Nick travels from Cheltenham

 Nick turned up as arranged and although he’d not been riding mtb for long, he skateboarded loads as a kid and this was something I could wake back up. I found i needed to work on body positioning and looking and made some set up changes and showed nick why.
 The drops were the first sections we applied both mental and physical skills too and the effect was immediate. Nick was able to begin to style it too.

  From there we moved onto the skills trail and worked on linking the 14 sections contained on the trail together. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pumping, rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops. We worked our way down the trail and applied the skills and soon Nick was riding end to end faster and more controlled than ever before.

  Next up was the 6ft tabletop and gap. Nick had issued with these before and once I had removed the errors in his skills, he was flying over the tabletop and used his mental skills to ride the gap a few times too!

 Onto the pump and jump trail next and after demonstration from myself, Nick began  working on pumping, manualing and jumping sections on the trail and even linked the 2 berms into a ladder gap jump. A few runs more and I could see Nick was tiring fast both physically and mentally so a great session came to a close.

Sam learns to fly and stuff

 Sam was recommended my coaching by Simon at  and on arrival we chatted about the areas he wanted to work on. Cornering and jumping was high on the list as were manuals and maybe style in the air . I ran him through the skills check and found i needed to work on his looking and body positioning and set to work 
 On to the drops and it wasn’t long before Sam was landing perfectly and I demonstrated why the skills sets I teach apply to styling it too.

Onto the skills trail and I began working on his cornering and control of the trails speed. It didn’t take him long to really begin to rail corners. Pre jumping, fly out jumps, steps,absorbing, rock gardens and drops were linked to berms, off camber, switchback and flat turns. Soon Sam was flying down the trail and linking the 14 sections together smoothly and confidently.
 Next, we went to apply the skills sets to riding steep stuff and I demonstrated various ways of riding them. Sam followed suit and remarked how simple it all felt.
 The 6ft tabletop and gap jump were next and Sam began to style it over the both of them after a while too.
 After a break, we moved to the pump and jump trail where we worked on manualing tabletop and rollers and choosing whether to jump or pump sections too. After just over 4 hours, Sam declared himself knackered and our session came to a close. What an awesome end to the first weeks coaching of 2013.

Helping the Mental skills in Murray’s riding

 Murray returned to me for coaching to bring his riding on and to iron out some faults that had crept in especially with the drop technique. The skills check revealed why this had happened and also that I needed to work more on body positioning and his mental skill set too. As always it is a very gradual process with Murray as he feels every change and analyses it deeply. Once I began and re awakened the physical aspects of the drop technique he was landing perfectly.
 I worked on the top 6 sections of the skills trail,as he was not at all comfortable riding rock gardens and I was also able to show why to pre jump sections and link corners via braking areas and line choice.
After a break mid way I began to work on the technique of jumping and 1st used a fly out jump and later on a much larger tabletop. Soon he was popping into the air and landing on top of the tabletop.
I then moved onto a smaller 6ft tabletop and worked on his protection mechanism at speed and that is always a long process but with continued changes in speed to get comfortable with the visual aspect of the technique Murray began popping into the air and gradually working himself across the tabletop.
Mentally this type of session is massively draining and we reached a point where we had to move on before errors happen so we moved to linking a drop into a corner and then back to the original drops which had now processed beautifully and Murray landed with unconcious thought. Murray was now way further along the path of technical riding than when we met all those months ago.
Great session.

ps. photos corrupted so only a handful were ok   🙁

Jamie’s one to one session

Jamie turned up on a dull but dry day for his session and over a coffee, I gave an outline of how I begin my sessions and why. The skills check revealed that Jamie needed body positioning and looking skills enhanced and also his mental skills too.
 We headed to the drops to apply both skills sets to that technique first and he started landing perfectly from the word go and rode all 3 drops with ease.
 A body positioning excersise followed before we moved onto the top half of a trail to work on pumping, rock gardens and cornering before taking a short break for another coffee.
 Next up was linking drops into corners and braking and line choice. Braking correctly massively changed Jamie’s control and his confidence grew as a result.
 I worked on body positioning when riding steeper stuff next and it really surprised Jamie how comfortable it all felt on stuff he would have baulked at riding previously.
Finally it was time to apply the skills sets to jumping and soon he was sailing over a 6ft tabletop for the first ever time and feeling secure as he did so. Any errors were now self recognised too.
 Our session ended after a good few runs on the pump and jump trail where Jamie used pumping and jumping to ride the 13 sections contained within it.
 Great session Jamie.

Shaun jumps into 2013!

 Shaun has been riding for 4 years and wanted to learn to jump as any attempts by him  previously hadn’t ended well. The day arrived and I began with my skills check and found he needed looking and his mental skills worked on and so i set to work.
 Shaun didn’t want to work too much on cornering so I focused on airtime and drops were first. It took him no time at all to land perfectly and his new riding position really felt good to him and controlled. I then worked on cornering and linking drops into corners.

  Shaun mentioned when he rides down steep stuff he sits on the back wheel pretty much so I worked on his body positioning to enhance his control and the effect was immediate.

 We had a break and resumed with jumping. I isolated his take off using a fly out and found what he was doing wrong and corrected it before moving onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. In a few small steps he was sailing over it and know why it felt right.

Shaun then began riding his 1st ever gap jump too and any errors were now self diagnosed. We ended our session on the enhance pump and jump trail as i worked on pumping and choosing to take off. Shaun was knackered by the end and we went to the local pub to celebrate a great session and awesome start to the new year.