A 3 to 1 skills session for Stu, Shay and Andy

Stu, Shay and Andy made their way to me for their long awaited skill session and wanted to gain skills and techniques for their upcoming alpine trip to Chamonix.
The skills check revealed body. foot and looking faults but a few set up changes and a correction exercise began to change everything.
The drops came first and I was even able to show them why their mental and physical skill sets applied to styling it in the air.

Later, we moved on to the skills trail and I worked with them on linking the 14 sections contained in the trail together using the correct braking areas. As they used their new skill sets they really began to flow and their confidence blossomed too. Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns were linked to rock gardens, fly out jumps, drops, steps and pump bumps.

I worked on line choice when linking drops into corners too before they began riding the entire trail end to end and the speed and flow was there for all to see.

We moved onto the alpine switchbacks and after a demonstration they one by one began to ride them using their new footwork, looking and body positions. After a short while we moved onto riding steeps and both dropping and rolling into them and although this used to trouble them they now rode them easily and any errors were identified by themselves too.
To round up the session we moved onto the 6ft tabletop and Shay sat it out while Stu and Andy both sailed over it after a bit of speed management correction. the rains came along right at the end as we called an end to a very comprehensive session.
great riding guys!

Rob’s 2nd one to one skills session

Rob came down for his 2nd session today and I focused on building on his previous session that we had back in August. I worked on the psychological skill set today as well as the application of the simple skill set in various techniques.

We began with more advanced pumping techniques and scrubbing and absorbing jumps and by varying the application of the skill set Rob could choose to jump or pump. On the 6ft tabletop and gap jump side Rob soon applied his skills from the last session and comfortably rode both sides easily.
We moved onto the pump/jump trail and worked on linking sections using these techniques before moving on to the woodwork to work on the mental skills side of riding.

I began with a 1ft ladder drop and showed how to control and dismount if anything upsets him before moving on.
In no time at all Rob was riding a drop from a 7ft ladder and then linking it to the following wooden berm with a massive grin on his face.

We then moved onto a similar sized drop and also A 9ft stepped down gap jump and after A demonstration from myself, Rob rode it. In a couple of runs he was then linking it from the drop!

We had a break and I could see the adrenalin from the session was tiring him but we moved away from the woodwork to the alpine switchback to work on his footwork and looking to enable him to easily ride them, bringing an awesome session to a close.
Great session Rob and awesome improvement overall!

Three go mad from Sheffield

Ian, Rob and Simon made the trip down to Herfordshire to see me for their session. The snow from the previous 9 days had disappeared and the sun was out for us. I identified the missing skills that needed work during my skills check and I also made A simple set up change to Simon’s bike and that made a massive difference to his control.

We began as always with the drop technique and they applied both their physical and mental skill sets to this. Their new body position, footwork and looking enhancement really paid off.

After a while and all 3 drops were ridden, we moved onto the skills trail itself and I broke the trail down into bite sized chunks and we worked on the 14 sections contained within.
Pumping was first and this gained energy set the speed for the trail. They then rode the following berm and flat corner, later adding in a rock garden and 2 more corners. After a short break we went back to the trail and I showed why their skill set applied to getting air from a fly out jump and linked it to a corner with a step on the exit. Now they were really beginning to fly as they rode 9 sections all linked together smoother and faster than before.

I showed how to link the drop and corner techniques using line choice and before they knew it they were linking the 14 sections together and laughing as they did! Rob was railing the trail and any errors were already identified by the riders as they now knew why anything went wrong and why it was right. Ian’s cornering speed went through the roof as he explored grip using his new skill set.

After a few runs, I moved us onto our last technique of jumping a 6ft tabletop. All three of them at the start of the day had serious doubts about this but were now chomping at the bit and one by one they began sailing over it. Simon even rode the gap jump side a couple of times too!
The lads were now tired mentally and were happy to end the session right there to a cold beer and a tour of the woodwork.
Amazing session guys, high5!

James and Andy’s 2 to 1 session

James and Andy came to me from the Surrey hills area and on arrival were quite worried about what the session would bring.
The skills check revealed the missing skills but also uncovered a great habit that they had no idea they possessed. I changed their bike set ups and set to work on their looking, foot position and body positioning too.
We began with the drop technique and the guys applied both their physical skill set and also their new mental skills questions too. The surprise on their faces as they began landing perfectly was a sight to see and the smiles never left their faces.
after a while, we moved onto the skills trail and worked on flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns. Pumping, drops, rock gardens and fly out jumps. I moved down the trail segment by segment so we could focus on the sections contained in bite sized chunks. Each section was linked together using the identified braking areas and they soon began to ride smoothly and controlled but also faster than ever.

On the fly out jump they were shocked at how easy it was to get into the air and the fears from the morning had disappeared. I worked on linking the drop technique and cornering technique together and the associated line choices and before you know it they were riding the trail end to end. They were now confident and the fluidity was great to see.
Errors began to creep in and I could tell that they were getting tired and they called an end to the session themselves.
Great session guys and I look forward to the riding updates.