Amanda and Darren’s session

on meeting Darren and Amanda We spoke about their aspirations for the day and what areas they felt needed work.
During the skills check, I discovered what skills in relation to the skills set were missing but as importantly, what was already there!
First up was the drop technique. I took their natural push that they had already and showed them how to use it in the context of the drop technique and almost immediately they were airborne. I worked on their mental skill set also here as we gradually progressed onto the larger drop sections.
I then moved onto the skills trail itself where I broke the trail into four segments and worked on each segment before moving along and join the next segment to the previous one. We worked on cornering in many guises, felt grip in different surfaces, rock gardens, jumps and drops.
finally we rode the trail a few times end to end and the flow became apparent as both linked the sections contained in the trail together.
My final task for the day was to teach them to jump table tops and maybe even the gap side of it.
Here they used their push in another context and gradually worked our way over the table top until both were clearing it with whoops of joy. Darren moved over to the gap side and sailed over easily too. Our session ended right there with smiles all round.

Anthony and Danny’s two to one session



Anthony follows me on twitter and contacted me for a session for him and his riding buddy Danny. after the skills check I began working on the missing skill they both had but also developed the good stuff they already did but didn’t recognise.
After working on the push, we moved to the drop sections where we worked on using the skills set for that technique. Soon they were performing the technique perfectly and noved along to the next size drop and so on, using their mental skill set too.
We then moved onto the trail and segmented it, working on the sections contained in each before linking each segment together using the trails energy. We worked heavily on cornering of all types, switchbacks,off camber,flat and bermed. We worked on up ramps, rock gardens, steps and drops. After a few runs of the complete trail it came time to use the push once again in a different context, jumps.
by gradually adding speed as we focused on the other skills being in place the guys got air time comfortably. confidence was blossoming and the giuys moved over to the gap section of the jump and used their mental skills set and the same result, airtime!
We worked on bunny hops and finally speed into berms as we added speed and went faster and faster on exit each run.
The session came to a natural close and a great session ended.

Lucien and Paul’s skills session

On meeting Lucien and Paul I paid attention to how they spoke of their riding experience and what their fears were. During this time I ran them through the skills health check and discovered some very good habits and identified the missing skills in both of them. After the push technique we went straight to the 3 drop sections and began applying the skill set to that technique both mentally and physically. Soon the guys were landing perfectly off of all 3 drops and it came time to move onto the trail and its sections contained within. We worked heavily on corners first, then moved onto up slopes, bunny hops, rocks, off cambers and linked sections. Methodically I moved down the trail adding the next section to the previous ones and soon the flow was evident. Next up was the jump technique, and soon Lucien was airborne and landing cleanly on the down slope followed quickly by Paul. Lucien was so happy with this that he moved over to the gap side and easily jumped that too. Woodwork was a major fear of Lucien and Paul as they had said at the start but they wanted to know how to deal with wooden berms. Soon Paul was riding it just as if it were made of dirt and Lucien just needed more commitment and speed but we stopped before a fear became reinforced. Lastly, we worked on a dirt berm and the skills were blossoming nicely as they flew round it easily before tiredness called an end to a fantastic session.

Stu and Jo’s session

Stu and Jo made the trip from Bristol. They have vast riding experience and have traveled wide on holidays. On putting them through the skills check I discovered they were exactly the same in their missing skills but also in their existing skills. This made my work easier and meant I could work on their mental skills later on in the session.
We began with unweighting the front wheel and the push, then we applied the same push to the drop technique and worked on their mental skills as they made the choices to go onto the higher drops.
We then moved onto the coaching trail and i broke it down into distinct segments and work on the sections contained within before working on the next and linking the segments together. We worked on footwork and looking heavily in these sections and applied them to corners, drops, up ramps, rock gardens, stepped roll downs etc. Finally, we rode the trail a few times and the flow was felt as the skills came together.
Lastly, I worked on jumping. We began on the table top and after a few runs gradually running in faster< both Jo and Stu cleared it easily. They then chose to move across to the gap side of the table top and the same result.
Fantastic session!

Robin, Ewan and Gavins day

The guys came all the way from Cardiff. They wanted to be able to do drops, jumps and corner better too, so I set to work.
As usual, I began by identifying the missing skills by two simple exercises. Armed with this information I set to work installing the physical skill set before working on the mental aspect of riding too.
We worked on unweighting the front wheel before moving onto the drop technique. Here I began working on the mental skill set too as the guys rode each drop section using their skill set.
Then we moved onto the trail where we worked on all 13 sections on the trail in segments before linking them gradually together. Flat Corners, berms, rock sections, drops and up ramps were linked together methodically and flow and control followed. We worked on line choice and braking zones.
After a few complete runs of the trail it came time to fulfill the groups wish of teaching them to jump.
I moved the guys onto a tabletop and by controlling their speed I worked on the skill set involved in the technique. As speed was added the guys all jumped the tabletop cleanly and rode away from it smiling. Now was time to work on the mental skill set once more and I moved them over to the gap side of the jump and once again they all jumped it cleanly.
Tiredness began to show and I called the sessions close.
Awesome session!

Isabel, G and Tina’s session.


On meeting the girls I immediately put them through the skills check and discovered some very good habits already in their riding and set about working on the missing skills. We then went front unweighting the front wheel and onto the drop technique where I worked on both the physical skill set and the mental skill set too.
From there we went onto the trail and worked on cornering and linking sections on the trail together. We worked our way methodically down the trail linking the new sections to the previous ones. They got smoother and more controlled as we identified braking zones and line choice.
Part of the trail has an rise that I teach the beginnings of the jump technique and after our work on the trail I moved the girls onto the tabletop. Gradually I worked on the physical skills involved in this technique and added speed so that in a controlled manner they all cleared the tabletop comfortably and smiles beamed all round!
Finally I moved them left on the tabletop to the gap side and ticking off the mental skills they rolled in and once again all cleared the gap jump too!
We ended our session there after a few runs over the jumps.
Great session girls!

Unweighting the wheels of Mark and Simon.

Mark and Simon have loads of years of riding under their collective belts but were struggling on their Sunday rides with Nirvana cycles, Surrey. Their path led to me.
On meeting I ran them through the skills check and immediately found what was missing in their skills set and also what good stuff was already present. With this information I set about changing the perception of their own limits on their bikes.
We began with unweighting the front wheel and onto the drop techniques and in a short time they were airborne. I then expanded the mental skill set and they moved onto the larger drop sections, landing perfectly.
From there, we moved onto the skills trail and worked on the sections contained within and linked them together gradually and methodically. Footwork and looking were worked on in all sections, particularly cornering. We worked our way down the trails 13 features and the guys were going faster and faster using their skill set. We linked the whole trail together and the flow was evident in both of them.
I worked on jumping tabletops with them too and once again they were flying through the air. After a few runs over the table top I moved them to the left to overcome the mental fears of the gap jump. Again the guys flew over it and the smiles were a sight to behold.
An awesome session and I look forward to our ongoing connection.