Trogs mtb club session.

Five of the trogs mtb club came to me for coaching. I identified what was missing but also what was present in the skill set I teach, and set about changing their riding positively.
1st technique was the drop technique where I worked on both the physical and mental skills set and all 5 riders rode all of the drop options!
We then moved onto the trail. I broke the trails 14 sections into 4 segments and worked methodically on each before adding it to the previous segment and so on.
Steps, drops, flat, bermed, switch back and off camber corners, rock gardens, kickers and linked sections were rode and worked on.
I worked on body position, footwork, speed management and looking into the next, and gradually the riders became more fluid and began to flow down the trail. Airtime was gained and speed was controlled by using the identified braking areas. We ended the session after some complete runs of the trail as mental fatigue crept in.
Amazing session!

Stephen’s day of enlightenment

Stephen contacted me after seeing the skills video I did for
He had taken a few crashes that had knocked his confidence and asked for my help. I put him through my skills check where I discovered that he lacked his looking and body positioning skills but also had a very natural push to unweight. I made some set up changes to enhance his body position and speed control.
First technique we worked on was the drop technique, which is the technique involved in his crashes.
I showed how to apply the physical skill set and we also worked on the mental skill set too!
We then moved onto the trail where I break the trail down into segments and work on each segment before adding it to the next. We worked on all 14 sections contained within the trail including flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. Drops, steps, rocks and upramps.
Each section was linked using the identified braking areas into the next section. I timed various sections to measure improvements in time and show the benefits of the skill set in use and Stephen hack seconds off each run.
Finally we rode the whole trail together as darkness began to fall and our session came to a close.

Keep working on your looking skill and I look forward to our future sessions.

Andy W’s one to one

Andy wanted to focus on his jumping ability but after running him through my skills health check I discovered that concentrating on his cornering would pay greater dividends for his riding.
Andy had a natural push to unweight the front end so I began applying it in different contexts. 1st the drop technique where I worked on his looking and body positioning during flight.

We then moved onto the coaching trail and worked on the 14 sections contained within it, methodically. Andy had pretty natural footwork but years of motorbikes had messed with his body positioning during cornering. I worekd hard on his looking and body positioning here too.

I worked on getting air time too, as I showed how to use the push in another context. We worked on linking sections up, particularly drops into corners.

From there we went onto jumping table tops where once again I worked methodically with him on getting the skills set working for him both physically and mentally.

Finally, I worked with Andy on carrying speed into and out of corners. Andy got faster and smoother and we ended our session as mental fatigue began to show.
I really look forward to Andy’s on going updates on his riding.
High 5!

Tims path to airtime

Tim came back to me after attending a group session a few months back, wanting to develop his skills set in jumps and drops. I worked on his looking and body position during these techniques so he’s in a position in the air to begin to style it. I worked on drops into corners, which is a common occurence on trails to replicate trail situations. Tim rode all the drops with confidence and commitment and the smile didn’t leave his face.

I then began to work on jumping by firstly using a fly out. I worked on the push and speed management here heavily.

Now came time to move to the table top and the gap side of the jump too.
Gradually, by adding speed I worked him across the table top until he was clearing it perfectly. I then showed Tim how to begin to tweak the bike in the air and style it.

On his own accord , Tim moved across to the gap side of the jump and was sailing over it smoothly. We worked on riding the trail above into the jump to once again replicate trail conditions.
Then finally, I worked with Tim on a larger, step down gap. Which is where tiredness began to show, so after a couple of more jump runs we called an end to a wet but fun session.

Great improvements Tim! Keep the riding updates coming.

Mark, Tom and Nick’s group session

On meeting at the Herts skills trails, I set about installing the physical skill set and how it applies to all techniques in mtbing.
The 1st technique was the drop technique where the riders all put their push into use and very soon the mental skill set was blossoming nicely!
Each rider methodically rode all 3 drops using their physical and mental skill set and applying it accordingly.
From there, we moved onto the skills trail and its 14 sections. Drops, steps, rocks, flat, off camber, bermed and switchbacked corners, pumping, upramps and speed manuals were covered and linked together gradually and smoothly.
Each segment was isolated and the sections contained were worked on before moving down the trail and linking it to the previous segment.
The lads worked very hard on their skill set and were beginning to really flow down the trail. It looked like jumping table tops would be next on the menu but mental fatigue crept in and the riders all felt too tired.
Our session came to a close there with smiles all round. I can’t wait to be part of their future development.
high 5 guys!!

Public session for riders of blue trails looking to improve.

With 2 riders unable to make it on short notice it left me with the remaining 2 riders to work with.
I quickly discovered what skills were missing and which were present already. I could see that I would be working heavily on cornering basics but also I could see the natural push to un weight the front wheel in both riders too.
Through out the course of the session, we worked on different techniques found on blue grade trails and also beginning to touch on red grade too.
I worked heavily on the footwork and looking of the riders in cornering and also in enhancing the push needed to the drop technique among others.
We worked on identifying braking areas and sections where we must do something on the trail.
small rocks, steps, steep roll ins, up ramps and drops were all covered. I also worked on steep roll downs into corners where braking zones were paramount to control the entry to the corner.
I ended the session as mental fatigue showed. I look forward to my on going coaching connection with the 2 ladies and being part of their future development.
High 5 Gen and Jane!

Nigel’s bmx session

After attending a mtb one to one session Nigel wanted to learn bmx. On meeting, myself and Mark Atkins began working on his aspirations of learning how to jump.
1st was the foam pit, where we got him used to taking off and adjusted his body position in the air. Next up was the roll into the resi ramp . Here we worked on where to push the bike into the take off and ironed out Nigel’s tendency to lurch to one side due to pulling.
We then rode hip jumps, volcanoes and spines, all the time reinforcing the basic skills set in to that particular technique.
Gradually, We worked Nigel through the jump line. We worked on linking the volcano to the 8ft quarter. Then the step up and the following 2 jumps.

We then worked on wall rides and step downs on the street section, where Nigel began really putting everything together. After a few runs of the jump line we called an end to a great session as tiredness really began to tell.