Public jumps and drops session.

Today was evident that it was not about the bike at all. 6 riders turned up as arranged and after the skills check we immediately moved onto the drop technique. Here we used the push to great effect and using the mental skill set each rider moved through each of the 3 drops riding them smoothly and landing both wheels down. We rode them in pairs and triples to replicate trail riding conditions too and the same result occurred.
Next we moved onto linking drops into corners and although they were not here for cornering I covered how to corner berms so we could link the drops into a berm.

Each rider rode both drops that led into the berm and confidence and concentration grew as did commitment. we then moved onto a fly out so the riders could use the push in another context and begin to jump, each rider became airborne and confidence really grew. Now it was time to jump properly and we moved onto the tabletop. I managed the riders speed and gradually worked the speed into the mix as each rider focused on the remaining skills.

It didn’t take long for all the riders to clear the tabletop and soon their focus shifter onto the gap jump side of the tabletop. One by one each of them confidently and relaxed rode the gap jump smoothly and the smiles beamed all round.

The drizzle and cold took it’s toll on their mental tiredness and the session ended where we retreated to the pub for a well earned beer.
High 5’s all round!

A session with the cakeriders!

Ian, Cathy, Tom and Ali came to me after previously being coached by another company and during the skills check I could see good footwork habits but their looking and speed management needed work and also body positioning.
Once corrected, we moved onto the drop technique to employ the new push and looking in this technique and everyone was landing both wheels down perfectly. Here I covered the mental skill set too and they all began using them as well as the physical.
From there, we moved onto the trail where we worked on the 14 sections contained withing. We worked on jumping, pumping, steps, rocks, drops and flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. We broke the trail up into quarters and worked on the sections within it before moving onto the next quarter and adding the previous to it. In this way we could work on the new sections and reinforce the previous.
After a needed break for food and a warm drink, we carried on working on linking drops into corners and carrying speed through berms. We worked hard all day and tiredness began to show in 2 of them so we moved onto riding the trail end to end where we linked all the sections together.
After 5 hours we called an end to the session and I’m excited about the future updates on their riding and to seeing them again.
Awesome riding in slippy conditions!

It’s not about the bike

Richard contacted me wanting to over come his struggle for obstacles on trails and also said he has an older mtb with clips and strap pedals and a 130mm stem etc… I explained that the bike he brings needs to be the one he wants to ride and that it’s not about the bike.
We met as arranged and I put him through the skills health check and found what was missing in his riding but also uncovered some good habits too!
We worked on Richards looking and body position in corners and also his footwork in other sections.
Before going to the trail, we went to the drops and worked on the application of his natural push. In no time at all he was landing perfectly and using his mental skill set, moved up to a larger drop too with the same result .
Next, we moved onto the trail and worked heavily on cornering. We focused on looking and moving his body on the bike to maximize grip. We also worked on rock gardens and linking drops and corners that occur on the trail.
We rode the trail together and Richard was linking each section fluidly and using the correct braking areas too. He even rode my bike to feel the difference in technology but the actual skills required were the same .
Finally, Richard rode the entire trail from end to end which was something he certainly couldn’t have done without his new set of skills.
Awesome session Richard!

Hannah’s day of discovery

Hannah contacted me knowing she had a few barriers to her riding and not knowing what they were. We talked about her lack of confidence over the phone and I also explained why these barriers were present. We arranged a date and met as arranged.
On putting her through the skills check I found what was missing but also I discovered a very good habit that was covered up by a bad habit. Once removed the good habit of a push bubbled to the top.
We then applied this push in the drop technique and to Hannah’s surprise she was flying through the air comfortably and landing smoothly. After a few runs at different speeds and different pushes the same result occurred and Hannah’s confidence blossomed. I covered the application of the mental skill set too and it came time to move onto the coaching trail it self.
On the trail we worked on the techniques of pumping, steps, rocks, jumps, off camber, flat , bermed and switchback corners. We linked sections together and used the trails energy instead of our own and as we worked our way down the trail the flow began. Section after section was stitched together and we worked on linking corners into drops. We moved onto an isolated berm and worked on carrying speed into and through them, before moving back onto the trail and riding it end to end.
The change in Hannah was huge as she used her looking, footwork and body positioning to really rail the corners and also her push to effortlessly deal with the straight on sections that appeared.
Mental fatigue occurred and Hannah declared she was done. We rode back to the cars chatting about riding and the beautiful places it brings you to.
Great session.

Mashood and The return of Alex

Alex had been on a session with me back in April 2010, Alex joined Mashood on the session to iron out any bad habits that maybe had crept in since our session but also to be part of his mates session too. We began with the skills check and I discovered what was already present in Mash and also could see that Alex had worked on his skills from our previous session. We worked on looking and body positioning in the push technique before moving onto the drop sections.
using the push technique, both riders were landing perfectly in no time at all. Next, we moved onto the trail where we worked on steps, rocks, drops, fly outs and pumping as well as flat, off camber, switchback and bermed corners.
Working our way down the trail, We linked each section to the next methodically and using the correct braking areas.

We spent a good while linking corners into drops then into corners and both Alex and Mash really began to shift.
We rode the entire trail end to end and the guys we tanking down the trail in less than ideal conditions.
Lastly we moved onto the tabletop and worked on handling the bike in the air. In no time at all both Mashood and Alex were landing cleanly on the down slope, Alex used his mental skill set and moved over and rode the gap side of the jump too more than once!
Fading light brought an end to our session and we rode back to the cars,smiles all round.
Great session guys!

Lewis and Chrissy begin bmx

Myself and Mark Atkins met the lads at the skatepark and we began by riding figure eights in the bowl to get them used to riding corners and also the feeling of being closed in.

We worked on riding different up and down different ramps and linking them together.
Things were moving along smoothly and both of them began showing confidence.
Dropping in is a scary thing and especially over coping but Chrissy was happy doing it now.
We worked on turning on ramps and once again both of them got the hang of it pretty quickly.

By the end of the session both Lewis and Chrissy were beginning to jump too. The session ended and Mark gave a demonstration of the level of riding that is possible with dedication.
Great session lads!

Paolo and Andy step up their game

Andy and Paolo came to me for a 2 to 1 skill session and after identifying the areas that needed work and also why, we moved onto the 1st technique, drops.
Using the skill set and working heavily on their looking both Andy and Paolo were landing both wheels together perfectly and riding away smooth. All 3 drop sections were ridden with commitment and concentration. confidence was high.
Next we moved onto the trail and worked on the 14 sections contained within.
Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners. Steps, rocks, pumping fly outs and linking drops into corners were all covered. We broke the trail down and worked on segments before finally linking all together. It was here that the boys really began to flow. We rode the trail together to emulate trail riding conditions and the boys got faster and smoother!

We used an isolated berm to work on body position and carrying speed through them before moving onto our final technique, jumping!

Here I managed their speed to allow them to focus on the 3 remaining skills and in no time at all both Paolo and Andy were clearing the table top. After a few runs, Andy used his mental skill set to great effect by riding the gap jump side of the table top too!
Here an awesome session came to a close as the boys were mentally tired. I ended by showing the exact skills I taught them in the context of large drops and jumps all linked together.
Great session.