Justin’s one to one session


Justin came to me from Cheltenham and on meeting i gave him the outline for the session and immediately began to discover the good and bad in his riding during the skills checks. I found missing footwork, looking and a body positioning fault in corners but uncovered a natural push technique that we’d use heavily.
The first technique we applied it to was the drops. In no time at all I had matched his push to a speed and he was landing perfectly.
We moved onto the trail and worked on pumping bumps and mounds on the trail before using this gained speed and linking it to corners.
We worked on off camber, bermed, flat and switchback corners. Rock gardens, steps, fly outs and drops. Each was linked by the correct braking zones and as we worked down the trail we linked it to the previous section and the speed really began to pick up. I worked hard on drops into corners with Justin as I found and had to remove a protective mechanism but soon he was riding the whole trail top to bottom faster and faster. With further tweaking on his complete run time, he took a further 4 seconds off for a top to bottom time of 29 secs. awesome!
Lastly, Justin wanted me to teach him to jump as he was going to Glentress at the end of the month and was sick of rolling over them.
In a few graduated steps he was sailing across and landing smoothly on the transition. Justin then even chose to use his mental skill set and apply it to the gap jump as he rode his first ever gap jump too.
Great session!!

Dave’s freeride session

Dave came to me wanting a drop and jump focus session and once I had ran him through my skills checkI discovered what was holding him back in his riding. Once corrected I moved us onto the drop technique to make sure there were no errors and then onto linking drops into corners.
Things were moving along fast and we rode the tabletop and 6ft gap jump in no time at all as Dave really got to grips with his new skill set.

After getting Dave comfy on ladders we moved onto a drop and linked it into a wooden berm and then into a step up and down. Dave was railing this line smoothly and controlled.

We then moved onto another segment where i worked on style in the air and also linking drops into either a drop or gap jump then into another corner.

I worked with Dave on straight drops as well as hip drops where the bike turns in the air and we linked them into a 9ft gap jump.
Lastly, I showed how the skill set applied to a 14ft gap jump from a half cut tree and as before, Dave sailed over with ease.
Awesome session Dave!

Developing the racer in Matt


Matt has ridden for yonks and felt that the time had come to find out what he was doing wrong.
Wrong?? Riding a bike is the right answer to begin with and I soon uncovered some great habits bogged down by missing skills. Once corrected, We move don and applied the skill set to various techniques and I also worked with Matt on racing techniques too.
We applied the skills to drops to begin with as later on we’d have to link drops into corners. I also covered the application of the mental skills too as Matt flew off all 3 drops and was landing perfectly.
I moved us on the the skills trail and we began working on linking the 14 sections within the trail together. I worked on techniques required in riding singletrack.
Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. We linked them to rock gardens, steps, pumping, drops and fly outs. each was linked to the next using the correct braking zones.
I worked on looking and body position heavily and soon the flow began to happen and the speed came naturally. I worked on climbing and recovering on the downhills to make sure you Matt was using the trails energy.
After a few runs of the complete trail the session ended as menatl tirdness crept in.
Awesome riding Matt!

Singletrack skills session

Due to sickness 2 riders couldn’t attend and another didn’t turn up for the public skills session so Jim and Paul were given my full attention.
On running them both through the skills check i discovered the missing skills but also un covered some great existing habits too.
Once I began correcting their skills we moved onto the 3 drops that are side by side to apply their push technique to.
In no time at all they were both riding off and landing perfectly off all 3 drops.
I then moved onto the trail to work on pumping and cornering. I worked on connecting them to the trail using the trails energy not their own and they linked that technique to cornering too.
We worked on flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners and linked them to steps, rock gardens, jumps and drops along the singletrack trail.

We gradually made our way down the trail working on new techniques and applying the skills set accordingly. each new technique was linked to the previous and soon they really began to flow down the trail.
I worked hard on linking drops into corners and carrying speed through turns.
We rode the trail end to end quite a few times and each run was faster and more fluid than the last.
A hot 4 hours in the sun took it’s toll as mental fatigue began to show and the session ended with a demonstration of the skill set in use by myself on the woodwork.

The three M’s session


Mark, Markus and Mike came to me wanting an all round polish of their skills and techniques used in riding trail centers.
During the skills check I found the missing skills but also uncovered an natural push in all 3 of them.
Once the missing skills were corrected and identified we moved onto the drops as always. Here I demonstrated how and why the skills are present in this technique and to their collective surprise, they all rode the 3 drops with ease.
We then moved onto the skills trail and began working on the linking the 14 sections contained within it together using the trails energy and how to control it.
We linked flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners along with pumping, fly outs, steps, rock gardens and drops.
We worked along the trail slowly, working on parts at a time and linking it to the previous. The last segment requires the linking of the drop technique and corner technique together. We then rode the entire trail a few times and with each run the riding became more and more fluid and flowed.
Lastly, We moved onto the tabletop and I demonstrated once again how and why the skills applied to the technique of jumping and in a short while they all rode the 6ft tabletop cleanly and easily. They used their mental skill set to great effect by riding the 6ft gap jump side of it also more than once too 🙂

The session ended with me giving a demonstration of the skill set in full use on the woodwork of Herts

The return of Steve, Alex and Paul

Steve, Alex and Paul had been with me last year and it was great to see the coaching had paid off and was recognizable in them . They wanted to develop their jumping mostly but I found that carrying speed through berms needed work too so I set about my work as usual.
As always I began with drops and worked on body position in flight and moving the bike in the air.
I then worked on linking drops into berms too and found that body position needed working on and also the mental skill set too.
I moved onto an isolated berm and we gradually added speed into it and carried it through.
After a while I moved us onto a wooden berm and once again used the same technique there too.
We then moved back to the drop into the berm and they all rode it more controlled and the speed came naturally.

We then moved onto the 6ft tabletop and to everyone’s surprise, they all cleared it in no time at all. They all then rode the gap jump side too. Time and again they rode the jumps before I once more worked on their mental skill set as I showed a 9ft gap jump. Both Steve and Alex declared mental tiredness at this point but both said they feel if fresh they could ride it. Paul then stepped in and rode it smoothly and rode into the following berm too.
The session came to an end to cold beers in the sunshine and smiles all round.

Richard and Al’s session

Rich and Al came to me wanting to get air under their wheels. They had been riding for years and had no confidence in trying as they crashed when they did. During the skills check I discovered why this had been happening and set about correcting it. I uncovered great techniques that had been bogged down by missing skills and once corrected we set about applying them.
The first technique I covered and to their surprise was the drop technique and in no time at all they were flying off them and landing perfectly.
We then moved onto the trail and I worked heavily on cornering and braking areas before adding another section and so on.
Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners were linked to steps, rocks gardens, fly outs and drops. We moved down the trail methodically and linked each section to the previous. We then rode the trail a few times end to end and each run became smoother and more fluid and faster too!
The last technique I covered was the jump technique. Using a 6ft tabletop and gap jump I demonstrated how and why the skills applied here and to their amazement they both flew over it and high 5’s all round was the order of the day. Both Al and Richard then used their mental skill set to comfortably ride the gap jump side too. The session came to an end and we had a cold beer to celebrate and awesome session.