Ade’s return session

 Ade had been to me for a session previously and the skills check showed me he was weaker on left hand turns and that I’d have to work on his mental skills too. We began with carrying speed through a berm and soon linked a 2nd berm into the mix and things straight away got faster and more controlled. I then added the whole trail above the berms to work on absorbing sections on the trail to stick to the ground and become faster.
 We moved onto trail with closer sections and steeper sections to work on his body positioning and soon he was linking that trail together smoothly and bringing all the techniques together. It really surprised him how easy both techniques for riding near vertical drop offs were.
 We then worked on line choice and braking when linking drops and corners and before long, Ade was riding that trail end to end and when he used his skill set he became fast, when he tried to be fast he slowed down or felt on the edge.
Body positioning for jumping was next and we linked the whole pump and jump trail into a final 14ft tabletop and now Ade was able to choose to pump, manual or jump sections. After a while I could see he was beginning to tire mentally as unrecognised errors were creeping in and soon after our session came to a close.
Really good development today and I look forward to your riding updates dude!

Duncan’s skills session

Duncan came to me after being recommended by our mutual friend BMX John. He said he’d been riding mountain bikes for years. I could see that he had when I put him through the skills check and i found that he needed work on body position and looking, also his mental skills. We began with the drop technique. Very quickly he was landing smoother and more controlled than ever before. A body position exercise for cornering followed before we moved onto the skills trail. It didn’t take long before we were linking all fourteen skills sections of the skills trail together by identified control areas and line choice. Berms, switchback, flat and off camber turns were linked to steps, rock gardens, drops and absorbs. He very quickly began to realise why it was right or wrong in any section. After a few runs we moved on. Riding steep drop offs was the next technique we covered. I demonstrated a couple of ways of riding near vertical drop offs and Duncan followed suit. He was amazed at how simple and easy it felt. We then moved on to jumping and for this I used the six foot table top. Using his new skills set Duncan sailed over the table top after a few minutes and had a massive smile on his face. Duncan then used his mental skills to decide to then ride his first ever gap jump, and sailed over he six foot gap easily. After a few runs over the gap jump to solidify the technique we moved to another trail. I then covered pumping, jumping and manuals and choosing which technique to apply to each section and why. Soon Duncan was flowing along he trail and linked a chicane of two berms at the end of the trail. After a good few runs of the trail errors started to creep in as he became more tired mentally, and our session came to a close soon after. I can’t wait to hear of Duncan’s future exploits and will be buzzing from this session for a long time.

The return of Jon

It’s been 2 years since Jon came to me for coaching and The skills check showed that he’d worked hard on the physical skills and it was now a case of furthering the applied techniques and working on the mental skills too. We began with the drops to warm up and we worked on beginning to style in the air. From there,  we moved to the skills trail and really worked on the whole trail and applying absorbtion to the mix to stick to the ground and be faster.

 Next we moved to the pump and jump trail to work on absorbing multiple sections to gain speed and carry speed through a berm. It took a while but then it clicked and Jon was really shifting along . We took a break for coffee and then began with riding steeper terrain and sections. I demonstrated different techniques to riding near vertical drop offs and then we added the sections above and began linking the whole new trail together. I demonstrated hipping the bike in the air and linking closer, faster sections on a trail together and soon he was riding top to bottom fast and smooth.
We then moved back to the pump trail to work on linking turns and carrying speed through them and Jon was absolutely flying through the 2nd with confidence. To end the session we worked on choosing to jump, manual or pump sections on the trail and to jump a 14ft tabletop. I could see he was mentally tired soon after and our session ended with smiles all around.
High5 Jon!

14th Oct public singletrack session

Six riders turned up as arranged and I set about installing a skill set that involved changing their foot and body position and looking. I worked on the mental skills too and demonstrated on a drop and they followed suit and that set the tone for the session.
We did braking control exercises and worked on line choice when linking drop offs into corners. We began on the skills trail and worked on the mental side of riding rocks and applying their new skills there and soon they were riding the top half of the trail incorporating, pumping, absorbing, rocks, and 4 corrners. We worked on that for a while before moving down the trail and linking all 14 sections of the trail together with more control and speed than ever before. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were all ridden easier and they knew why it was right or wrong in any section.
We ended the session with working on carrying speed through 2 corners and for that  I used 2 berms and they began fine but soon started to make small errors again as they were all tiring and our session came to a happy close.
Awesome start to the weeks coaching.

Martin and Paul’s 2 to 1 session

Martin and Paul turned up and a sunny morning greeted us. We chatted over a coffee and then began with my skills check and set up change. I could see I had to work on their footwork, looking and body positioning and I began as ever with the drop technique and it didn’t take long for them to ride all 3 drops easily and with big grins on their faces.
 We moved to the skills trail and began working on linking the 14 sections on the trail together. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pumping, absorbing, steps, rocks and drop offs. In a couple of hours they were riding the whole trail and what a difference. They were smoother and faster than ever before and they knew why too.
We moved on and this time I worked on linking sections on a trail via absorbing and pumping to gain speed and carrying speed through a single berm and every run got faster. To end our session we added in another berm and they were railing that too. They were tiring and our session was about to close when Martin washed out in a corner and knew why. He was tired and lost concentration and gave his looking and body positioning away. Our session came to a happy close and I look forward to their riding updates.
Great week, High5!

The Boys from Eastbourne

Everyone arrived early as planned, so we started the session with the skills check where we discovered that we needed to work on looking and body positioning in their physical skills set. After making the necassary corrections and set up changes, we moved onto the drop technique. Here, we added a mental skills set, and before long, everyone was riding off the largest drop, and landing perfectly. Some even began to make it look nice. After a quick cornering exercise, we moved onto the skills trail. We showed them half the trail, talking them through each sectioyn, and then we worked down the trail untill they where riding top to bottom with more speed and control than ever before. After a quick break for lunch, we moved onto a different trail. Here we looked at steeper stuff, and the proper technique to riding it, and we linked this with fade away jumps and some more corners, and they were quickly riding top to bottom confortably. We then moved onto the pump and jump trail where they began choosing whether to jump, pump and even manual through the sections. We moved over to the tabletop and gap jump, where we slowly added speed and everyone was quickly riding over both the tabletop and the gap jump. We finished the session with a larger gap junp, which everyone rode comfortably, and we all enjoyed a beer to celebrate an amazing session
great session guys!
Tony (@ukbikeskills) & nath (@ukbike_nath)

Working on the bones of Marks riding

 Mark is a doctor in the army and came to me after being recommended to me by a friend. We chatted over a coffee and Mark said he’d like to develop more fluidity in his riding and lessen the fear factor.
The skills check revealed looking, footwork and body position were missing and I set to work correcting these.  I began with applying his new skills to riding over logs followed by The drop technique  and he was amazed at how simple it all felt even on the 3ft high drop.
We moved to the skills trail and worked on linking all 14 sections on the trail together via line choice and braking areas and gradually he became faster and smoother and his mental skills blossomed.
Next up was jumping tabletops and I worked on his mental skills here also and before long he was sailing over it and even rode the gap jump a few times too!
We moved to applying his new skills sets to riding steeper terrain and I demonstrated different ways of riding near vertical drop offs, which he followed suit riding, again with ease.
For the final application of the skills, we moved to another trail to work on all the techniques covered and linked pumping, jumping and cornering together on a trail and linked 2 berms together. Our session together ended as he began to make unforced errors and I could see he was cooked mentally.
Amazing riding improvements in such a small space of time.