Polishing Ian’s riding

  A crisp frosty morning welcomed Ian to Herts for his session and I began by running him through my skills check. I found he needed work on body positioning and looking and set to work. I worked on the mental and physical skills for drops before moving onto the skills trail to work on linking the 14 sections on the trail together. Absorbing, pre jumping, rock gardens, drops  and steps were linked to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns.

 We moved down the trail always linking the previous sections to the next until  Ian was riding the trail top to bottom. Any errors were now being self diagnosed as he moved into conscious action.
From there we moved onto a higher drop with added peripheral fears and worked on body position there too and soon he was landing perfectly there also.

 We then worked on applying the skills set to riding down steeper stuff and dealing with dropping into near vert stuff too!

The session was moving along nicely and on we went to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to work on speed judgement and body positioning there too and soon Ian was styling it up. For our final application of the skill set I moved us onto the pump and jump trail to link his pumping and jumping and also to show why the skills applied to manualling through doubles and tabletops too. After a good few runs, Ian declared himself knackered mentally and our session ended. I cannot wait for your ride updates dude,

Allan’s 1 to 1 session

 Allan made the journey from Bath and on arrival I ran him through my skills check. Allan had only been riding for under a year and was missing footwork, body positioning and looking skills. I began with a set up change and then the corrections commenced.
 I worked on applying both physical and mental skills sets to the drop technique and Allan soon got his first ever airtime and quickly rode the 3 drops.
From there, we moved onto the skills trail and began work on linking the 14 sections contained within it together using the correct braking and pedlalling areas.

Pumping was used to gain speed and Allan linked that into the 1st berm and following flat corner. I later added a rock garden and 2 more corners into the mix and he was now riding the top half of the trail faster than he ever thought he could. We had a coffee and cake break and resumed with the next segment of the trail and so on. It wasn’t long before we were linking drops into corners and using line choice and braking technique he grew in commitment and confidence.

I could see that he was tiring and our time together was coming to an end but not before I moved him onto applying the skills sets to jumping the 6ft tabletop. It didn’t take Allan long to sail over it and the ease of it amazed him. The adrenaline from doing it took the last of his energy so he called an end to the session himself.
Awesome start to the weeks coaching.

Ben, Rich and Tim’s Saturday session

 Our session began 9am on a cold but bright morning. I ran them through my skills check and found that they collectively needed work on feet, looking and body positioning. I made some set up changes and showed them why which is important and then we set to work.
 The drop technique was first up and it took not time for them to land perfectly and easier and more comfortably than ever. Their mental skills were used to decide which drops to ride also.
 Onto the skills trail and I broke the trail into the top 6 sections first to allow us to focus. Pumping, rock gardens and 4 corners were now being linked together by their identified control areas.
 We had a coffee break for some hasbean.com coffee and resumed with riding a fly out jump and a corner with a step on the exit and once again I demonstrated and then they followed. Soon they were riding the whole trail and linking berms, steps, rock gardens, fly out jumps, pump bumps, drops, off camber , switchback  and flat turns.

 After a few complete runs and a couple of puncture for Tim, we onto the final application of both skills sets, jumping tabletops. I use a 6ft tabletop with this and we gradually add speed to allow me to work on their skill sets and keep them as safe as possible. Tim grew too tired to continue but Rich and then Ben sailed over the tabletop and both said they never thought they were off the ground!

 After a good few clears by them both I could see that they were cooked mentally and our session ended to some mulled wine to warm us and smiles all round.
Great session


Kiwi’s can fly

 Shane booked a session with me after hearing about my coaching whilst in France.  On meeting I ran Shane through my skills check and found looking and body positioning needed work. I set to work and we began with the drop technique and it didn’t take him long to be landing simply and perfectly.

I moved us on after a short while and we worked on the top half of the skills trail. Pumping, rock gadens and 4 corners were all linked together by their exits and entries and already Shane was looking and feeling like a new rider. We were chatting about riding steep stuff so I changed our direction slightly and worked on body positioning whilst riding steeps and it stunned Shane how easy it all felt.

We moved back to the skills trail and began linking all the sections together and soon he was linking 14 sectons together effortlessly. I worked on braking and line choice to make it all more fluid and he was now flying!

 I wanted to teach him to jump the 6ft tabletop and gap jump so I moved us onto there. Shane said he’d be happy to land the tabletop but in a few minutes he was sailing over the gap jump too!
To round up our session we moved to the pump and jump trail to work on not only pumping and jumping sections on the trail but also manuling too!
 Our session ended when Shane declared himself happy but mentally knackered!
Awesome riding dude.

Turning a corner in Chivas’s riding

 Chivas has been coached by me before but a holiday in Canada on a coaching session with another company didn’t go well and he really had a drop in confidence. The skills check revealed physically he was still there but I knew I would need to work on his mental block he’d developed with berms.
 I knew Chivas was ok with the 3 drops  I use and he was happy styling it off them and latter I moved onto linking drops into a berm to work on his new found fears. soon he was linking them together smoothluy but not before i moved him to an isolated berm to work on his confidence.

I moved us onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to work on style and speed management before moving to the pump and jump to first work on pumping, jump and manualling sections and later to work on linking 2 berms together to gain speed to ride a wooden gap jump. Chivas’s footwork and looking were paramount to gain grip in his corners until finally he was able to clear the 6ft ladder gap.
For our final application of the mental and physical skills I moved him to a rarely used drop to work on his peripheral fears to drop 4-5ft into the quarry. This brought an awesome session to a close and I know that Chivas is now not only back on form in his riding but moved further on too!
A great end to a fantastic week of coaching.

Pete and marc’s paths lead to Herts

Marc wanted coaching and found me via google. The day arrived and our session began with my skills check. I found they needed work on looking, body positioning and foot work and set about correcting this with a set up change to help.
 The first application of both the mental and physical skills sets was the drop technique. It took no time at all for them both to ride all 3 drops and the ease at it all was striking to them.

We moved onto the skills trail and I began by braking the trail down into bite sized chunks before later linking them all together via braking areas and  line choice.
 Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to  rock gardens, pumping, steps, fly out jumps and drops. They were riding the whole trail end to end and knowing why it was right or wrong in any sections.
 Our final application of the skills sets was to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. I worked hard on body positioning here and both Pete and Marc were surprised that could clear the tabletop and Marc used his mental skills to ride the gap jump too!
 Our session ended with a welcome pint in the local pub. Amazing riding and improvements guys.