Tim’s one to one

 Tim came to me from recommendation from other riders at Friston On arrival I put him through my skills check and found looking and body positioning errors and made some set up changes to help correct this.
Onto drops and i was able to work on the mental skills as well as the physical and get Tim to style it in the air Next, we worked on the skills trail and linking the 14 sections on the trail together and quickly he was self diagnosing why it was right or wrong in any section. We linked drops, jumps, rock gardens, steps and pre jumping to flat ,bermed , off camber and switchback turns. In a couple of hours, Tim was railing down the trail and got faster and faster.

  We  moved off the trail and onto jumping tabletops. It took no time at all for Tim to ride the 6ft tabletop and also the gap jump so I knew I could move onto working on his peripheral fear so the woodwork was next.
 I demonstrated how to control stopping on woodwork before linking in corners, pumping and drops into one line on the woodwork. From there we moved to a higher ladder and drop and Tim applied his mental skills and rode it easily a few times.

Lastly we worked on linking a corner, 9ft gap jump and another corner together and Tim was now flying controlled and with confidence. We moved on to another drop but mentally Tim was tiring and began making unforced errors so I ended our session to keep him safe.
Awesome riding dude.

A session for Graham, Joel and Mark

 First I must appologise for the lack of photos as my phone deleted loads again by my mistake πŸ™ . Graham, Joel and Mark came to me upon recommendation and on meeting I ran them through my skills check where I found looking and body position faults and I could tell by talking to them that I needed to work on their mental skills as they were scared of any air time!
 We began with the drop technique and almost straight away they were landing perfectly and applied their mental skills to ride all 3 drops.
 We moved onto the skills trail and began with riding the rock garden a few times so that I could coach the top half of the trail in one go. Pumping was used to gain free speed and they used their enhanced looking and body positions to link the rock garden and 4 corners together. We had a break for lunch and they asked how the skill set could be applied to ride over logs so I demonstrated and they soon followed, much to their surprise they all found it simple.
We returned to the skills trail and began with jumping on the fly out jump and linking a corner with a step on the exit but they were wary of speed of approach to it so I moved them to a 6ft tabletop which stunned them as they had never jumped before but in a few steps they were sailing over it perfectly and Mark even rode the gap jump side over and over again.
I could see they were tiring so we resumed on the skills trail and they began linking it together, Mark sat it out after a tumble and Graham and Joel rode drops into corners and all sorts. Over 5hrs after we began our session ended as they were now mentally tired and we parted ways knowing their riding had been seriously progressed


Steve gets some skills in his sixties

 Steve was given a skills session voucher as a gift and today was the day for his riding to be changed. We began with the skills check and I uncovered looking, body positioning and footwork needed working on as well as Steve’s mental skill set .
 We began with the drop technique and soon he was riding off drops with ease and far more controlled than ever. Onto the trail and we began working on linking the 14 sections contained within it together on the trail.
Pumping, flat, bermed, off camber, switchback turns, steps, drops, fly out jumps and rock gardens were all linked via line choice and control areas. After a break, Steve was riding the whole trail end to end and loving the control he now had.
 I moved onto riding steeper terrain and we rode a selection of steeps and linked a corner to a fade away jump too. Steve was amazed at how controlled he felt now his body was positioned correctly and assisted by his new set up changes.

 We moved on again and this time to jumping tabletops. This was something he’d never done before but soon he was sailing over the 6ft tabletop and later he also rode the gap jump a few times too!
I worked on more advanced pumping and linking two berms together and carrying speed through them before mentally, he was done and our session came to a close.
Amazing riding Steve.

The return of Steve, Chris and Paul

Chris, Steve and Paul had been coached by myself previously and today I wanted to move their riding on further and in a direction to enhance their own local rides but also to open their eyes to the possibilities their skills sets. I could see they had worked hard on their riding so I began with drops and adding some movement in the air. From there. we went to the skills trail and worked on more advanced pumping techniques and linked in 9 sections. Absorbing at speed, rock gardens, pre jumping and various corners were all ate up with smiles on their faces.
We moved onto another trail and began working on linking sections together via braking control areas and moving the bike in the air once again . They were now flying and riding the drop off at the end of the trail in 3 different ways, all with control.
 We moved to a big fear of their, woodwork and the purpose of this was to develop control of this environment and enhance confidence. They were  using their mental skills  to decide what they could and couldnt ride and drops were just sailing under them.
For our final application of the skills, we worked on linking 2 berms together to develop speed to jump a 7ft ladder gap and Paul and Steve even linked another ladder drop into the line too!
 The rains came as we ended and we parted our ways. Awesome riding and it was a pleasure to see their improving skills.

Working on the head game with Dave

  Dave came to me after previously been coached elsewhere and wanted to push on his riding as he just wasn’t improving anymore. The skills check revealed looking and body position faults and I adjusted his bike set up accordingly.
We began with the drop technique and I was able to to even work on style in the air with him once I had worked on his mental skill set too.
 The skills trail was next and We worked on linking all 14 sections on the trail together. Pre jumps, absorbing, rock gardens, steps and drops were all linked to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns.

 I worked on control areas and line choice and soon he was flying down the trail and self identifying any errors too.
 We moved onto riding steep terrain and this blew him away as his new skill set gave him so much more control, even when riding near vertical stuff. The 6ft tabletop and gap were next on the menu and he quickly rode the tabletop and began styling over it too and later, the gap jump was ridden a few tiems too , once the mental skills were used.
 For our final application of the skills sets, I worked on his peripheral fear and brought him to the woodwork to work on this and he was riding them easier than before and dropping off it easily too.
 We looked at another section but the session had taken its toll mentall on Dave and our session came to a close.
Awesome progression dude.

16th April jumps and drops public session round up

The 7 riders turned up as arranged and we began with set up changes and my skills correction. We began with the drop technique and  soon they were getting air under their wheels and feeling controlled and smooth with it. I went through some basic cornering technique and we linked drops into corners too and they were loving it.
 I did some line choice and braking control exercises and their riding once again all improved. 
 A short break and we resumed with jumping. I used a small fly out jump for this first and then we moved to a 6ft tabletop and gap jump and the riders all used their mental skills to control what they rode and why.
 The wind picked up and I showed then how to ride drop off and the required body positioning and they were amazed at how easy it was. Onto another trail, and they began riding a fade away jump and linked it to the other sections on the trail.
 Over 4 hours after starting we were then at out final task. A 9ft gap jump. Mark and the 2 Dave’s used their mental skills to decide to ride it and they did with smiles on their faces.
 They were all mentally tired by the session and our session ended and we went to the local pub to celebrate an awesome session.
Great riding people. High5!

Ivan, Lee and Mike’s session

Ivan, Lee and Mike came to me eventually after a delayed session last year. the skills check show that I needed to work on their looking and body positioning and I made a set up change to assist this. We began wit the drop technique and the effect was immediate as they began landing perfectly.
After a while we moved onto a cornering correction excersise and then onto he skills trail.
Pre jumping, berm, flat corner, rock gardens and switchback were the first things we worked on and quickly all three were riding and knowing why it was right or wrong. Ivan  took a tumble that looked innocuous but it became obvious it hurt more than it looked but he continued as well as he could.
Soon were were working on linking the whole trail together and added in fly out jumps, steps and drops as well as some more turns. They were soon riding the whole trail end to end and knowing why it was right or wrong in any section.
 Steeps were next and I showed why they didn’t need to stay behind the bike on steeps and they all felt more in control. Moving onto even steeper stuff they and I demonstrated various ways of dropping in and their new set up and body positioning really paid dividends for them and they felt it.
Tabletops and gaps were next and Ivan sat this out as he was hurting but soon Lee followed by Mike sailed overt eh 6ft tabletop and Lee even rode the gap jump side a few times too.
For our final application of the skills, we moved onto pumping sections on the trail to generate speed to jump a 9ft tabletop. 5.5 hrs into the session and I knew they were cooked mentally so our session ended with a walk around of the herts skills area.
let me know how the riding goes guys,