Filling in the blanks in Jim’s black grade riding

Jim is an experienced rider but wanted to flow along trails better and feel more control in the air.
The skills check revealed the missing skills and also what was present and I set to work.
I changed his set up and showed why I did it before moving on the drops.
Jim was comfy in the air once his looking was corrected and I began working on style in the air.
We moved onto the trail and i worked on his body position and looking skills in flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns and we linked them to rocks, pumping, fly out jumps, steps and drops.
We worked hard on linking drops into corners and then Jim rode the entire trail end to end a few times. Each run was becoming smoother and more fluid than the previous as he took seconds off his overall time with each run.
Lastly, we moved onto the tabletop jump and the 6ft gap side of it too.
In a few runs after working on his push and body position he was sailing over the tabletop and then used his mental skills to great effect to ride his first ever gap jump too.
Awesome session!

4 go mad in Hertfordshire

James, Scott,Mike and Hugh came to me for a private group session and wanted to work on cornering but also jumping and dealing with airtime too.
The skills check revealed the areas that needed work and after a few set up changes and the missing skills corrected we then went and applied them on the trails.
We worked on drops and body position and looking in flight and I was able to work on moving the bike in the air to begin to style it.
We went onto the trail and worked on pumping, flat , bermed, switchback and off camber corners, rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops. We worked down the trail methodically and linked each section to the next using the identified braking areas and soon it began to flow.
We worked hard on footwork, looking and body position to enable them to ride at the speed they wanted to but couldn’t previously attain.
I worked on carrying speed through drops into corners and also line choice.
with each complete run of the entire trail they flowed smoother and faster.

We left the trail and moved onto the tabletop jump and the gap jump side of it too. All four riders sailed over it with ease and Scott and James began styling over it and Mike and Hugh landed their first ever gap jumps too!
Finally. we moved onto a 9ft gap jump and the boys used their mental skill set to decide yes or no to riding it. Scott and James said yes and 3 or 4 times sailed over it smoothly.
Our session ended with a cold beer and smiles all round.
Awesome session.

Over coming Jen’s fears



Jen’s fears are very common in female riders and she spoke of them when we met and as I ran her through my skills check.
I corrected her footwork and looking and also changed her set up to give her more control and better body position to under rotate her.
I show why we push a mtb and how to unweight the front wheel.
I then corrected her braking technique and this really enhanced her overall feel and control of the bike and the trail.
We began with the drop technique and to yells of delight, Jenn began landing perfectly and couldn’t believe the ease of it.
We moved onto the trail and began with pumping then linked that into a berm followed by a flat corner. Jenn’s footwork and looking paid dividends as she flowed through these sections using the correct braking areas.
We then began working on riding over rock gardens and linked those into a berm and a switchback corner. Jenn was smiling ear to ear and commneted how undramatic it feels now.
Next up we confronted another fear, steep and short up slopes. Not only did Jenn ride up it but she also jumped up it after a while once she applied her new found push.
I could see Jenn begin to tire so we had a short break before riding the whole trail end to end and to whoops of joy from her at the bottom.
Great riding and I look forward to your riding updates Jenn!

Nick, Barney and Grant’s mega-avalanche session


The lads came to me wanting a polish on their skills before the Mega in July.
They wanted to be more fluid and controlled on singletrack and also able to handle airtime too.
I ran them through my skills check and found the missing skills and also a great habit too which we then applied to jumps an drops later on.
I adjusted their set ups and showed them why I did so before moving onto the drops first.
In no time at all all 3 were flying through the air and I worked hard on body position in flight so they could begin to style it in the air too.
Next, we moved onto the skills trail and began linking the 14 sections on it together. It came clear early on that they were fast, really fast and once their looking, footwork and body position was worked on they really went BOOM!
They linked flat, switchback, off camber and bermed corners to rocks, pump bumps, fly outs , steps and drops. Each time we linked the new section to the previous and they really began to shift.

I timed them in segments so they could see what the errors cost and the improvements were worth to them in time and it was outstanding.
Once we began riding the whole trail they really flew. Nicks footwork worked wonders for him and Grant and Barney rode end to end in the same time. A new record for the trail!
To end our session i moved them onto the 6ft tabletop and in no time at all they were over it smoothly and even rode the gap jump side a few times, making time to style it too of course.

The session ended as they became mentally tired and I closed it with a riding demonstration on the woodwork and then we chilled out to a cold beer.
Great day!

Rob’s one to one session

Rob came to me on recommendation from a previous rider and on meeting i gave him the outline for the session and gave my commitments to him.
The skills check revealed the areas that needed work and also uncovered some great habits.
I changed Rob’s set up too and then we moved onto the drop sections.
Rob said he had a habit of going over the bars and I could see why as a body position habit needed correcting. Once it was corrected Rob began sailing through the air and landing perfectly.
Next we moved onto the skills trail and it’s 14 sections contained within it.
Working our way down the trail methodically, we linked each section to the next.
We linked pumping. rock gardens, steps, drops and fly out jumps to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners.
We moved down the trail, linking each section to the next and the fluidity and smoothness was there for all to see.
I worked heavily on linking drops into berms and we moved onto an isolated berm to solidify this.
Mental tiredness crept in and that ended our session before a physical shut down/ crash occured.
great session Rob.

Alison’s return session

Alison has previously attended 2 group coaching sessions along with her friends at and now wanted to bring her riding on more on a personal level.
It was great to see that Alison had worked on her skill set and now we were going to work on body positioning in corners as well as flow and then onto style in the air and the mental side of the skill set for bigger jumps.

I worked hard on linking the drop technique to berms. I worked on line choice and braking areas and soon Alison really began to ride faster and smoother.
By the time we’d worked our way down the skills trail and all of its 14 sections , Alison was really shifting fast. I timed a 60 meter section and worked on the sections within and she took 4 seconds off by flowing through rather than trying to be fast.
I then moved onto the tabletop and once again worked on moving the bike in the air to make it begin to look stylish and in no time at all she was flying across it, followed by the gap side too.

To finish off our session we moved to a 9ft gap jump with a 3ft step down take off and here Alison used her mental skill set to great effect and sailed over it time and time again before our session came to a close with a riding demonstration from myself and a cold beer!
Awesome riding Alison!!

Emma’s new begining

Emma has little mtb experience and wanted to get things right from the ground up, quite literally.
I made set up changes and began working on her missing skills after the skills check. The skills check un covered a natural habit that I knew would serve Emma well later in the session.
This habit was bogged down by footwork and looking skills missing and once corrected we moved to the drops and she began to fly!
I worked hard on braking technique and her habit of braking on landing but we got there and Emma flew off the 2 of the 3 drops confidently and with great commitment.
I then used 3 quarters of the skills trail and starting at the top we applied pumping and unweighting. Flat, bermed and switchback corners were linked to rock gardens, fly outs and drops. Emma’s new looking and body position in corners really mixed well with her already natural footwork and she began to really flow smooth and faster through turns, even the occasional mistake was backed up by her telling me what she did wrong which was awesome.
Finally, I moved us onto the pumping trail and Emma’s natural push was used here too and in no time at all she was pumping so well that she was getting air over a table top on that trail.
I really am looking forward to Emma’s riding updates!
Great session.