Moving on keith’s riding

 Keith has been to me twice in the past 3 years and he contacted me feeling like something as missing enough for him to need another session. I found he had slacked on his body position so I knew what to work and why. We started on drops and Keith could feel the return of the full skill set and we even worked on moving the bike in the air too. We moved onto the skills trail and I developed his pumping as he was having trouble getting over the crest of steep up slopes.

It wasn’t long at all before Keith was riding the trail end to end again and the mental and physical skills were in full use. I moved onto a new singletrack trail and worked on various ways of riding drop offs where you don’t want to get air time. 

We then moved to the top of the trail and broke it down into three segments so we could focus on each section completely before riding the entire trail end to end. Seeing Keith drop in at the end of the trail with a big smile on his face was awesome. Keith was tiring and After a couple of goes at another drop and a couple of punctures we had enough time to roll a steep drop off on the way back to the cars.
 Great session Keith. High5!

A 1 to 1 skills session for Lance

 Lance drove down from Birmingham for his session and even though he’d had coaching by another company before, I had to change his set up to enhance his control and discovered he had looking and body position faults. We began with drops and Lance straight away said it feels so easy compared to before. He rode all 3 drops easily so we moved quickly onto the skills trail. I worked on pre jumping, flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. Rock gardens, drops, up slopes and steps. All were dealt with using both the mental and physical  skills sets. In no time at all he was riding the entire trail end to end and linking the 14 sections that are present within the trail together using the correct braking areas.

We moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump side and Lance found that simple now as he sailed over both sides in no time at all .
 It wasn’t long before we moved onto the pump and jump trail where I demonstrated why the same skills set applied to jumping, pumping and manuals. Lance found it easier than he thought to manual over tabletops and doubles. I moved us onto an isolated drop that was a bit larger than the previous three but it was mentally harder but using the skills, Lance had no problem with that either.
 Finally, we moved onto another trail and worked on drop offs into corners that lead up a hip, into 2 more corners and a gap jump followed by a drop in . I demonstrated it as ever and then lance rode it in segments before finally linking it all together.
 Awesome session Lance and i look forward to your riding updates.

7 go mad in Hertfordshire

 The seven riders made their way to me from Dorset way and on meeting them Myself and Nathan ran them through the skills check and it was there that we found foot,body position and looking skills were missing so we changed their set ups and showed them why we did this. They all said they immediately felt more in control and so we moved onto the drop sections to apply both the mental and physical skill sets to this technique. I demonstrated all 3 drops for them and then they had a go. they all began landing perfectly and after a good few goes we moved onto the skills trail.
 Pumping was the first technique and I showed why this enabled riders to gain speed through undulations on the trail and we used this speed to ride the following berm, flat corner. I added the rock garden and 2 more corners in quite quickly and they soon began riding smoother, faster and more controlled. Any errors were identified by the missing skills and they now knew why it went right or wrong.
 We had a break and resumed with adding a fly out jump, corner, step , corner, drop and a berm into the trail. I showed why line choice was so important when linking drops into corners and soon they were riding the trail end to end and loving it.
 We moved onto the pump and jump trail and both myself and  Nathan demonstrated pumping the sections on the trail and whether to choose to pump or jump. Each rider got to grips with it after a while so rather than waste more energy on it we  moved onto steep drop offs and also steep drops into corners. Their new mental skills were used to decide whether to ride sections or not rather than bravado and It was awesome to see them smiling at their new found confidence.
 Our session ended as mental and physical tiredness showed and We gave them a tour of the herts woodwork to end the session.
 I cannot wait for your riding updates!

 PS, blogger wont load these pics the right way up but I thought i’d post them up anyway 🙂

Mark and Tim’s 2 to 1 session

Mark and Tim made their way to me from Milton Keynes. During my skills check I found they needed work collectively on their footwork, looking and body positions and I made some bike set up changes to help these. The 1st technique as ever that we applied the new mental and physical skills set to was drops.

 In no time at all they were in the air and landing perfectly. A few goes on each and we moved onto the skills trail where I broke the trails 14 sections down and we worked on them in chunks. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to steps, pump bumps, fly out jumps, rock gardens and drops. I worked hard on their skill set application and in time it really began to show dividends. The correct braking areas where identified and used and they really began to ride faster than before and also more controlled and confidently. When we resumed after a break for lunch, they were riding the entire trail end to end. I worked some more on line choice and braking areas when linking drops into corners. They were taking it in turns to lead as they both rode the trail together.
  To end our session I moved us onto the pump and jump trail where I worked more on pumping sections of a trail to gain speed to be able to get air time off jumps. The rains came as we ended our session to smiles all round. Great riding guys and it was a pleasure to coach you both.

A group session with the essexhertsmtb forumites

Andy, Jon, Chris, Rich, Marco and Alan turned up on a very wet day for their skills session and I made all the necessary set up changes and identified the missing skills very quickly so we were able to move on and apply their new physical and mental skills to techniques in mtbing.

 We began with the drop technique and very quickly they were riding all 3 drops and  Andy and Jon even beginning to style it in the air too. After a while, we moved onto the skills trail and I worked on pre jumping, flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners, rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops. We broke the trail into bite sized chunks so they could focus easier on the task ahead and their new looking, foot and body positions really began to pay dividends. After a break for grub we continued by riding the entire trail end to end and with every run they became smoother and faster regardless of the conditions.
 I moved them onto the pump and jump trail where I demonstrated why pumping allowed you to gain speed through sections to be able to jump a 9ft tabletop. The guys got to grips with this and rode the whole trail in the same vein. I finished the session by teaching them why the skill set applies to manualing and they were soon choosing whether to jump, pump or manual jumps.
 They were pretty much shattered by the end of the session and a tour of herts and a cold beer was the order of the day. Great riding guys and it was a pleasure to coach you all.

Gary, Dave and Daniel’s group session

Gary, Dave and Daniel pop over from Chelmsford for their session after hearing of my coaching on the forum. On meeting, I put them through my skills check and found they needed work on their footwork, body positioning and looking skills.

We moved onto the drops to apply their new mental and physical skills sets and to their great surprise they all flew into the air straight away! They rode all 3 drops easily and after a while we moved onto the skills trail.
The skills trail has 14 sections contained in it. Pumping, drops, steps, rock gardens, fly out jumps, flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns all require correct feet, body and looking skills to be able to control these. In time they were all riding the entire trail end to end in a fluid and controlled manner but at a greater speed than ever.
I worked on line choice when linking drops in to corners and braking technique too and the smile never left their faces.

None of them thought they’d ever ride the 6ft tabletop at the start of the day but 4 hours into the session and they were flying over it with ease and even the 6ft gap jump side too!

I could see they were beginning to tire so we moved onto the pump and jump trail to work on pumping sections to gain speed to jump a 9ft tabletop. This develops the trail connection further and I was even able to show Gary why the skills applied to manualing over tabletops too!
Our session ended with me giving a demonstration of manualing, pumping, jumping and cornering on the pump and jump trail as the rain began to fall. Great session guys! High5

Rosie and Claire’s 2 to 1 session

Rosie and Claire made their down to me from Nottingham after being recommended by Rosie’s husband whom I coached last year. I found that they needed work on foot, looking and body positioning during the skills check and set to work. Much to their horror we began with drops but it wasn’t long before they both had air under their wheels. The smile replaced the worried look and it never left their faces.
We moved onto the skills trail and I worked hard on their cornering. I put them through a body position reinforcement exercise and that really made a difference to their control in corners along with looking and footwork. I showed why the skill set, both mental and physical applied to all techniques on the trail. Pumping, flat , bermed, switchback and off camber turns. Rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drop offs were all linked together using the identified braking and pedaling areas. We had a break as I could see them tiring mentally so we shared a coffee and chatted about the day so far before returning and working on drop offs that lead into corners and the required line choice. Soon it was time to ride the trail end to end and after a couple of complete runs that were controlled and smooth the ladies called an end to their session as they were so tired. The journey we took together from the beginning of the session is only the start of our connection together. We celebrated the ride with a cold beer at the end and a guided tour of Herts just as the rains came.
Great session to end a fantastic week.