Bringing out the rider in Joe

Joe had been riding a bit for the past few years and spent loads of cash on the next bit of kit to make him faster but had plateaued none the less, this led him to me.
On meeting, I gave him my commitments for the session and a rough outline of how and why I would go about this.
The skills check uncovered a natural ability to unweight the front wheel but it was bogged down by a missing skill and his cornering was non existent.
Once corrected, I moved onto the drop technique and once I had covered the mental skill set too, Joe began landing perfectly from the off set.

In no time at all, Joe had ridden all 3 drops and it came time to work on the skills trail itself.
I demonstrated pumping and we used that to connect to the trails energy and used it to link flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners, rock gardens, fly out jumps, steps and drops.

We worked our way gradually along the trail, linking the 14 sections contained within it together using the correct braking areas. I worked hard on linking his new drop technique to his new cornering technique before we began riding the entire trail top to bottom. Each run was faster and smoother than the previous and Joe was blown away at how natural it already felt.
We had a break for coffee and to reflect on the session so far and I said i’d now teach him why his natural front wheel unweight applied to jumping tabletops.
To his great surprise, he was flying over it time and again with a massive smile on his face.

To top it all off, Joe rode the 6ft gap jump side too!
Mental fatigue really hit after this and we ended the session to a demonstration of the skill set I had installed in Joe being used in my own riding on the woodwork of herts.
Awesome session.

A skills session for Zach

Zach hasn’t been riding mtb’s for long and has a back ground in time trials etc.
He came to me on recommendation and as soon as we met I gave him an outline for the session and my commitments to him for his coaching.
The skills check revealed a natural push that was bogged down by missing foot and looking skills and also some work was drastically needed in cornering too.
To Zach’s surprise, we began with drops but in no time at all he was landing perfectly on all 3 drops as the power of his push technique shone through.
We moved onto the skills trail and worked on flat, switchback, off camber and bermed corners. We linked them to pumping, steps, rock gardens, flyouts and drops.

We worked our way gradually down the trail, working on the individual sections before adding the previous to the next one.
I worked hard with linking corners and drops together and soon Zach was motoring saving 3 seconds on a timed 70 meter segment.
We then began riding the entire trail end to end and with each run, Zach was smoother and faster.
We had a coffee break as Zach began to show tiredness but I really wanted to teach him to apply his push for jumping tabletops and after the break that’s exactly what I did.

I managed his approach speed and added it gradually and in a short while he was sailing over the 6ft tabletop effortlessly.
Mental fatigue finally got the better of Zach and we called an end to the session just after 4 hours and I gave him a riding demonstration of the skill set in use in my riding on the herts woodwork.
Great session Zach!

Murray and Chris’s 2 to 1 session

Murray has been with me before and for this session brought along Chris.
The skills check showed me what had stuck with Murray from before but also the missing and present skills in Chris too!
I adapted their set ups and once corrected we moved as always to the drop technique.
Both Murray and Chris were landing perfectly in no time at all so it was time to move onto the skills trail.
On the skills trail, we worked on pumping and linked it into flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. Steps, rock gardens, fly out jumps and drops.
We worked methodically and gradually down the trail, adding the next segment to the previous before finally, we were riding the entire trail.
Body position, footwork and looking were developed to grate effect as they began to flow along the trail faster but smoother than before.
I worked on the mental skills too and they applied them positively through out the session.
Our session ended as mental fatigue began to show and before the errors became larger.
Awesome session guys!

Matt’s one to one session

Matt was given a one to one session as a gift for his birthday. On meeting, I gave him the out line of the session but explained it was governed by what the skills check reveals. I found looking and body position faults and once I had changed his handle bar set up we set to work.
I began with drops and I worked on moving the bike in the air. This maintains body position during flight and makes it look stylish too. I then moved onto drops into berms. This is something that we worked very hard on. I moved onto an isolated berm to further work on it before riding down the skills trail top to bottom to remove the process and target fixation habit of Matt’s.
This worked a treat as Matt began really flowing down the trail and its 9 corners. Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns were worked on.

We moved onto jumping. Matt was comfy on tabletops but gaps were another matter. In no time he was styling the jumps too!
For our final section we moved onto a 9ft gap jump too and Matt used his mental skill set to good effect to ride that too.

We ended the session to a cold beer and a walk around the herts woodwork. I am looking forward to Matt’s future riding updates and to seeing him again .

A family jump and drops session

The Farrimond family ride together and ride in morzine too but came to me to begin to get in the air and be comfortable with it.
The skills check made sure that a push was present and showed me what was missing in the skill set. Once I had changed their bike set ups and looking, footwork and body position skills, we began with braking technique to enable them to be in control of the speed of landing and whatever comes “next”.
We moved onto the 3 drops and I worked on the mental side of riding too and they applied their push to this technique. In no time at all, they were landing perfectly. The rain was really hammering down but spirits remained high as we moved onto the pump trail where I showed why the push applies to pumping and as they generated speed along it they could begin to get some airtime. All four of them really developed nicely here but the effort tired out Ollie and Lucas quite a bit but mum and dad were going strong.
We then went to the fly out where I use the steep up slope as a jump to develop, once more the power of their individual push techniques before finally moving onto the tabletop.

Ollie sat this out as he was cold and tired, expected in an eleven year old but he had really came on nicely.
Mum, Dad and Ollie continued with the tabletop and the session ended with both Mum and Dad sailing over the 6ft tabletop and landing perfectly.
The rain brought on tiredness through cold and the mental aspect of the session but the end results were awesome.
Great session guys!

Getting Damian in the air once more


Damian has ridden for years but a crash 3 years ago really affected his confidence and he had never got in the air on a jump or drop since.
I could see his set up needed tweaking and found the missing and also the present skills. I found that Damian lacked confidence and commitment in his riding, so I set about changing that.
The set up change really made a difference to him and after 2 rides of the larger drop I began getting him to style it too!
I then worked on linking drops into corners and developed his body position, footwork and looking skills so he could easily manage his own speed.
Damian was amazed how easy it all felt. We moved onto the tabletop and 6ft gap jump and once again, brimming with confidence he rode both and even styled it too.

we had a short break and then looked at a 9ft gap jump that linked into a berm. Damian wanted to follow me for a speed check, then sailed over it with a massive grin on his face.
He rode that so well that I was able to work on him carrying speed through the preceding berm too.

I then moved us onto the woodwork to work on his peripheral fears and control of his bike on a low ladder before we moved to a high one and once again he rode it and railed the wooden berm that followed it.

After a few runs to cement it, we looked at a step up and step down. Damian rode it a couple of times and then added it to the drop and wooden berm to form a line.

The adrenalin from the session really took its toll as even after another break, Damian called an end to the session mentally drained and extremely happy.
Welcome back to the air corp Damian!

Stan’s Session

Stan came to me from the forum after hearing good reports from other users.
The skills check revealed the present and missing skills and I set about my work.
Stan doesn’t do wheels off the ground but once I had corrected his natural push by enhancing his looking and body position and also his set up, we moved onto the 3 drops.
The ease of the technique took Stan by surprise as he landed perfectly over and over again.
We then moved onto the trail and worked on the 14 sections contained within.
I showed Stan the pumping technique and we used it to use the trails inherent energy rather than pedaling. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners were linked to rock gardens, fly out jumps, steps and drops.
We worked our way down the trail, always adding the previous learned segments to the next one and soon we were riding the entire trail. With each run, Stan got smoother and faster and commented on the ease of it all.

I asked Stan if he’d like to learn to jump tabletops as he rides a lot of trail centers and he agreed.
In 4 goes he sailed over the tabletop.

After another ten goes he was tiring mentally but smiling ear to ear and our session came to a natural end.