Paul’s 1 to 1

 I coached Paul last year and he returned for a one to one. I could see he had forgotten how to un-wieght his bike and that would affect his jumping. I also needed to work on his cornering some more. We began with the drop technique to reinstate the physical skills that comprised the weighting technique and immediately He was landing perfectly again with a big smile on his face. From there we moved to the 6ft table top and worked on jumping which is something he had asked for when booking the session. Slowly but surely he began clearing the jump and landing perfectly on the transition. From there we moved onto another trail and worked on pumping, jumping and absorbing sections on the trail. We took a break and resumed with the mental skills with riding steeper sections. Paul was amazed how easy it felt compared to his old sit back technique. When he rode a near vertical drop that he thought was almost impossible he was stunned at how easy it really was. We moved onto linking drops into corners and the required line choice and breaking areas when doing so. He did some good work on this and he improved greatly. Next we moved on to a larger 14ft table top and worked on his judgement of speed on distance when jumping. He joined this all the way to the top of the original trail and he was jumping, pumping and absorbing by choosing the appropriate technique for each section on sight. We finished our session by working on linking two berms together. After a good few goes I could see that he was mentally and physically tired So the session ended. Awesome session Paul.
High 5.

Rosie and Claire’s session

Rosie and Claire had a session with me two years ago and returned for their second session today. The skills check showed me I needed to work on their body positioning and mental skills. We worked heavily on the drop technique and very quickly they were self diagnosing as they could feel that their body position was right or wrong. I worked hard on removing Rosie’s partial absorption during the technique and Claire, once shown a picture of her doing it correctly wasted no time on doing all three drops. From there we moved on to another trail and worked hard on linking sections of the trail together using pumping and absorbing techniques. We worked on carrying speed out of berms. We then had a break and continued adding jumping to the techniques. For this we used a 6ft table top. I worked on the physical skills and also the mental aspect of the technique. The smiles on their faces when they cleared the table top was a picture. For our final application of skills we worked on un-weighting the bike to get over logs and rocks among other obstacles. By this time they were mentally and physically tired and the session ended soon after. 
High 5. 

2nd September jumps and drops

Everyone arrived as planned, so we began the skills check as usual where I discovered that I needed to collectively work on looking and body positioning. After explaining what was needed, and making the necessary set up changes, we moves into the drop technique. Here I introduced the mental skills set, and they individually used them in order to ride a drop of their choice comfortably, some feeling more air beneath their wheels than ever before. After a quick cornering exercise, we
moved to linking the drop technique into a corner. Everyone began rising the corner faster and faster, while still being in control. I then showed them to jump, using a fly out on a other section of the trail. We then moved onto the table top where I controlled everyone’s speed individually, so they could all find there own clearance point. I then showed them another trail, with sections where they began to choose whether to jump, pump, and some even began to manual the sections. Everyone was riding this trail, and it linked to a section with 3 larger table tops, and some wooden ladder gap jumps, where each rider used there new mental skills set to decide which line to choose. Our session came to an end here due to mental tiredness. Great session guys!
high 5!
Tony and Nath.

Dan’s one to one

 Dan arrived for his session as arranged and the skills check showed I needed to work firstly on his footwork and looking and then later his body positioning and mental skills.
We began with the drop technique and soon Dan was landing smoothly and he knew why. After riding all 3 drops we moved onto the skills trail and began breaking all 14 sections down that are contained on the trail and then linking them together piece by piece. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to rock gardens, pumping, absorbing, steps and drop offs. Errors were already being self diagnosed as he knew why it felt right or wrong in any section. After a coffee break he was riding the whole trail end to end. Every run was smoother than the previous and soon we moved off the trail and onto another to work on absorbing sections in a row on a trail and carrying speed through a berm. We worked on breathing too so he remained relaxed through every section. Lastly, we worked on linking 2 berms together but mental fatigue hit home and it was time for the session to come to an end.
Great riding Dan.