group session

11 lads booked a private session with myself and Nathan and they arrived as arranged. They were a mix of 1st timers and riders I had coached before.
 We began with what seemed to be a simple task, drops and soon they were aware of their missing skills and we set about correcting them.
We moved onto jumping and absorbing techniques and then linked in drops and corners to work on both line choice and speed management.
 After a short while we moved on and we began working on riding steep stuff and linking sections on an new trail together using footwork, looking and body positioning. drop off into corner, to fade away jump, 4 corners, double and very steep drop off proved no issue as they used their mental and physical skills to guide them.
We had a break and moved to jumping tabletops and gaps, we used a 6ft tabletop and gap jump for this and soon they were all sailing over the tabletop and some used their mental skills to decide to ride the gap jump too.
 Lastly we moved to a 15ft tabletop and by developing their own speed management, they all began jumping sections on a new trail and some even sailed the largest tabletop over and over again. Nearly 6hrs after we began , the session ended as they all felt mentally drained so off we went to the local pub to celebrate an awesome session.

Jamie returns

 Jamie came to see me last year and wanted to return to push his technical riding further. We began with drops and then linking drops into corners just to refresh hi. Jamie soon got into the swing of things and I worked on his take off body position and that set the theme for today along with working on his mental skills.
 We moved onto the 6ft tabletop and the nemesis (last time) gap side . It took no time at all for Jamie to sail over the tabletop and then the gap jump to whoops of joy.
 Next, we moved too riding steeps and on a near vertical drop off he used his mental skills and body position to easily ride it and that blew him away. Onto a new trail and we began linking a short steep drop off to a corner and jump. Footwork played the key role in the slippy mud and he began riding smoothly and fast!
Next, we took a break as we mended a puncture and then resumed with riding alpine style switchback and the required footwork and body positioning. The session was really progressing so I moved onto a 15ft tabletop to work on Jamie’s speed judgement and seeing him riding with confidence at speed was awesome as he sailed into the air every time. We ended our session by working on linking 2 berms with no braking between before Jamie called an end to the session as he was tired.
Amazing improvements dude.

Paul and Chris bring Elliott for a session

Paul , Elliott and Chris turned up as arranged. Both Chris and Paul had attended a public session with me and wanted to consolidate their skills and push their techniques on further and Elliot wanted to join in with them after hearing about their last session.
The skills check Showed the skills from their previous session had stuck and I needed to work on looking and body positioning with Elliott and they all needed work on the mental skills.
First up was the skills trail and We worked on line choice and control zones as we linked the 14 sections contained within it.

Pumping, rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops were all linked to flat.bermed, off camber and switchback turns. In a couple of hours they were flying down the trail with a great smile on their faces and faster than ever.

We had a break and continued with riding steeper stuff and linking sections on a trail that come at the rider faster and for this I used another trail.

I worked on the mental aspect of riding very steep drop offs and they linked in the previous sections on that trail to by rolling into a steep drop into a corner and a fade away jump that the boys lapped up! I could see they were tiring and A puncture gave them respite. We next worked on riding over logs on the trail and they were blown away at how easy it all was and they knew why!
For the last application of the skills set we worked on the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. Chris declared himself to tired to continue but in the following minutes both Paul and Elliott rode the tabletop and then the 6ft gap jump a few times too, styling it as they did earlier on the drops.
 Our session ended to a welcome pint in the Bull near by as we celebrated an awesome session.

Some skills coaching and some snow

 Karen, Helen, Martin and Simon made the trip down the night before and during the night it snowed. The session was touch and go as to whether to go ahead but we went ahead and covered what we could. The skills check showed footwork, looking and body position needed work collectively and i made some set up changes that totally changed their distribution of weight on the bike.
I worked on the drop technique first and worked on unweighting to  take off and their body positioning before moving onto the skills trail to work on pumping and linking 2 corners together.
 A break for hot drinks and we resumed with linking drop offs and corners together via braking areas and line choice. Conditions grew worse and we decided to delay the rest of the session for another day as vision effected confidence and that wouldn’t be a good learning envioroment.
 See you again guys !

Nigel and Jez from Swindon

Nige and Jez made the journey from Swindon and during the skills check I could see that they needed work on footwork, looking and body position but also the mental skills too.
 We began with drops and soon they were landing perfectly and feeling like it was nothing. From there, we moved to the skills trail and I used the top half to begin with to focus on pumping , riding rocks and linking corners together.

  We had a break and then resumed by riding steeper stuff and working on the mental and physical skills required.

Moving back to the bottom half of the skills trail, and I worked on jumping using a fly out and linking in steps, corners and drops. Soon they were riding the entire trail and linking all 14 sections together via the control areas and and errors were already being self diagnosed.
 They were showing signs of mental and physical tiredness but at the start they said they wished to learn how to jump and I didn’t let them down. Not only did they both clear the 6ft tabletop a good few times but Jez also cleared the gap jump side a few times too before mentally they were shot and our session ended.
 What an awesome session.

Enhancing John, Dave and Mark’s skills

 John, Dave and Mark came to me via recommendation and we chatted of the aspirations for the day and they didn’t do jumping they said, hmmmmmm!
 The skills check showed me their missing body position and looking skills and I set to work installing the physical and mental skills set and a little set up change helped this  too.
 To their surprise, we began with drops and they applied their skills sets to this and began landing so comfortably and controlled.
We moved to the skills trail and I began working on linking the sections on the trail via line choice and control zones. Pumping, steps, rock gardens, jumps and drops were all linked to flat , bermed, off camber and switchback corners. After a lunch break we resumed and soon the lads were riding the whole trail and linking the 14 sections on the trail together faster and with more control and confidence than ever. Any errors were also self diagnosed as they now KNEW why it was right or felt wrong.

  We moved from there to applying the skills set to riding steeper terrain and their new set up and body position really hit home as they had a control they hadn’t previous to today.

Lastly we moved to jumping tabletops. I use a 6ft tabletop for this and Mark was confident and not so Dave and John but in a few steps they all sailed over the tabletop and Mark used his mental skills to ride the gap jump too!
Nearly 6 hours after we began the session ended as they were tired mentally but happy.
Awesome riding guys. High5!

Putting the spring back in Julie and Loz’s riding

 Both Julie and Loz had been coached by me previously and a lack of riding and a drop of confidence after conflicting advice saw them wanting to return. I could see they had retained the physical skills so i worked on the mental skills and the application of the skill set in different contexts. The drop technique was first and then we worked on linking drops into corners, something they both struggled with previously but now they were sailing off the biggest drop and linking it to the following corner with confidence and control.

  We moved onto riding steeper stuff and the required body position and they both felt way more in control than ever. next we worked on jumping and landing on a fade away landing that drops away to work on the mental aspect here too and the smiles were soon beaming across their faces.

  A break for some coffee and we resumed with jumping the 6ft tabletop, something they’d previously done but had become worried about. In a few small moves they were sailing over it but I could see they were tiring mentally so the gap jump that they wanted to do wasn’t a good idea and I moved them away.

 For our final application of their skills sets we worked on linking 2 berms together by speed management and soon they were railing them with a control they never thought possible, even taking it in turns to lead as they rode together. Nearly 5 hours after we’d began our session came to an end and the pride I felt watching them ride was awesome.
See you one sunny day for a ride girls.