Taking the sketchy out of the riders from Kent

  Adrian, Rachel, James and Mark turned up as arranged and I proceeded with my skills check and found body positioning and looking faults and along with a set up change to help things along we set off to the drops to apply their new skills. I worked on their mental skills here too and soon they were up in the air and dropping perfectly, I was even able to show Mark and James why their skills enabled them to style it too.
 We moved onto the skills trail and over the next couple of hours we worked on linking 14 sections of the trail together using their skills sets. Pumping, rockgardens, steps, absorbing up slopes, and drops were all linked to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. I worked n line choice and braking control and soon they were riding faster and smoother than ever.

  We moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and soon they were flying into the air and landing on the transition perfectly. Rachel was one of the riders to ride the gap jump and the smile on her face said it all.
 Next, we moved onto the pump and jump trail and I worked on pumping to gain free speed from the trail and jumping and soon they were linking 2 chicane berms together at the end too. I covered manualing sections too and Mark really got to grips with it to. It was awesome to watch them all pumping and absorbing so fluidly. I could see they were tiring and soon after the erros crept in and i ended the session as I knew they were tired. Amazing session.

Joel returns and brings along Steve

After over a week of hardware failure I lost all pics from last weeks sessions and hence no blog but now I have a new laptop and its business as usual.

Joel and Steve turned up as arranged and I ran them both through my skills check and found that Joel had worked hard on the skills I had instilled in him and that I needed to work on their mental skills as well as Steve’s body positioning and looking.
 We began with the drop technique and it took them both no time to comfortably ride all 3 drops and then i moved them onto the 6ft tabletop where I worked hard on Joels mental skillset and Steve applied his physical skills to ride not only the tabletop but the 6ft gap jump too.
I moved them onto the steeps and worked on why their set up and skills made it all way easier than ever and controlled too. they both rode a near vertical drop off with ease and they were stunned by that.
 A short break for food and coffee was followed by working on linking 2 berms together and gaining speed through them and later, onto linking drops into corners. Line choice and braking control made it all very comfortable and their speed through the sections grew.
 Onto the pump and jump trail where they used pumping to gain speed through sections and jump a 9ft tabletop and linked a berm and 3 more jumps into the line too.
 We ended the session with them developing their judgement of speed on a 15ft tabletop and the results amazed them as they flew into the air with control and confidence.
 Amazing session, High5!

Ed and Gregs 2 to 1 session.

Ed and Greg came for a two to one session, and as tonys riders didn’t show up, he spent the day milling around in the background. We started the session with the skills checks, where i discovered that i needed to work on all four skills in ed’s corners technique, and Greg already had perfect footwork, i just needed to work on the other components. I also found that they both unweighted the bike naturally, and that i just needed to work on looking. I explained what was needed and they quickly understood, and after a slight set up change to both their bikes, we moved onto the drop technique. Here i described the mental skill set and how they can use these in their riding, and before long, they where riding of the largest drop perfectly, and even making it look nice in the air. I then moved them on, and before taking them to the trail, i gave them a quick cornering exercise where they could really experiment with their body position in cornering, and once they understood this, i moved them onto the trail, and here they began to link bermed and flat corners, rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drops, and was riding the trail quickly and in control. After a quick lunch break, i moved them onto the table top, where they controlled their speed, so they had one less skill to worry about, and before long, where both clearing a 6ft table top and a 6ft gap jump. I then showed them some steeper stuff, both with and without apexes, where i showed them how their new set up can keep them behind their bikes, and they were both comfortably rolling in, both straight and sideways. I then showed them some wooden ladders, where i showed them how to control it if it goes wrong, and they quickly demonstrated that they could do this, and where soon riding wooden ladder gap drops. I then showed them a pump and jump trail, where they could use pumping in order to generate enough speed to jump certain mounds in the trail. They where soon riding the trail top to bottom  making choices whether to pump or jump certain sections in the trail. I then showed them a final trail, which involved steeper roll ins, corners, fade away jumps, bus stops, gap jumps, and they linked it in with the steeper stuff they rode earlier, ending our session in a great way.

Nice one guys!


Getting air beneath Steves wheels

We started the session with the skills checks where i learned that i needed to work on Steve’s looking, footwork and body positioning in his corners, and i also discovered that he unweighted the bike naturally, i just needed to work on looking. I talked him through the process and he quickly understood what was needed, and was soon performing these skills correctly, and after a slight set up change, we moved on. I took him to the skills trail, after giving him another quick cornering excersie where he could feel how having a correct body position can give you grip. I then showed him the first half of the trail, where he was linking bermed and flat corners, and rock gardens. I then showed him the drop technique, where he applied his mental skillset, and was soon feeling air beneath his wheels for the first time. I then showed him another section on the trail, involving a fly out and a step, and was soon linking them all together. After a quick lunch break, i showed him the end of the trail and then we moved onto a pumping and jumping trail. Our session ended here due to tiredness, after i taught him how to pump, and how this can give you extra speed, and how he can use this to start getting his wheels in the air.

Great session Steve!


Tom and Alice share their love for riding

Tom and Alice came to me prior to them going to the alps and getting married. I had previously coached them separately but now they wanted to share the session. I could see they had worked hard on parts of their skill set but they needed work on body positioning in corners and their mental skills needed enhancing too. Drops were the first technique we went through and then onto linking drops into corners. Their new body positioning really helped their confidence at speed in corners too. The 6ft tabletop and gap jump was next and they wasted no time in riding them and I worked on their speed judgement there and that was a theme for later in the session too.
 Next up was riding steeper terrain and drop offs using a variety of techniques which they applied their skills sets too. Soon they were riding a whole new trail with steeps, pumping, jumps, corners  and drop offs dotted along it .
 A short break and we resumed with alpine switchbacks which Tom rode and Alice used her mental skills to decide against riding them .
I moved them onto the pump and jump trail and demonstrated pumping, manuals and jumping in various sections on this trail and they linked in the 2 berms at the end too. I could see that they were tiring but I knew they had a bit more so we worked on judgement of speed and effort when heading to a 15ft tabletop and the effect of body position in take off.
Amazing session!

How do you like them apples? Dave’s one to one session

 Dave came to me as arranged and the sunshine greeted his arrival. The skills check revealed looking and body position faults and I set to work correcting this. We began with the drop technique and then onto linking drops into corners. Line choice was critical here and every run got better as his line choice developed. We moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump where I worked on both mental and physical skills sets and it wasn’t long before Dave was clearing the tabletop and at different speeds too as his physical skills developed. The gap jump proved no issue too as the gap sailed beneath him soon after.
 Onto the top half of the skills trail and I worked on Dave’s body positioning in corners and soon he was flying! We next worked on steeper terrain and different was of dealing with very steep drop offs.
 For the last half of the session we moved onto the pump and jump trail to work on pumping sections of the trail to gain speed and also manual through tabletops too! Linking 2 berms together and gaining speed through them was added to the line and he was linking 12 sections on that trail together by choosing to jump, pump or manual them.
I worked on his speed judgement by using a 15ft tabletop and Dave adjusted his speed and effort by choice to fly into the air with confidence and control.
 For the final application of the skills sets, we linked a corner to a 9ft gap jump and into a corner. It took a couple of runs to get it clean but clean it he did and with a massive smile on his face too.
Amazing session Dave and good luck in your future riding exploits.

Richard, Jeff and Jorda share a session

 Today was Richards birthday and Jorda and Jeff joined him for a skills session. The skills check showed that they needed footwork, looking and body positioning enhanced and I set to work.

 We began with the drop technique and I worked on the mental skills as well as the application of the physical to this technique and soon they rode all 3 drops and loved it.
 Onto the skills trail and we worked on the top half of the trail to begin with and linked pumping, rock gardens to berms, flat and switchback corners. We took a break and resumed with jumping a fly out jump and linking it to a corner with a step on exit too. Later, we moved to the end of the trail to work on linking corners and drops together via line choice and braking areas . They began riding the whole trail and linked all 14 sections together on it. Any errors were self diagnosed as they now knew why it was right or wrong in any section.
 We moved onto riding steeper terrain and the body positioning really paid dividends as they easily rode a near 40ft drop off and then used their mental skills to decide wether or not to ride a near vertical drop off later on.
For our final application of the skills I moved onto jumping tabletops and used a 6ft tabletop for this and in time, all of them rode it and landed on the transition perfectly. Jeff even rode the gap jump a few times too. I knew they were tiring mentally and A washout by Richard confirmed this so our session ended to keep them safe and the learning intact.
Awesome session guys.