We ended after a great top to bottom run of the trail and the flow really began to shine through and each section on it just became another section be it a drop, corner or linked section.

great session!

Surrey Hills session number 2

Neither Tom, Trev or Anthony had been with me before but had ridden the trail I used for coaching a few times before. I put them through my skills check and began working on the missing skills but also using their own developed through their riding experiences, removing the bad habits and keeping the good.
First we worked on un weighting the front wheel and after a demonstration all three easily managed it.
then I moved onto the disconnected bunny hop put a large log on the fire road, the guys didn’t think they could un weight over it but they ALL did!
Great start I thought. Moving onto a trail, I broke it down into 4 segments and we worked on the sections within each before linking each segment methodically.
Corners, drops, roll ins and pumping were present and gradually with looking, footwork, body positioning and correct braking the lads started to really flow.
Tom really improved and was flying around corners. Anthony was riding faster with loads more flow and control and Trev grew in confidence so much that he rode the drop sections he Always rode around!
Awesome session lads!