Grant and Pete from Cardiff

Pete and grant made the journey from Cardiff and turned up as arranged. I ran them through the skills check and found they needed work on footwork and looking. Later on I worked on body position and their mental skill set. We began with the drop technique and Pete got his wheels off the ground for the first time and rode all three drops. I was able to work with grant with moving the bike in the air too. From there we moved to the skills trail and worked on linking all fourteen sections together via control areas and line choice. Flat, berm, off camber and switch back corners were linked to pumping, steps, jumps, rock gardens, absorbing and drops. Soon they were Riding the whole trail end to end and knowing when it was right and wrong, and why.  After a few more rides of the trail we moved to another trail and worked on pumping, jumping and linking two berms together with grant riding a 6ft And a 7ft gap jumps came after the berms. For our final application of the skill sets we worked on riding steeper terrain and the skills that apply. We rode a near vertical drop off which I demonstrated two different techniques to riding both Pete and grant followed suit. Our session ended after 5 hours as mental fatigue hit home. Great end to an awesome week of coaching.
High 5

James’ skills session

James arrived and we began the session as always with the skills checks, where I found I mainly needed to work on body positioning and a bit on looking. He quickly understood what was needed and out it to the test, and felt how this could improve his riding. I also made a few set up changes before moving on. I gave James a quick cornering exercise before moving him onto the trail. We worked on the first third of the trail, linking both bermed and flat corners,  and rock gardens. I then showed him the drop technique, and gave him his mental skills set, which allowed him to quickly be riding off the larger of the three drops, and landing perfectly. I then showed him the next section of the trail, where he began to jump out of a fly out, and ride steps in the trail. We had a quick break for lunch, and then moved him onto a different trail. Here I showed him linking steeper stuff into corners, and then fade away jumps, which he rode comfortably using his new cornering technique. I then showed him some steeper stuff, both with and without apexes and he used his new mental skills set in order to be able to ride them both, and commented on how easy it was. Our session finished with him riding the tabletop, in which I controlled his speed, and he was soon landing perfectly of both and 6ft tabletop and 6ft gap jump.
great session James!

A singletrack session for Michael

 Michael came to myself via recommendation and we began with the skills check where I found looking and body position needed work. I made a set up change and began with something he’d asked to learn, riding over small stumps and logs.
 His new set up and skills made the whole thing simpler than he thought and he could ride them easier than ever.
Onto the drop technique and soon he was riding all 3 drops using both mental and physical skill sets.
We worked on a cornering on the hill before moving to the trail itself where we worked n linking half the trail together to begin with. Pumping, absorbing and a rock garden were linked to 3 corners via control areas and line choice.
After a coffee break we moved down the trail further and worked on steps, jumps, drop offs and more corners before linking the whole trail end to end.
The mental aspect of the session as well as the physical really took its toll as Michael re-wired his brain to use his new skills and after 3.5 hrs he declared himself too tired to continue and very happy with his progress.
Awesome session

Tim, Julian, James and Simon’s group session

James, Simon, Julian and Tim got the train here from London and rode the short distance from the station and arrived on time for their session.  During the skills check I found they needed work on looking and body position. Also mental skills which I worked on during the first technique, drops. Using their new body positions and mental skills they rode all three drops easily and I was also able to work with Simon on styling it in the air. Onto the skills trail and we worked on linking fourteen skills together. After the break for lunch they were then riding the whole trail end to end and linking all sections together via breaking areas and line choice. We moved to the 6ft table top and gap jump to apply the skills for jumping. In a few small short moves all four were sailing over the jump cleanly and I was even able to work with James and Simon on styling over the gap jump while Julian and Tim got more comfortable on the table top. Next we moved to another trail and worked on pumping, jumping, manuals and carrying speed round berms. Each run became more comfortable and it was so good to watch their skills sets embedding deeper and deeper. For our final application of the skills we worked on riding a near vertical drop off and applying two different techniques to it. Cracking session guys. 
High 5 

Johnny and Steve’s session

Johnny and Steve turned up as arranged and the skills check showed that I needed to work on Johnny;s footwork, looking and body positioning and Steve’s body position and mental skills. I made a set up correction and we went to work on cornering first and their new body positions enhanced grip and control.
We moved on to the drop technique where I worked on Steve’s mental skills and soon they were riding all 3 drops with ease and both remarked how simple it all was.
We moved to the skills trail and worked on the top half of the trail. pumping, absorbing, rocks, flat, bermed and switchback turns were linked together and their new skills sets really made them feel different about why and how they rode singletrack.
We had a break and then worked on riding steeper terrain and they both used their mental skills to decide whether to ride a section or not, with Johnny riding the near vertical drop off .
Back to the skills trail and we were soon riding the whole trail end to end and any errors were self diagnosed and they rode faster and with more control than ever before.
A good few runs were ridden until mentally I could see they were done. Six  hours since we began our session came to a close to celebratory drinks in the local pub.
An amazing session in many ways.

Rory comes from Spain

I started the session with the skills checks where discovered that I needed to work on mainly looking, but also a little bit on body positioning. I quickly corrected this, and also showed him the importance of a correct set up, before moving onto the drop technique. Here I gave him a mental skills set, and he was soon riding the largest drop comfortably, commenting on how easy it felt. We then moved onto the skills trail, where I broke down the sections in order for Rory to ride it bit by bit, and he was soon riding top to bottom, linking both bermed and flat corners, rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drops with more control than ever before. After a quick break for lunch, we moved onto the tabletop, where I controlled his speed, and he was soon taking off and landing perfectly the other side of both a 6ft table top, and his first ever gap jump. I then showed him another trail where he used pumping to gain speed in order to jump a larger table top. I then showed him some steeper stuff, and how having the correct set up can make riding these a lot more comfortable, which he rode and mentioned how easy it felt. Our session ended riding some of the woodwork. He linked wooden ladder drops, higher ladders and seesaws together, which was the first north shore he had ever ridden
great session Rory!

Simon’s day finally arrives

After having to cancel our session together on a couple of occasions over the past year today our paths finally crossed. The skills check showed me Simon was a competent rider but needed work on looking and his mental skills, so I set to work.
I knew Simon needed to work heavily on the mental approach to his riding and I laid the foundation’s for this on the drop technique and later when linking drops into corners. On the 6ft table top and gap I worked on his body position and matching effort to speed. He was surprised at how slowly he could now go to clear a 6ft gap jump. Onto another trail I worked on pumping, jumping and manuals soon he was manualing through sections smoothly, knowing when it was right or wrong and why. He even linked two berms together smoothly and carried enough speed to link in a 7ft gap jump directly after them. Next, I brought him to a 9ft gap jump which is sandwiched between two corners. Simon rode them easily with a big smile on his face. I then worked on his judgement of speed for distance and used a 15ft table top for this. Soon he was clearing that and linking the whole trail above it! From there we moved on and worked on his mental skills more when riding a 12ft gap jump. Now he was really buzzing. We then went onto the woodwork and linked a ladder drop into a wooden berm, working On his footwork throughout. Next up we worked on a dirt jump with a steeper take off and applied the same skill sets and again he ride it perfectly. Our session ended as mental fatigue crept in. An amazing week of coaching came to a close. Cracking session
High 5!!