Bringing on Dave’s riding again

 Dave has been coached by me once before and wanted to push his riding on further. I could see he had a body position issue in corners and that I needed to work on his mental skill set too.
We began with the drop technique and styling it when in the air and quickly moved onto the skills trail to work on his cornering before moving to riding steeper terrain. I showed why the skills  sets applied to drop offs.

  As he was going to the alps, I worked on alpine style switchbacks  and natural drops where I worked on his peripheral fear of height.

 I worked on his management of speed when faced with jumps and we moved from the 6ft tabletop and gap to another trail to develop his pumping and manuals. We linked the whole pump and jump trail to a 7ft gap jump and now things really began to take off.

 Over the next hour I broke his peripheral fear down more and gave him control so Dave was able to ride a ladder drop with a gap and link it to a wooden berm too. From there we linked the 7ft gap to a wooden gap drop and into a 9ft gap jump and Dave was smiling ear to ear with his progression.

 I knew he was tiring but I wanted to work on his judgement of speed to jump some more so we worked on a 15ft tabletop. In no time at all he sailed clean over it and landed on the transition perfectly.
Awesome session and I’ll be buzzing from it for a while yet.
See you soon Dave.

Polishing Jon’s skills

  Jon came to me as he was tired of crashing and feeling on the edge in his riding and not knowing why. I found he was missing looking and body positioning skills and I changed his set up too. The drops we began with sailed by easily and smoothly so we moved onto the skills trail. Pumping, steps, rock gardens, jumps and drops were linked to flat, off camber, switchback and bermed corners. We moved down the trail methodically and soon he was riding the whole trail end to end with way more control than ever and way faster too.

 We moved off the trail and onto riding steeper terrain and It stunned Jon how easy riding near vertical drop offs were with his new mental skills and body positioning.

 We moved onto jumping as he has proc as a nearby riding spot and for that reason he wanted to learn to jump. In a few small steps he was sailing over the tabletop and then used his mental skills to ride the gap jump too!
We moved onto a new single track to link the vertical drop off in and we worked on linking trails together that had sections closer together. After a few runs Jon declared himself mentally done as he could feel unable to make decisions fast enough so our session ended there.
Brilliant riding Jon.

Neil and John’s skills session

Neil brought John a skills session for his birthday, so after they arrived I began the session with the skills check where I discovered that Neil had perfect footwork, I just needed to work on body positioning and looking, and John had perfect body positioning and footwork one way, but needed work on looking, as well as the other skills in order to corner in both directions. After a few set up changes, we moved to drops, where they were both putting these physical skills together, in order to land both wheels together of a drop of their choice. I then gave them a quick cornering exercise where they could feel for themselves how body positioning is such an important part of cornering. I then took them to the skills trail, where they linked bermed and flat corners, rocks, fly outs, steps and drops, and where soon riding the trail from top to bottom. After a quick lunch break, I then showed them the table top, where they both began to get both wheels in the air. I then showed them a much larger table top, where they could experiment with their speed and push, in order to jump further. I then showed them some steeper roll downs, and got them to use their mental skill set in order to choose which they did. I then showed them a start of another trail, where they began to link roll ins, corners, and fade away jumps, but mental tiredness took over and our session came to an end.

Good one guys!


Ladies can ride too!

 Jess and Sacha came to me as arranged but Unfortunately their friend had car trouble and couldn’t join them. We began, as ever with my skills check and I found they needed work in the areas of footwork, looking and body positioning and I made some vital set up changes too.
 We began with the drop technique and they were both stunned at how easy it all was when both physical and mental skill sets were applied.

  We moved onto the skills trail and I worked on cornering and linking all the 14 sections on the trail together via line choice and control zones. Pumping, rock gardens, steps, jumps and drops were linked to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. Soon they were riding the trail end to end and loving it.

  I moved onto applying the skills to riding steep terrain and this was a massive fear for them both but they used their mental skills to decide what they can and couldn’t ride and the result was controlled and smooth as ever.

I knew the adrenaline from riding such a fearful technique for them would tire them out mentally but for our final application of the skills we moved to the 6ft tabletop. In a few short steps they both cleared it with ease and in total control. Jess then sat out as she was tired but Sacha carried on for a few more runs trying to ride the gap jump but her mental skills didn’t add up for her so she declined it and rode the tabletop a few times instead.
What a session and what an improvement in their mental skills too.
Amazing stuff. High5!

Re-awakening the child in Simon


Simon came to me in order to reawaken the jumping he always knew how to do. So we started the session with the skills check where I discovered that Simon had perfect footwork, and I just needed to correct looking and body positioning. I also discovered that he had a near perfect push, and looking was just a missing factor. I quickly corrected these and after a few set up changes, we moved onto the drop technique. Simon rode of the largest drop and landed perfectly straight away, so I quickly moved on to the skills trail. We linked bermed and flat corners, rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drops and he was soon linking the whole trail together. I then showed him some steep stuff and explained the correct way of rolling down something that was steep, and ended up dropping in sideways. We then worked on a different trail linking more corners, as well as jumps, some larger drops, and some alpine switchbacks. I then took him to the table top where the child in Simon came out, and he was shortly jumping both the 6ft table top and the 6ft gap jump. I then moved him onto a different trail where I showed him how to manual through table tops, which he had a go at and got first time. After a quick break for lunch I moved him onto some north shore, where he comfortably rode a 4ft high ladder leading to a drop. I then showed him a wooden ladder drop, which he rode perfectly. We then worked on a 7ft gap jump, to a 3ft ladder drop, to a 9ft step down, and he was soon linking all 3 sections together. I then showed him some wooden ladder gaps, where I helped him find his confidence in order to fly over the first 2. I then showed him a little ski drop, which was similar to what he did earlier, only made out of wood. He rode this a number of times, and then we went back to the single-track trail, where we finished the session by riding the whole trail together.
Great session Simon!

Patrick, Nick, Christian and Simon’s skills session

 Patrick, Nick, Christian and Simon’s session was booked by their mate Frank who couldn’t make the session but they wanted to retain the session and we went ahead.
 The skills check showed I needed to work on looking, body position and footwork in all sections and I made some set up changes to assist me. Drops were the first technique we worked on and They applied both mental and physical skills to the technique to land controlled and easily.
 Onto the skills trail and we broke the trail down into bite sized chunks and worked on them individually before linking them all together using line choice and braking control. Pumping, rock gardens, corners, steps, drops and fly out jumps were all ridden using the applied skills and their speed and control went up massively.

 We had a midway break for grub and on resuming they were riding the whole trail end to end and self diagnosing any errors as they now knew why I was right or wrong in any section.
 I could see them tiring and but wanted to use the rest of their session to show them why their skill sets applied to riding steeper terrain and they answered their skills questions to ride a near 40ft drop off with ease and Nick and Simon then rode a near vertical drop off too.
Our session  ended with a pint to celebrate the session in the local pub. Great riding and I look forward to hearing of their future riding updates.

What a group, what a session

 Nick, Martin and Justin had been on a session with me before and this time they brought Pete, Paul, Jon, Phil and Jez to join in with them. Both myself and Nathan ran them through the skills check and we found looking, body positioning and footwork needed work collectively.
 We began with the drop technique to work on both the physical skills set and the mental skills set too and soon they were all riding the largest drop and landing perfectly.
 Onto the skills trail and we began working on isolated segments before linking the whole trail together via control areas and line choice. Pumping, rock gardens, steps, jumps and drops were all linked to bermed, off camber  switchback and flat turns. Soon, everyone of them was self diagnosing any errors and they got smoother and faster as they applied their new skills sets.

  We moved onto riding steeper terrain and their new body positioning enhanced their control and their mental skills grew as a result of this. We demonstrated 3 different ways of tackling a near vertical drop off and the lads all followed suit.

 Next, we moved to a 6ft tabletop and in a few moves they all sailed over what was for some their 1st ever jump and some even rode the 6ft gap jump side too as they were able to answer their mental skills questions positively.
Finally, we moved to another trail to link the steep drop off from earlier to the sections that came before it and we linked drop offs, corners, jumps, pumping and other sections together way easier than ever before. Mentally the group were tiring as errors started to creep in and the heat of the day didn’t help so ^hrs after we began the session came to a close and we celebrated the session in the beer garden of the local pub.
Amazing improvements guys.