Pete and Emma’s 2 to 1 session


Pete and Emma have been coached previous over the past couple of years at llandegla in north Wales and now wanted coaching from myself. On meeting I gave them my commitments for the session and for after the session and began working on their riding with my skills check.
I identified the present skills and also the missing skills. I set to work and changed their set ups and then moved onto the drops to apply their new skill set, both mentally and physically to the drop technique.

I worked on their body position in this technique to enable them to begin to style it in the air.
From there we moved onto pumping and using the technique to use the energy present in every trail.

We then used this speed to carry down the trail linking the 14 sections together using the correct braking and pedaling zones.Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners were linked with steps, rocks, fly out jumps and drops.
We moved along the trail methodically adding the next section to the previous one. I worked hard on footwork, and body position in corners and soon they began to flow along the trail.
They both had possessed a natural unweight of the front wheel and I enhanced this and showed them why it is used in mtbing. They really began to develop and Emma really felt in control as she cornered now and Pete’s new body position enhanced his footwork.
I covered their mental skills earlier and they asked themselves these four questions when faced with any section that bothered them. I worked on line choice when linking drops into corners too before we rode the whole trail end to end.
Each run became more relaxed and fluid and they could feel enhanced control and confidence in their riding.

Finally we moved onto our last technique, jumping tabletops.
In a few short steps they were sailing over the 6ft tabletop and even the gap jump side too. Their body position really helped their control in the air and they landed perfectly over and over.

Our session ended as mental tiredness began to show and I wrapped it up with a riding demonstration on the high woodwork of herts using the same skill set I taught them.
Awesome session!

The return of Grant and Barny

Grant and Barny came to me back in June where I worked on their physical and mental skills sets and developed their singletrack riding and they became the fastest riders down my skills trail only matched recently by onzadog. During that session I worked on their jump and drop techniques also.
Our session today began on the the largest of the 3 skills drops and I worked on style in the air to reinforce some of what we worked on back in June. I then got them to warm up on the skills trail and their end to end speed hadn’t deserted them.

I began working on advanced pumping techniques and the guys got to grips with that too and before long we moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to work on applying style there to but also to work a body position fault out of Grants technique and soon they were both flying.

Moving onto the jump and pump trail, I showed how and why the pumping technique could be used to generate speed without pedaling to be able to jump or pump sections on a trail.
I worked on developing their speed judgement for sections and soon they were able to decide what speed is required to jump sections.

One of the sections on the trail is a 9ft tabletop and they both were able to clear it by pumping the sections before, things were going sweetly so I decided to up it slightly.
Next we moved onto a 9ft gap jump and linked it into a berm. The guys both used their 4 mental questions before deciding yes to riding it.

Grant and Barny both sailed over it and linked it to the berm with ease. They rode it confidently and with a commitment to their own speed judgement.
I then began working on their peripheral fears by getting them onto the woodwork. Once I had shown them how and why to control any wobbles they rode along and off the 2ft high ladder with confidence. I then ramped it up by bringing them to a ladder to wooden landing drop. This style of drop is advanced due to the height and also the gap too but with their ability to control anything that goes wrong they confidently rode the drop and linked it into a wooden berm too.

After the wooden berm there is a step up to ladder to drop and I demonstrated riding it to them both and they wanted to link it to the previous sections. They both rode it and showed that the previous session and the development in this session was really embedding as they rode it over and over.
We ended the session their and celebrated a brilliant day with an ice cold beer. Great riding guys!

Five go mad in Hertfordshire


Phil, Barry, Nick, John and Nigel all ride together and came to me as a group to sort out their collective issues in their riding. After a quick chat, I began with the skills check where I make any set up changes and I identify the missing and also the present skills.
Once corrected, we moved onto the first technique I always cover, drops.
After showing them braking technique and the explaining the four mental skills questions they must ask when faced with sections on a trail, we began on the smallest of the 3 drops. In no time at all they were all landing perfectly and the simplicity of the technique once the skill set was applied was something they found astonishing. After a while we moved onto the skills trail and began working on linking the sections on the trail together using the identified braking areas.
We worked on pumping the trail to use the trails energy rather than riders. We linked this to flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns. Rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops.
Each section was linked to the previous one as we worked along the trails 14 sections.
Finally, it came time for them to ride the entire trail.
The smiles were written all over their faces as they rode. Each said they felt so much more confident and smooth as well as comfortable. Each run was better than the last and it came time for a scenery change so i moved us onto our last technique, jumping tabletops.
I already taught them why the skills applied to jumping the fly out on the trail but tabletops are a mental game.
They applied their mental skills and physical and they all began to fly. the simplicity, once again amazed them.
I feel very privileged to be in a position where I get to see the birth and rebirth of riders as my job and today was no different. I can’t wait for their riding updates as they changed so dramatically in such a short time.
High5 guys

Neil’s freeride session

Neil came to me at the end of July and the session really opened his horizons in mtb.
He contacted me after getting a new transitionbikes tr250 and wanted a skill session on it to move him into the freeride spectrum of mtb.
Neil said of late he’d been suffering with his jumping after the session and the skills check showed that he had dropped his looking skill so I corrected this first before moving onto the dirt drops and the 6ft tabletop.
Neil was so happy with how the bike felt in the air that he asked to move onto the woodwork, so that’s what we did.
I first used a 2ft high ladder to get him used to the peripheral fear of being higher off of the ground and I demonstrated the correct way to dismount if he felt unbalanced at anytime. Once he felt in control he then began dropping off of the end and linking it to another up and down ladder with ease.

We moved on to a ladder 7ft high and I worked on Neil’s mental skill set and immediately rode the drop and landed perfectly. Now he was smiling ear to ear and off he rode for another few goes.
We then worked on a wooden berm and soon we linked the drop into the berm too. Neil was really buzzing and wanted to see what came next on the trail. It was a step up and step down and once I had demonstrated it he then used his 4 mental questions to decide whether he should look at riding it. The answer was positive so off he went linking the drop into the berm and then the step up/down jump too. AWESOME!!!!!
I throttled the session back a bit to control his enthusiasm and we worked on riding ladders back and forth before moving on to pumping a roller coaster.

In our previous session I had shown Neil how and why we pump trails undulations and he applied it here also.
Our session came to its planned end as Neil had to pick up his children although I could see he wanted more.
Great session and progression Neil!

Stuart’s search for mtb skills

Stu came to me all the way from Durham. He said he’d been riding on and off for a few years and once even attended a coaching session in the lake district with another company but couldn’t remember a thing about it. Over a coffee, we chatted about his aspirations and i gave him an outline for the sessions possibilities.
We began with my skills check where I discovered some great habits that where bogged down by missing skills that once corrected, really changed Stu’s attitude in his riding.
I made a few set up changes and off we went to the drops to apply the skill set.
I went through both the physical and mental skills required and soon he was landing perfectly. I worked hard on his body positioning to stop him moving back so much during the technique and his smile really grew as he rode all 3 drops easily and confidently.

It was time to move onto the trail and I worked on pumping techniques and using the trails natural energy to add speed. We used the speed to link the 14 sections contained on the trail together. Methodically, we moved down the trail adding the next section to the previous ones using the identified braking zones. Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners were linked with steps, jumps, drops and rock gardens.

All the time we just applied a simple skill set to each section and the speed Stuart was now riding at was way faster than ever before. I worked on his looking, feet position and body positioning in corners to really enhance his riding experience.
We rode the entire trail end to end and we both were laughing like the kids we really are as we rode and at the end of the trail I needed to say nothing at all to him, his face said it all.
After a few runs of the trail I moved on to show him why his natural push applied to riding over logs using the bunny hop and disconnected bunny hop techniques. I then showed him the exact same application in pre jumping for advanced pumping on a trail.
A truly great session and Stu, it was a pleasure to ride with you.

Dave, Martin and lawrence’s session of discovery


The lads turned up as arranged and after a chat over a coffee I began. I always start with the skills check and that helps me see what is an unconcious action and concious reaction in their riding. I made some set up changes and corrected the missing skills and we began with drops.
The guys had said they wanted to learn to handle air time as they ride in the surrey hills and some of the trails there have jumps.
To their amazement, the drops were easy when they used their new skill set and soon they rode all 3 drops over and over again.
They wanted a jump and drops session but I really felt they’d benefit from cornering too, so I led them to the skills trail.
I used the top half of the trail first and they linked the four corners, pump bumps and rock garden together using the identified braking areas and by the time we moved on they had taken 4 seconds off of their first runs and the segment is only 70 meters long!
We moved to the next half of the trail which speeds up dramatically. This contains fly out jumps, drops, steps and bermed and off camber turns.

I worked on line choice when linking drops into corners and the lads applied their skill set to everything simply and effectively.

It was time to link all 14 sections on the trail together and their riding was so smooth and controlled. the speed they were riding at was higher than ever but they all said it felt slower and totally in control. They ended by riding the trail in a time only 5 riders have equaled or bettered.

Lastly, I moved them onto the 6ft tabletop and showed why the skills set I teach applies to jumping them and BOOM! they flew over it and all remarked how it felt like they hadn’t even left the ground. The look on their faces said it all and they began riding it over and over again.
I give riders 4 things to ask themselves when faced with a section on a trail to decide whether they can ride it and they did this for the 6ft gap jump too. Again, they all sailed over it with ease.
They rode it time and again and I could see among the adrenalin that mental fatigue was creeping in so I called an end to the session.
Superb riding guys!

Brian and James’s session

Brian booked on a group session last year but a bad back and then bad weather stopped him and finally today he and James made it to me.
I explained the rough outline for the session and during the skills check i made the necessary set up changes and also identified the missing skills and also the good stuff that was already a natural action.
We began with applying their natural unweight of the front wheel to the drop technique and in no time at all they were landing perfectly. I gave them a mental skill set of 4 questions to ask themselves when faced with something on a trail that gives them the fear.
From there we moved onto the skills trail and I worked hard on cornering in particular.
Pumping, flat, off camber, bermed and switchback turns were linked to rock gardens, drops, fly out jumps and steps. Methodically, we moved down the trail, linking the previous section to the next one. I identified braking areas and worked on braking techniques to enhance the riders overall speed control.

They moved from total fear of berms to comfortably riding them at a speed they could control and the smiles were spread all over their faces. After a few complete runs of the trail, the mental side of the session really took its toll and the session ended.
To end the session, I gave them a riding demonstration of the exact same skill set in use in my own riding on the high woodwork of herts.
Great session and I look forward to the ongoing riding updates from them both.