Skills for Wayne the skier

  Wayne turned up as arranged and we chatted about the other sports he does and skiing is high on the list. I could tell he was comfortable with speed when i ran him through the skills check and I needed to work on his looking and body positioning skills. After a set up change we moved onto the drop technique to apply both the mental and physical skill sets.

  It wasn’t long before we were on the skills trail working on his cornering.

  We worked on linking sections on the trail together and even began to jump on a fly out on the trail.

  I worked hard on line choice and braking when linking the drop technique to the cornering technique but he soon got to grips with it and began riding the trail end to end.

 !4 sections on the trail were now being ridden faster than he’d ever ridden before and with so much more control too.

  Wayne wanted to learn to jump so I spent time on a 6ft tabletop and gap jump teaching why the skill set applied here too and he soon sailed over it with ease.

 He used his mental skills to decide to ride the gap jump and sailed over that with ease too.

 I moved onto the pump and jump trail to work on developing his pumping of the trail to generate speed to jump a 9ft tabletop.

 For our final technique I showed different ways to drop into steeps and his new body position and set up made it all easy for him.

 Our session ended with that technique and I showed wayne around the wood work at the skills area.
Awesome session. High5!

James comes over from Wales for a skills session

James made the 3.5hr journey from Cardiff and on  meeting we had a coffee and he said he wanted to do big jumps and overcome his fear of gaps. The skills check revealed he needed work on cornering first and I worked on his feet, looking and body position. I made a set up change and we moved onto the drop sections to dial his new looking and body position but also I went through his mental skills questions that i teach.

 James rode all 3 drops easily and we moved onto the skills trail. I worked on pre jumping, rock gardens, steps, upslopes and drops. We linked these to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. I showed why the skills set apllied in each context, including absorbing upslopes to stay fast and on the ground.

By the time he was riding the whole trail he was absolutely flying! I worked on line choice when linking drops into corners

 James was clearly the fastest rider down the skills trail yet and the smile on his face never left.
 We moved onto jumping the 6ft tabletop and also the 6ft gap, should his mental skills say so. Yep! he rode both sides with ease.
 When we met in the morning I mention maybe manualling tabletops and doubles was possible and that was the case as James only took 2 tries to get the technique down.

 For our final technique I moved onto a 12ft gap jump. I worked solely on his mental skills here and once again James rode it with ease but only after answering his mental skills questions.

 James was mentally done by now so we called an end to an amazing session and I know I’ll be riding with James again soon.

Brett’s skills tune up

 Brett came to me on recommendation from his brother Rafe, whom I coached a while back. We began as ever with my skills check and found 50% footwork but also missing looking and body positioning skills.
I made some set up changes and went straight to the drop sections to apply both the physical and mental skills that I teach. Brett’s new body position made drops far easier than ever for him and he rode all 3 now with ease.

We moved onto  the skills trail and over the following 2 hours we worked on linking the 14 sections contained in it together. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pump sections, fly out jumps, steps, rock gardens and drops. Each was linked to the next by the correct braking areas. Every run of the complete trail saw Brett faster and  smoother and any errors corrected.

 We moved from there to the 6ft tabletop so I could teach Brett to jump. It never took him long to sail over it so we moved onto the pump and jump trail so we could work on linking the technique so he could choose to pump or jump sections on a trail.

For our final part of the session, I showed why his new skills set made drop off and linking drop offs into corners easier.
 What an amazing session and very progressive too.
High5 Brett!

Great to finally coach gareth!

 Gareth has been to other coaching companies over the past couple of years but his search led him finally to me. On meeting we shared a coffee and chatted of his aspirations for the session and  before long i ran him through my simple skills check. I found looking, feet and body positioning faults but corrected these through some simple correction exercises and the effect was immediate.
 We moved onto the drop sections and the new body position was something that stunned Gareth as it suddenly became way less effort to drop off stuff.
 It wasn’t long before we were on the skills trail where I broke the trail in half and worked on linking pre jumping to berms, a flat corner, rock garden, tight berm and switchback. I worked hard on Gareth’s cornering and it soon paid dividends.

 We moved onto the next half of the trail where I showed him why the skill set applied to absorbing and pumping through upslopes and we linked in steps, corners and drops into the mix before finally it was time to ride the entire trail. each run of the trail was smoother and faster than before and any error was self diagnosed too.

 We moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and I worked on Gareth’s mental skills and it wasn’t long before he sailed over his first gap jump over and over with a high5 and a big grin on his face.
 For what would prove the final part of this coaching session we moved onto the pump and jump trail where Gareth pumped to generate speed to jump a 9ft tabletop and later I taught him to manual through double and tabletops too!
 Great session dude!

Harry and the Herts-Essex forum guys

 Harry, Matt, Jim, Steve, Keith, Carl and Darren all met as arranged and on meeting they said they’d like to maybe work on jumping but wanted an all round health check so to speak. The skills check revealed that they had lots of work to do in cornering and that they missed looking, body positioning and footwork in all areas collectively.

  Myself and Nathan made the necessary set up changes and then we moved onto the drop sections. I worked on both the physical and also the mental skill sets here and soon they began landing paerfectly and easier than ever.
I moved onto the skills trail and worked  on pumping and linking a berm, flat corner, rock garden and 2 more turns. It took a while but after I put them through a body position correction exercise they all began cornering with more speed and control. I soon added the fly out jump and linked in the corner with a step on the exit. I worked on both pushes here and their application and after a break we worked on linking corners into drops and into corners. Now they were riding the trail end to end and every rider made errors but they were now self diagnosed and the errors moved around on each run.
I could see some were tiring but I moved onto the pump and jump trail to work first on pumping and then onto jumping and manualing sections on the trail.
 After over 6 hours our session ended as mental and physical fatigue hit home and we celebrated a great session with a cold beer as the rains came.

Rich’s 1 to 1 session

 When meeting Rich I asked what he wanted from his session and he said if he could do any drops and get to go around a corner he’d be happy as larry, well that made the day easy!
  I found looking faults but also partial body positioning and footwork faults too. I made some set up corrections to his Norco and then we moved onto his first technique on his wishlist, drops.
 It didn’t take long for Rich to land perfectly and he quickly moved up and rode all 3 drops , much to his surprise.  I worked on his mental skill set too and gave him a set of questions to answer when faced with anything new. We worked on a body position correction exercise and soon moved onto the skills trail.

 We worked on pumping, which i later expanded on. Berms, flat, switchback and off camber turns. Steps, drops, fly out jumps and rock gardens. It wasn’t long before we were almost at the end of thetrail and I could work on line choice, something Rich nailed perfectly every time!
 I worked on choosing whether to jump or absorb upslopes on the trail and before long we were riding the entire trail end to end.

 We had a break for a coffee and watched a storm float past before continuing on the skills trail and riding it end to end. Any errors were self diagnosed. Each run was smoother and faster than before as he rodewith control and confidence.

 I could see Rich was tiring but I wanted to expand on the pumping and jumping technique further so we moved onto a new trail where Rich generated speed through pumping to jump a section by choice.  Each run got better and better as the technique really made sense to him and as I saw him tiring mentally, our session ended to a big grin on Rich’s face. We went to the pub for a pint to celebrate a great session and I know I’ll be seeing Rich gain.

Laurence and hannu’s session

 Laurence and Hannu turned up as arranged for their session and over a coffee we chatted of their aspirations for the day. I began, as ever with the skills check and found footwork, looking and body positioning errors and made the set up changes to correct that.
 I began with the application of both mental and physical skill sets to the drop technjque and it didn’t take long for them to land perfectly and that set the tone for the session.

After a while we moved on to a cornering correction excersise and soon after that we arrived at the skills trail itself.
I began with pumping undulations on the trail and we linked that gained energy to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. Rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops. I worked hard on braking technique and also line choice. It wasn’t long before they were riding the trail end to end.

 Each run , even though errors were present was faster and more fluid than before and any errors were self diagnosed and moved around from section to section on the trail. We rode the trail together and the control and confidence shone through in their riding. 5 hours into the session and mental fatigue reared its head and our session ended to a tour of the Herts skills area, bringing to an end an awesome session.