Stu and Jamie want more and go large

Stu and Jamie had their session delayed due to the snow 2 weeks ago and today was the day. The skills check show me some skills already natural and That they needed work on looking and body position collectively and that Jamie needed footwork sorted particularly in right turns.
I did a subtle change to their set ups and set to work on installing the mental skills too during the drop technique. It was so easy for them to ride all 3 drops now as their new skills applied and off we went to the skills trail to work on techniques required and linking them together on a trail.

 Pre jumping, pumping, absorbing, steps, fly out jumps, rock gardens and drops were linked to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. I worked on line choice and braking technique and on linking drops into corners easier.

 It wasn’t long before they were riding the whole trail end to end faster and smoother than before. I moved us onto linking berms together and managing the speed without braking and they really got to grips with this as their skills sets applied here too.

 Riding steeps was next and their new body positions really allowed them to control the descents easier and even when linking short steep roll ins to a corner they managed it easy.
 For the final application we worked on body position in jumping big tabletops and they began sailing into the air on a 15ft+ tabletop with control and confidence that they never had previously.
 Mentally I could see they were tiring so our session ended there.
Amazing riding guys.

A group of mixed ability

John, Anna, Steve and Bruce came to me for a group session even though they were of varied places in their own riding experience. Coaching riders of differing abilities is not that hard for me and I began as ever with the skills check. The skills check showed me the areas they needed work on and collectively I began working on body positioning, looking and footwork. I adjusted their set ups and showed them why I had done so before moving onto the drop technique. I worked on their mental skills sets here and the application of the physical and they began landing perfectly in no time at all.
 We moved onto the rock garden as they were a common “fear” and then onto the trail itself. I broke the trail down into bite sized chunks and worked on line choice and braking technique.
 Flat, bermed, off camber, and switchback turns were linked to pumping, absorbing, rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops. We had a midway break to allow the new learning to settle and resumed after a snack to riding the whole trail end to end.

It surprised them how easy it was to jump up a fly out jump and how smooth they were now riding and how controlled it all felt.

Even riding drops and linking them to corners was far easier than they had imagined. Anna was smiling riding the whole trail and it was only 4 hours earlier that she had doubted whether she could ride it at all.
Our session was very tiring and I could see they didn’t have much time left in them but I wanted to work on their body position on riding steeps. They all rode a 40ft steep drop off with total control and without the feeling of no front wheel control or wobbles.
Great session!

Confidence and control for Amanda

 Amanda was recommended my coaching and when the day arrived we met as arranged and Amanda told me of her lack of confidence and that even her desire to ride was diminishing greatly.
 I began with the skills check and found she needed work on looking and body positioning and I adjusted her set up accordingly.
 Very much to her surprise, we moved onto the drop technique as I promised her that I would get air under her wheels and that happened with a series of controlled steps to reinforce each action. Soon Amanda was landing perfectly over and over again and it came time to move onto the skills trail.
 We worked on the rock garden to begin with as these were an issue in her riding previously but now she rode them easily and the control she now had made her smile as she did so.
We moved onto the top half of the trail and I worked on linking sections on the trail by their control areas. Absorbing, pumping, rock gardens were linked to berms, flat and switchback corners. Footwork, looking and body positioning along with her new mental skills really made a difference as Amanda was riding faster and more fluid than before. We took a short break for coffee and to allow the new learning to sink in more and on resuming, we worked on adding a steep up slope and a step into the trail and linked that to the previous sections. Now Amanda was riding confidently and with a new commitment. we worked on riding steep drop offs and linking them into corners via braking and line choice too and it finally came time to ride all 14 sections of the trail and link them all together. The overwhelming fear of riding her mtb had now been replaced with a control that Amanda hadn’t had previously and she knew why. Even riding up the hill to the top and dropping straight into the trail didn’t faze her as she recovered from the effort whilst riding down the singletrack which will massively help her enduro rides.
 Our session came to an end as by her own admission she was tired mentally and our session came to a close after 4 hours.
Amazing session.

Timber-mtb session number 1

 Paula, Graham, John and Richard turned up as arranged and wanted to get their control and fluidity enhanced in their riding so they can get more out of their local haunt, Thetford.
 The skills check revealed looking, footwork and body position faults and I changed their set ups, drastically in some cases.
The first technique we applied both mental and physical skills too was drops and it took no time at all for them to begin landing perfectly and they knew why! After a while we moved onto a body position enhancement excersize and from their to the trail itself.

 We worked on absorbing, pumping, rock gardens, steps and drops and linked them to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns.

We worked our way along the trail always adding the previous sections to the next via line choice and control areas. They were really riding smoothly by the time they were riding the whole trail and linking all 14 sections together with control. Any errors were also self diagnosed too as they knew why it was right or wrong anywhere.
 We moved onto riding steep sections and I demonstrated on various steeps so they could see the difference in positioning needed. We finished our session by linking 2 berms together and the control and confidence in theri riding shone through.
Amazing end to a great week of coaching.

Bringing the skills out in Paul

 Paul was given the session as a present and on arrival we chatted of his past experiences and aspirations for the session. The skills check showed me the areas that needed work and I set to work with a set up change thrown in to.
 Footwork , looking and body positioning were the physical areas and I also worked on the mental aspect of his riding too.
We began with the drop technique and Paul was landing perfectly from the word go and this from , in his words, a wheels on the ground rider!

We moved onto the skills trail where we would spend the biggest chunk of our time together and I began working on his fluidity and control in linking sections on the trail with his new skills. Pre jumps, rock gardens, steps, jumps and drops were all linked via their control zones to Flat.bermed., off camber and switchback corners. I worked hard on the effect of line choice when entering sections and braking control and Paul was riding way faster than ever.
 A late night before hand meant that Paul was tiring mentally but I knew he had some more in him. We moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to work on jumping tabletops, something he’d never done before. In a few steps he was sailing over the jump easily and feeling effortless. He used his mental skills to decide to ride the gap jump a couple of times too with a smile as wide as the field we were in spread across his face.

Paul declared the end of the session soon after and our session ended with smiles all round.
Awesome riding dude.